Most Haunted Hotel in Florida (Very Scary) Biltmore Ouija Board Gone Wrong 3AM

so Steve and I have gone to many different paranormal sites and we've investigated many places but there's nothing that was quite like the Biltmore Hotel a very upscale hotel built on a secretive omnious and dark history back in the 1920s this hotel would host parties and gambling events thrown by famous mobsters and notorious gangsters among those mobsters list Thomas fatty Walsh a narcotics dealer and also a murderer of several rival gang members after having charges dropped in the early 1920s for murder he attended a gambling event at the Biltmore Hotel where he was shot to death after a dispute ever since his death workers and visitors of the hotel claimed to feel his presence and have witnessed many paranormal events such as lights going on and off doors opening and closing on their own and some have even seen apparitions visit them at night in their rooms the Biltmore Hotel was shut down during World War two and given instructions by the government to use the entire premise as a hospital for wounded soldiers coming in from battle many soldiers of which would not survive leaving behind countless numbers of Souls the Biltmore Hotel is currently one of the most haunted places in the United States and today March 4th the day that Thomas fatty Walsh died we are going to spend the night in the room that he died in and run some tests to see if we can communicate [Applause] arriving at the Biltmore Hotel my first impression was this place looks really old and that would make a lot of sense because this is over a hundred years old and this is where fatty Walsh died in the early 1900s the craziest thing about it is that they didn't even update the place as far as replacing doors and stuff like that so the same door that fatty Walsh was shot in front of was still in there and we actually saw the bullet hole there it is look at this that's a legit bullet hole you know that comes like all the way all booth they definitely felt like there was a presence in the building there was like a sense in the room that we were not alone we got this way all right it's like a exit door over here here's a nice view the whole place Wow look at this view bro I mean this place it is so freakin big on the 13th floor but this one feels like I'm thinking going there yeah this is locked all right you're probably not used to guests like us if you hear let me know if you're really bad move the chandelier after we explored the whole place and checked it all out we decided to set up a voice recorder and we were looking to catch an EVP for those of you who don't know what the EVP is that stands for electronic voice phenomena but you can hear my voice can you make a noise is there an afterlife can you speak to us from the afterlife that was an elevator do you believe in God is there a god let's get a shit right back had to Steve elevator we've been testing with the voice recorder for about 20-25 minutes just asking a bunch of random questions and we knew that there was a presence in the building so we wanted to go on a little bit longer than previous sessions and thank God that we did because at the end is when we finally got a result that was it's like let's let's keep it going let's add another way I'm not afraid I'm afraid to answer some of these questions alright let me try one we're pretty sure that we heard you say yes when Steve asked is there an afterlife can you tell us your name are you Thomas fatty Walsh can you give us a sign that you're here now at this moment you'll see Steve look up at me almost in disbelief because there was a knock from the door behind me and it was clear as day we both heard it when I asked for a sign and you could hear it in the playback as well can you give us a sign that you're here now yeah yes I did that was like in the back room over there yeah it's getting a little creepy now dude I'm gonna pause it let me see if this picked it up so beginning our first test we finally got some communication with the EVP this is the first time we actually picked up anything using a recording device like this and we heard a whisper say yes and we heard a knock in the background it's basically a small radio that scans through radio stations and it's supposed to stop on frequencies that have no stations it's going in reverse also so you should not be able to understand or hear any of the voices coming through so any kind of voices that come through when it comes to the spirit box is said to be something from the afterlife or a spirit trying to communicate and it can alter those radio waves in order to produce sound which we can hear on our end we tested that out for a while and we weren't really getting anything and I decided okay let's start antagonizing Steve and I had brought gangster hats balloons to celebrate the death day of Thomas Walsh we brought playing cards and we were just kind of like trying to get in the zone like to see if we could relate maybe we could call them out by being gangster acting tough and when we started antagonizing that's when all of the activities started picking up on the spirit box as soon as I stood up I heard a voice come through and it sounds like it says death on the play back I'm gonna play it again a couple times for you guys to listen but let me just give a heads up it's not a good idea to try to antagonize spirits especially when you're trying to communicate with them however me and Steve wanted to take it to the next level and see if we can get definite communication caught on camera you know the real gangster here now after we said the real mobsters were here now it sounded like somebody laughed and said you're joking listen two more times this time it sounded like someone whispered cut the games and then I heard a voice say both here tell me what you guys think so at this point Steve and I kind of found it a little bit funny that maybe we were just hearing the number that we wanted to hear come through and we decided to test it a little bit further by playing a game with the spirits and seeing if we could hold the card up to the camera so you guys could see it but we don't even get to see what the card is and we were hoping to get a clearer number that way we would know that we're not just hearing what we want to hear and we're actually hearing what they're trying to communicate and that when I hold for the Gipper cousin is a glass table and I know you guys should see the camera on this side this is blast I want anyone whoever here with us right now what parties in the second time we actually heard a voice and it said six it sounded like a whisper that said six Steve and I both heard it you could hear it on camera and the recording and it was actually the card that was in our hand and I think I was just kind of like a little bit dumbfounded at that point I wasn't like oh my god blowing away I was just like wow like this thing actually worked part of me kind of knows that it works but then there was another part of me that's still on the skeptic side so I was like all right that's pretty cool that I actually got them to say what was on this card and neither one of us had been able to see the card so towards the end of the spirit box session as we were getting ready to wrap it up we were gonna do a couple more card games I heard a loud bang upstairs and I stopped the spirit box and when I stopped the spirit box Steve was looking at me and it was like he was trying to figure out what