hey what's going on dudes it's Patton welcome back to another minecraft video so today guys we are playing another tycoon in Minecraft you might remember we did the super hero ty ku Taku and I said I where we played the super hero tycoon that love couples able to carry into a Minecraft game today mithy has made one for us another one of our amazing map creators that you will not see anywhere else we are gonna be playing the pizza restaurant tycoon somehow ripped from roblox input into Minecraft for us to play no your nose is smaller than usual no it's normally huge but I'll check this out guys it says over here this is villager life pizza restaurant in this map you'll be setting up a pizza restaurant and we'll be competing against the other player the player who manages is shut down the other player's restaurant wins I hope you enjoy as always Miffy and we'll have a link down below to his channel and this map is made for two players only the resource pack is required and I think this is gonna be awesome yeah I'm so excited oh and guys if you're new to the channel definitely subscribe you literally will not see this anywhere else we have the best creators anywhere in the entire world that can take games that have never been seen before in Minecraft and then brought into the game so yeah notice these but I'm yeah subscribe guys also hit the like button and ring the little bell because it lets you know when new videos come out so you can see some amazing videos but let's go yo furious destroyer um I'm in understanding that you're trying to set the most fabulous pizza restaurant around I have also become aware that you're trying to hire someone to serve pizzas for you yo well as it turns out I'm just the person you need my name is oh we can name him okay there's a name tag what what do we name this girl wait you know I'm still on fire you don't even like here I'm only in different areas oh we are me oh I have a girl and you have a guy oh okay alright okay I'm gonna to grab it from the little chest and they yeah and then you put it in here and then you just name it and you put it on them okay what do you think I should name the two um totally up to you but my lady has already been named it has to be an awesome or to remember this person is the one working for us in the pizza restaurant all right should then be hit ready Bertha it's settled that I shall help you go from being nothing to becoming a pizza restaurant superstar let's begin so let's see what you have no emeralds you know what I think I have to reload I'm burning like crazy how are you going to start your restaurant if you don't have no emeralds I mean if you have no I'd Merle say like many what's really bad raps you can burrow some emeralds from houses in town also just so you know you can steal 50% of the other players emeralds if you kill them don't look at me like that I'm not suggesting anything reach f0 and they say we got it from the town okay okay Don okay oh wait so we need 50 okay you see the upgrade all right yes it okay so we need to get fifty emeralds to upgrade our things so this is a little bit different than normal definitely Oh guess what yet I've got a emeralds right now yes I got 1000 what kinds of like cool stuff that we can put on to fight the other person way oh yeah we could buy like stuff over here to wait we could buy some diamond sword is 500 emeralds I just got something really awesome that's a lot half those do you mean you're okay like in your hands or anything scary looking this me chasing you please stay away from me look at guy looks like Tarzan yeah quite nice I already have thirty emeralds and I'm just getting more and more at this point Kim person chess may be on the second floor of this place check over here they go okay I have 38 so we need it was 54 the first upgrade is that what it was yes it was I think so all right how do we get back to our base after you say okay good good news oh it's pretty obvious okay so it's right oh I see choose base or base is right over there and the mind must be in opposite corner so we just check the beacon light to know where it is yeah got it Oh about 53 looking there's a chest right here all the chests are empty because you took everything I'm sorry you guys know you have enough emerald I need 50 I know we both need 50 if you have 50 we can upgrade our places yeah no I'm s afraid more though how sweet with that Bay oh you're already a birthday now what are you doing um maybe I think it might be it probably is all right you're probably safe over there okay so I think I have what I need to actually get my upgrade here to build this into a better place okay oh my god Jen the upgrade is huge it like makes it into a huge like pizza shop it looks so cool oh that's good that makes it more exciting yeah there's like zombies and stuff out now oh do you get a burl so I'm telling those oh maybe so I have a guy he's like a chef bae's asleep yeah I have 50 finally this is perfect okay I'm checking out the upstairs this is so cool owners chair okay there's actually like zombies in my base all right that's good wait does this give emeralds I think it does if I shoot them okay yeah my mistake so you do get an emerald whenever you kill on the monsters outside so that is a way to so many zombies in my face okay okay it's perfect okay about nine emeralds so yeah fighting the people is going to be helpful and I think for the next upgrade oh so it's for the chef it's a hundred weights is Ted on mine oh no and everyone and there was like a zero in the wall really cheap okay so just fight all these guys over here yeah this is perfect wait this is really good at found a nice little area just fighting the zombies you can get so many emeralds it was like a hundred fighting me oh yes all right I'm getting oh we pulled it twenty really tied right now this is bad oh my gosh there's a pink golem wait there's a pink going where's the pink oh it's gorgeous where is it to me Oh should i cop is it like helpful to you yeah sort of why did you hire it alright I've got um I need to figure out how to hire a goal I wish an appealing no wait you to break it up you still 20 of my emeralds okay I need to get in the water oh I see the pink gold oh yeah it is I can't believe this you stole so many my oh this is not good oh it's daytime oh yeah there's like so many moms out right now though I know they're like everywhere I need to get the kill I don't want the zombies to get to get wet