yes Oh get this I finally got myself a girlfriend and all I had to do was one simple pick-up line and check it out hey girl is your face from McDonald's because I'm loving it I'll probably be single in a week guys Sunday here back with me met Madeline crater and Tia's not here because she dumped crater what for a great guy all that you sought actually and something a thing okay so no she did not dump me and all that body but I will say this you're not getting you're not dog didn't dump you but look at kyun oh my goodness one beautiful look it was your face is now so we have bros eeeh stand key in and then there's Neil but dude they look so creepy so dudes as you can tell today we are playing McDonald's steamed lucky blocks over here on the Sunday and crater Channel good freaking bored if you guys start no around here of course hit the subscribe button below if you enjoy this video also if you do subscribe to hit that little Bell notification thingy you guys know what that what did i do crater little bad alright so how we're going to do it this time since tia isn't here we're going to do a 1v1 v1 challenge mcdonald style and this game is ridiculous you guys are going to like it it that means that you are against each other as well yes battle on our guests you shopping i would kick your face in you guys are slow meaning okay that we were friends so I have a very lucky block I'm going to open it up in the very lucky side what we're going to do we each have seven lucky blocks we're going to open them all together and then put the loot all in one chest and we each duplicate that loot so let's do this you ready crater Madeline okay until I walk your toilet yeah what I do a way to start off and McDonald's and vassilis we got so ever also going some redstone I'll take it aya crater so you go first we have we have seven lucky block ready you go first go ahead okay yes sure yeah don't don't kill a praetor don't kill us we're getting away hey sick but some could be doodahs about to spit some fire dis checks on y'all what the heck is in this chest I just saw like a little mutant what is that what is it what what is this unison thank you we're you're in it you are my gosh are you writing us in like a fanny pack and hiding us can you got some splaining to do what the heck was that [Applause] dex just straight-up creepy dude okay let's keep going seven lucky blocks land let's do is what is this not allowed what is even going on this episode Craner alright Madeline so it's on you go ahead let's see what you get okay please don't kill us battle it out now from Animal Crossing well I don't know what that is alright I gotta clean so lightweight League – member Madeline we're not going to touch whatever even do more than this why why did you do that why you know you see a lever you gotta click it the rules nice and happy now it's attached to T and T six lucky blocks left let's keep going okay here we go here we go please please okay please don't kill us okay please cleaner where does kid find his face he's from your country Denmark where does he find these things I don't know you triangle slinky in sauce okay alright credit go ahead its audio Zeus you get right I'm gonna open it up Friday you guys ready yeah go ahead upside down and I'd like to see the manager sit right there I'll tell you how I became the principal we got a beacon I'll take it all right Matt I'll assign you go ahead let's do it you get okay so don't tell us they're gonna I I am holding the earth in my hands okay okay with it I have earth okay so I said diamonds lucky here where Oh get it get it get it I just want earth I got the entire Earth okay Falacci blocks left you ready yeah okay here we go what is this these sums are so weird qian it's potatoes dude Asya call some sausage people look at it they look like daddy there were dancing thumbs then try to do yeah a little sausage people especially from you people okay Craig it's on your go ahead let's do dis yo when me make me tired man a real man I met a real man I'm a real man you leavin make me it's a sad potato that are smiling though the song why'd she leave this potato this song says you're leaving me I think potato doesn't know how to feel sad little bum I've added aside you go ahead ok I'm going near the water if we get lava okay don't worry I'll kill it all right so I got all the time as we each have four lucky blocks left let's keep good okay what is this oh you Neil wait can't you say we smell yeah we do not smell you're not even here you crater salsa gosh Craner you need to have a long discussion with your girlfriend she she's a sandwich man I can't help it she just said leave em out they're no longer together we are together Madeline okay Matt our credit go ahead it's on you Lucy died open it up y'all never get away cover me oh my gosh yeah we're good really lucky this time okay what is that all right I I don't hear anything what is it create a reenactor sound Craner no just no was it bad you know kind of maybe Oh this turns into a block of emeralds I'll take it okay so we each have three walking blocks left right mmm okay okay here we go let's do this please all murderous please don't murder arrest sound from movie in stellar what are interstellar Westerner what is the interstellar outer space I think so it sounded very dramatic what are those things I have never heard of that movie before a binky what is a googol alright Craner so it's on you you have three left okay killer I haven't killed you guys yet so I'm hopeful it's a motorcycle with a bunch of french fries yes I I don't know we just under just understand that key and makes these lucky blocks you just got to deal with it alright I'm at a lettuce on you go ahead like a better phrase grater grater you just got murdered by your own peoples kind Barney Madeleine first you send me a chant broke up and all you kill me Barney's urine just kills you crater I am sorry alright so it's have to battling what you don't scooter indoors hey Craner gave it to me this was really killing him still lucky blocks lads let's do this okay what do you the dancing saw the backs guy all right crater go ahead a time you Souter get you guys ready yeah make me sorry I met a real man I met a real man I'll even make me piling though you're leaving me me me it's so sad I feel bad for this app that potato thumb yeah meet you dude I that'll I go ahead it's on you can't kill me again okay suit you're good ah I I don't hear anything I crater