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Hi everyone! Welcome back to our channel 😀
Today on Cooking Up Love we are making the incredible Mississippi Roast –
famously one of the most delicious roasts you’ll ever taste! If this is your first
time on our channel we believe sharing homemade food spreads joy and touches
lives, and we’ll show you how to make delicious dishes you can proudly share
with your friends and family… like our version of the Mississippi roast that’s
meltingly tender and packed full of flavor
with a zip of tanginess from the pepperoncinis and it’s so easy to pull together
with just a handful of simple ingredients and your slow cooker. Here’s
a quick look at our ingredients and you’ll find the entire recipe in the
description box below first trim up a boneless chuck roast this one weighs
about 4 pounds look for a fresh meat with a bright red color and lots of
marbling for great flavor and tenderness I try to trim off a good amount of the
fat so that there’s less to worry about at the end of cooking then Pat the roast
dry with paper towels and sprinkle with salt and pepper we have new videos every week subscribe
during the battle so you know when we’ve posted a new recipe heat about two
tablespoons of olive oil in a large cast iron skillet over high heat and then add
the roast in ceará on all sides this will really only take
about three or four minutes per side and browning the roast will give it a nice
depth of flavor and this delicious caramelized top one serosa sear and
place it into your slow cooker and then sprinkle a package of zesty Italian
salad dressing over the roast for the entire 16-ounce jar of prep Rossini
peppers the liquid and the peppers over the roast the peppers add a zesty flavor
and the vinegar from the brine really helps tenderize the beef and balance out
the richness tap the roast with about a half a cup of unsalted butter I cut mine
into pets and then spread it across the top of the roast then just cover and
cook on low for about seven or eight hours until the roast is very tender
once it’s ready remove the beef from the crock pot the roast turns out so
incredibly tender look out under this is it’s falling apart and it’s so full of
flavor after cooking low and slow in the crock-pot today I’m serving this
delicious Mississippi roast with crispy smashed red potatoes it’s also super
amazing with mashed potatoes or egg noodles and if you’re lucky enough to
have any leftover as Mississippi pot roast makes an incredible sandwich I
like my insert on crusty rolls topped with a provolone or mozzarella cheese
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