this place is huge honey you get a hundred hundred thirty six hours around here goodbye oh yeah all right this is making me nervous okay there's so many creepers everywhere I'm spawning them in trying to kill you I'll believe this game if I have to play this game yes I'm leaving all right yeah you better just get out of here about 81 emeralds I really need to get more oh I love the pink I love how honey Boo Boo's around here trying to help us yeah I love it too okay so grab this bucket of lava so there's a lot of areas I haven't been to okay so we need a hundred right yeah we need 100 we're both almost at a hundred all right I kind of need to go like to the opposite end I'm thinking I have found nine golden apples in a secret chest what there was someone outside of town and it had nine golden apples here I don't need this sword okay so where's this shop you were talking about before they like sell stuff I don't know it's around here somewhere oh boy over 100 now wait we do here we do that happen oh because our shops are selling stop oh okay okay so what are you right behind me can you please get away from me sir I'm just trying to go back home that's all you know I'm just looking around she knows she looks around the area all right all right I need to buy this before you'd like take all my stuff all right so what are the eggs do because I have a lot of eggs okay I bought my chef what you did yeah Oh drive the pink piece right yeah I bought and I don't have to worry that you're gonna see Oh emeralds are just flying out like crazy Oh people are buying stuff in the throwing emeralds what is it there's so many out girls like getting through okay I've got three I've got four chefs we do you see the chef's throw up pizzas in the air this is awesome boy did you see them throw the pizza in there all right so just going here that might all fell asleep oh is it good this night time wait the chef's fell asleep yeah all of our sleeping that's so weird oh no it's raining outside you're supposed to be sleepy too right I don't think there's a wait they are sleeping what he's sleeping on the job I think is this nighttime how did they fall asleep like cooking oh my god I'm realizing that all the zombies that died during the day just dropped emeralds all over the ground oh it's raining emerald oh my god wait it's raining Emma's that's what's happening just by like running around oh my god wait this is awesome Oh so there's different things that can happen based on the weather for us to get memorable you're so many more than me so much better than the roblox one oh yeah I know so much cooler there's so many like everywhere I know it's literally raining money yeah we could probably get 250 just I'm running around I know this is like the best thing ever it's amazing I need to get more and there's like crazy zombies out right now all right kill that dude they're everywhere no this is insane I don't even know what to do with all this Mike this is my favorite one so far rain do you see it look at the green the rain oh that's wine yes it's literally raining emerald what do you what are you doing what are you doing wrong with you you're so aggressive yeah why are you are you running away right now do you have ender pearls yeah my inner person everything I'm an enter pearls and gold annapolis and all the good stuff that I mean oh okay all right because if I can kill you I just want to 50 my god Oh cook it hold out until 250 gems oh my god where is she going you're actually pretty low on health oh oh no and you know what happens if you die don't you hold up in the creeper oh what have you died in the creeper if I wonder if I would get the half the money just for your death are you trying to kill yourself on purpose oh my gosh you tried to kill yourself on purpose and it works just so that I couldn't get the kill you greedy greedy ladies where's Ruben okay yeah what is ever safe it oh yeah all right I have about 200 I'm trying are you shooting at me oh I have 250 okay yes I could buy the thing now I'm both making extreme progress at this point yes I have so many chefs now who know there's so many let me get back okay so chef 3 is 1000 all right we really really need money now okay oh my god there's a lot of chefs all right we're both getting serious money at this point so let's see what do I want to do next okay can you just not try to kill me please all right I will not just be a big just never kill each other whoa I was hitting you with a stone sword it's the texture that's messing me up because they're not like what I'm used to I was hitting you with the wrong sort the whole time Yeo Jin you without what I could eat you with my iron sir I probably killed you why do you so much money because I'm just making it like crazy now it's awesome oh no oh no this is bad what are you doing all right I need to try to figure out how to make more money are you okay oh this is not good all right so what are you up to you right now you know I'm actually just chilling oh yeah you're doing yeah I'm just showing there's like creepers everywhere around here there's so many mobs trying to attack you are you at my pace you're literally in my base right now I think you were supposed to get one I think it was a little mistake oh there's like bosses out right now that's what I'm thinking too okay awesome what maybe it's better than trying to kill you okay wait I have a goodbye the next big oh I'm at the shop right now oh my gosh to discuss with you it's about our pesky new pizza wish I not be thinking about that it's on the screen oh okay yes run by the mysterious destroyer all right it's saying the same thing on my screen except you know for the opposite this is just between me and you how about we make them go out with a bang you know what I mean but it's gonna be cheap what is happening over there why are you conspiring against rain in the base mega TG is now available for purchase okay mega CNTs 5000 wait that's really expensive that is a lot oh my god there is ain't cheap wearing awesome things oh yeah that's quite a bit right now nothing because I can't kill you I can't kill you you're invincible it's making it very difficult for me there's lots of zombies we can kill though they'll probably give tons of emeralds all right all right wait do they probably look hey I'm looking you're looking there I'm looking them right now and they're not really giving me much of anything they give you the same amount they've