I was thinking but he heard it too I stopped the spirit box and I decided it was time for us to go upstairs with the cameras try to explore that sound a little bit more because we had heard it a couple times at this point and I wanted to know exactly where the sound was coming from he didn't even sound like one bang is that like boom and then like a rumble like boom boom boom like up there all right so this is the second time now that we heard knocking from upstairs and it's definitely coming from back on that side of the second floor we were downstairs setting up equipment for our next shot and we decided to take a break and come check this out so this door right here was locked this is like an AC room we checked it earlier and it was locked it wasn't open and this one Oh no idea yeah it's like you it's just like a tool room a zero all right well nobody's up here you guys can see that this room is empty that's kind of crazy but it's definitely coming from down this way now this room 100% is locked we checked this earlier and even like maintenance and everybody room service told us that this is just like a closed-off room it's a section of the building or whatever but I look I could check right now this one's totally locked and this isn't like an entrance or exit or anything so there's no reason that like anything should be banging this door or anything like that what you see you see that's exactly what we heard before that the pounds on the door were so real and that room was blocked off that didn't lead to any other part of the hotel so that was supposed to be like a storage room nobody was in there it was locked not open to the public like that what you see you see that's exactly what we heard before that that's exactly what we heard when we were downstairs hello that's weird bro yeah you're kidding right what but good thing is moving yeah it is this job right how how that's for real this women that's that's probably the scariest thing that's happened the whole night being here yep once they call the door but they come here I want to keep the camera on it in case it moves again whatever just made that chandelier swing can you do it again can you swing it harder you make a swing again maybe uh even just a little bit it sent chills up and down my whole body as soon as someone banging on that door and when we started moving away from the door we were already a little bit creeped out but when Steve said that thing is moving I kind of felt like it was a direct response to me earlier as we entered the Biltmore I had mentioned all of your bad moved the chandelier and here we are like two or three hours later doing tests and the chandelier is swinging yeah kitty right what good thing is moving yeah it is that's a joke right how how that's that's probably the scariest thing that's happened the whole night being here yo door but they question chandelier I want to keep the camera on it in case it moves again whatever just made that chandelier swing can you do it again can you swing it harder can you make a swing again maybe even just a little bit that's so good now it's done that was scary ish out of the way here yeah I kind of want to just keep the camera on the chandelier just to see if it does it one more time because it's just like you come on man dude let's go back downstairs yeah get the tipping up towards that door she said no instead no that's not it's like up here right it's around I think it's this thing stop moving completely we had one final test for the night and Steve hates using this thing I still try to convince them that there's nothing paranormal about it it's not really as cursed as people say it is the Ouija board this time I actually would have to agree with Steve I was pretty much done using it the minute that we started all right guys it is now time for us to actually do the Ouija board we're gonna see if we can get some spirits here to communicate with us through this this is Steve's favorite toy of all time if you've been following the channel he loves this thing actually he hates it he's kind of terrified of it I'm getting over it it's the movies man the movies did it to me it made me think this thing is about worse than it is you always say it's taboo like you know it's just bad tagging and we're talking shit all night the demons yeah we're saying you know it fuck fatty Walsh it's like spiders man I don't like spiders I don't like all right so we're gonna give this shot and we are gonna be 100% genuine here we're gonna do the brotherly shake I am NOT I am NOT gonna move the board you don't move the board now if it moves it's honest we're not gonna avoid with each other no bullshit here we go you ready yeah fingers on the planchette elbows up hands off the table all right they're a spirits that we should communicate with us please move the planchette to yes or no we would love a little sign of movement any kind of movement that you can do would be great dude no don't fuck with me I'm not ice walking Elko dude I swear to god I'm not did you do that oh that was fucking weird I don't know if it's just like my nerves twitching though you know closer are you serious a battery died now the balloon pop the battery died fuck on the light and the balloon pop so the crazy thing is that the light battery was actually at 75% charged and that thing is supposed to last around two or three hours at full charge so it should have at least had like two hours left on it and as soon as we started the Ouija board the battery drained completely to zero I don't know if this is like minor switching the balloon pop the battery died fuck on the light and the balloon pop I kind of understand now why you don't want to fuck with this that was fun told you that was fucked up when the balloon popped I think that was pretty much when we were done we were doing four or five tests previous to that we had gotten responses on each one of the tests so far up to that point but when the balloon popped we took that as a very clear indication that we were not welcome there any longer fucking told you the light went out the first question yes did you yeah alright we said goodbye right say goodbye all right please things on it we're saying goodbye goodbye to whatever we just talked to yep we know go on your presence here we no longer goodbye I think we definitely got enough footage on camera to prove that the Biltmore Hotel is actually haunted a voice coming through as an EVP a bang on camera behind a door that's to a locked room we have a chandelier swinging in the living room a balloon pop one of our lights draining while we're shooting a segment the spirit box told us what number card we were holding in our hand before we even had a chance to see it I think that there was so much paranormal activity in that place we would have to slap a stamp on it and say it's 150 percent on it if you did enjoyed today's video please smack that thumbs up button down below hit the bell icon so you stay notified and Steve and I will continue hunting cursed and haunted places for your guys's entertainment even if it scares the living life out of us that's our job now and I will catch you guys next time if you enjoyed this video make sure you check out our last video where we spent the night in a murder cabin we picked up some really scary stuff there and also follow us on Facebook simply go on Facebook and type in mine see TV and you'll be able to find some videos there as well

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