really make it alright so we each have one lucky block left right yep you guys want to have a photo and this is going do you want to do that to your wife Ian let's do a 1v1 v1 right pretty off oh I'm so ready dude whoever gets the luckiest out of this is the ultimate prettiest one out of one v1 v1 what's through this beautiful expression in the world and three two one I got four blocks of redstone and a block of emeralds and madelyn just got glass any ugly you got a beacon but crater I got a block of emeralds okay tritium lower less I am the prettiest princess there is I'll take it alright so let's start our trading process and remember we're going to put all of our nether stars into one chest and we take all we duplicate all of it and take it all so let's see how lucky we've gotten traitors you have to throw out fifteen nether stars you jerk I don't well that's a wife's fault it wasn't intentional twelve and a half stacks on twenty-one lucky blocks that is insane next two luckiest people reach sky that is good okay so what we're going to do we each get this exact amount which gets well when I have sex so i duplicate it let's duplicate this and let's start our training alright so how this round where's Madeleine accreditor they're both trading right now we're going to be working for McDonald's we'll explain that more in a second but what I need to do I have to not die while also killing them as much as possible so I'm going to get a bunch of this McDonald's armor hopefully I won't look like kyun did in the intro and of course I look like Kia did in the intro I got a pistol yelets also we need to get a weapon to kill them faster we have pistols Oh Moo pets oh there's pets nice oh we go through these pets oh we can get a blaze pet which gives us a strength boost yeah let's grab damn let's get a blaze pet and look at this they also have a frying pan let's grab the fighters yeah this thing does almost 10 attack damage let's grab this and then I think I want to enchant my armor and maybe also buy a gun so we have our frying pan we have a we have an automatic rifle and we have our blaze pet let's see how this goes I'm going to use the rest of my nether stars on enchanting my armor let's get into college crater and madelyn blood let's see who can be the better McDonald's employee well we look ridiculous a little bit and also terrifying oh yeah I can die whispers to me for you guys at home this entire day mode was made by eye Ambrosius and Kia mr. creepy clown just looking at us so here's how this way okay can we go in can we go in like can we click these buttons like so this is how this works so since I've blue I'm on this side Madeline you're in the middle and craters on the right side what can happen once the game starts a bunch of materials are going to spawn all over the ground we have to run around collect them whoever makes the most hamburgers and french fries and throws them at their villager wins is it going to be counting down so we can see yes and we have a time frame and we can murder each other so we are both we are normal McDonald's employees right we're just casual killer clowns dude make it fries normal all right you guys ready you freaking Ronald McDonald ready I guess okay okay guys if you think I'm gonna win hit the like button sell out a student they're going down no okay Assad Assad prosy it's ah bro the game starts in three two one go okay okay stuff is gonna be on to move to each other's places okay I just got things I just got there I will shoot you why cuz I can't show me okay driving resources everything that's on the ground it has like an effect under it okay your enemy everything grab everything grab everything good everything okay if you gotta grab the great Natalie get away from me my only sin away okay hold on put data to I don't want to put that up there Daggett will be put that there is that Sarah put that there Madeleine please oh oh yeah also in the chest there's pans and skillets that you need to set with it there was that there shoot there oh okay I got a hamburger I got a hamburger I got a hamburger okay okay [Applause] get away from my place Madeline this is my this is my burger child let's grab the fruit brother fruit all of this is up here we go we're gonna toast we got more toast look I feel like we should be paid well time I make photos for doing this I'm making hamburgers guys okay grab that grab this grab everything we're gonna make you stressful we're going to make a huge sigh we're going to make a huge platter here's dinner platter I planner okay okay okay okay do this mmm do this yeah hold on I do this – yeah like this employee ever wait me first time they can oh yeah french fries there we go okay okay we're going what I'm okay timeout box here we go six point seven eight ten 12 14 16 18 20 20 doing this how did you get so many parts all of the bad guys by our brain when you're turning Stefan my armor is too strong no sir I already killed you once no you didn't I didn't know Oh – Sean Madeline I'm sorry did you say ma pian me not me get it get it in time on phone yeah my god is so strong okay okay we're in a timeout box we have 80 seconds oh yeah the time our boxes up there you get ten seconds huh okay okay grab that grab that okay come on Brent I need bread I need more toast honey more toast so much in you yes okay grab that grab that give me bad guys ah no I burgers with Weaver will we have a minute left crater get back oh mercy in got that okay hold on hold on let's throw this up there there there we go we got a lot of that all the recipes yeah I remember all the recipes evoke that there that there so I just got a lot of stuff of us is she no crater don't pay attention to me give every calls almost and caught up oh we're 40 seconds or 20 seconds okay stressful dude oh there we go get it I don't get it okay okay we got 10 seconds left I am just going to perform three – are you kidding me dude I'm early overhead at the last second so close it's not bad that I'm against managers okay where were you what happened we are the best McDonald's employees I'll take it gosh dang it but anyways we're going to end this episode here again if you guys enjoyed of course hit the like button hit the subscribe button turn on notifications you know the drill and I am the best McDonald's employee in the world you guys suck barely best you barely the best I don't know if I want her lost I don't know either


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