Mordhau – The Chef Boyardee Build

just real quick before we start if you enjoyed the video please give it a like and subscribe if you didn't give it a thumbs down no problem if you're commenting I'll trying to read or reply when I can thank you so much guys for watching you are all breathtaking hey everyone fish here meet Chef Boyardee this is my favorite class that I made weapon of choice cleaver oh my the cleaver where have you been all my life this weapon is only one point and it's basically a baby Messer it's so strong the slash damage and the speed are insane as a 1-point weapon you can take out heavy armored folks with three slashes from the waist up the cleaver can combo and it can cause flinched this will help you when you're getting swarmed as I was playing I noticed how right after I parry I can immediately follow up with attacks the only downside to cleavers that the staff damage is worthless don't even bother unless you're trying to get a flinch in or you're morphing I'm using this client's message skin because it looks really cool for the chef look just go with the meat crusher as a backup or rocking two sets of throwing knives for armor we're using the flattop because it looks like a chef's hat and you can't go wrong with medium armor we're also using medium torso and light legs and if you thought that wasn't enough we still have room for bloodlust and huntsman Bloodless will keep us alive and hudson makes your throwing daggers take out archers in like one to two hits I went with the foppish voice because this class is a strong mean building alrighty let's go get some meat for our raviolis [Applause] you

33 thoughts on “Mordhau – The Chef Boyardee Build

  1. I feel like this was a missed opportunity to make the fire bomb the 3rd weapon, that way chef boyardee can cook his victims XD

  2. I know you can't have the glorious Pan and that helmet. I'm still disappointed however, the pan is love the pan protects the pan will deliver us.

  3. Damn i don't like when people say that the viewers can dislike their videos.
    First of all: of course you can dislike videos if you want, no permission is required, making such coments redundant.
    Second and last: do you want to encourage people to diminish your job or something ? Why would you ?

  4. Holy shit, this build looks great! This may be the 1st build that I will ever try, Im buying Mordhau in like 2 weeks from now and I can't wait to make some great customizations and loadouts, since those things were always my thing.

    Subbed and can't wait for more builds like this one!

  5. How do you not see your health and stamina popup when you get hit it attack? I can't see it at the bottom of your screen, unless it's been cropped

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