always given you which is one okay I'm just gonna let them kill me cuz I'm really low in health and I'm afraid you're gonna come and finish me off I wouldn't do something like that I'm not a horrible person totally would I would never do anything like that it's just not my style you know what I mean a little bit nervous right now because I don't know where you are or what you're doing all I know is you have like 7,000 chefs it freaks me out there breaks me out freaks me out why was that you see the iron sword have a diamond one please you have a diamond sword of course I bought one oh are you doing I don't know there's just so much pressure like I feel like I feel like nauseated by it like I feel like I should be probably winning yeah you probably should be I have a diamond sword I have everything I've got golden apples okay why don't you just focus on getting time I mean Admiral's instead of killing yourself over and over again don't you think that's like a better strategy you're so rude I rang the Golden Bell I think that's good money I'm rich now absolutely amazingly rich customers yeah you're getting a lot of money is it like sitting in your base right now it's so amazing I need to get mine as well because I have a lot of customers so cool all right yeah they're all sitting here all right I'm getting quite a few emeralds as well at this point is like popping so it's oh it's mine – quiet popping did you buy the chef's threes yet um I did not okay I'm a little bit on the poor side and we'll work my strategy will work yeah you wait I just killed a customer I think I thought it was you Oh zombie just kill the customer it had your face on him all right oh good kill those customers they'll never come back I know a place they can go no really oh my god one just keep it with your face all right okay then we go boom I brought all the chef's I needed I'm just like you now okay yes cool there's so many chefs all right so let's see how we're gonna do this how this is set up it's quite beautiful but I am losing so I'm not enjoying it let's see so I know the problem is then out you're like really overpowered too so that's what I'm scared about 500 what are you wearing our source better than mine is it really yeah what are you wearing I'm just wearing a chain oh wait you are yeah like a full set no no just like part chain oh okay um okay this okay you gotta come back pack what are you doing okay wait is something happening oh it's nighttime okay I bought something did you buy the super TNT no I bought like a a just play I think you bought the super TT was the only thing available no it was a chestplate you literally bought the only thing that was available wait how much is the chest plate I think it's cheap because I'm wearing it right now oh wait how much was it it was like it was like 250 oh okay if you wanna kill me just kill me I have like no one I still 171 from where you do it right now um you know I'm just relaxing at this point okay that's cool I'm coming over into your basters to enjoy my day oh you do that how does this work what are you doing this is right-click at the other place beacon to win the game how does no but I killed you I stole it from you you don't have it do you yeah you die disappeared away into my inventory I've never even got to buy it so cheap oh my god did it tell you that you would lose it like that no we oh my god we missed in here there was we could have gotten diamond morisoli in this chat that's so annoying was like beating you by like miles oh you know what Mindy told me he said that one thing that he did compared to the other tycoon he played as he made it so it was possible to come back of another player was losing you probably expected me to be like losing horribly and then have a chance oh my god fight me right now but right now you're like really happy aren't you yeah we need a base you don't even have one alright I'm over here I don't know we're over here means I'm not very descriptive I'm literally right here oh god now oh right so thing is where are you so you know what I did the reason I was able to kill you is because I strategize and did something that you didn't know Oh so I went to the shop right and I bought the diamond chest but it I bought a strength potion three that's why I was able to hit you and kill you so easily okay those are only 50 emeralds man I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so skilled I love he said love and I'm glad I loved it I'm glad he's setting up in a way so that way if someone's losing like because you have a huge advantage if you're waiting because your shot makes a lot more money and that's what's happening right yes what he did say loves you could steal amber to the other person and if they died with that winning TNT in their hand you could totally steal it and put it in other verses base oh yeah guys oh my god I thought I see your chest what you did with it all right Graham but I'm gonna get to it so apparently I'm really bad at this so this whole time there's been a tree right here and if you climb up it probably has something amazing in it and for some hard to get up for somebody's that I'm extremely terrible and climbing the street okay so we just go up here let me go peer okay and Lewis Diamond leggings in it oh my god but up ya guys need a ton of fun today I hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely smash that subscribe button I really love the pizza shop I think it ended out really cool looking but um yeah hope you have an amazing day thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you next time guys Oh ring the bell – it's very lonely

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  1. Its so cringy to watch pat jen they dont realize anything doesn't pay attention and their skill of any games are so bad
    Sorry for hating i just really cant hold back my feelings

  2. Can you guys make a two player tycoon where pat is teamed with jen and where crainer and thea (sorry don't know the spelling of their names) any tycoon by the way and AWESOME VIDS GUYS!!!!!

  3. Can you play the camping series in roblox it goes camping
    High school field trip campfire house party and more ill till
    You the rest after you played it

  4. Pat used a stone sword 🗡 when he had an iron sword!
    Pat finally learned that there was a iron sword 🗡 in his inventory but he had a diamond sword ⚔️
    Pay attention Pat

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