Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan

Fukuoka my first full day here. This morning today was pretty uneventful. I ate at McDonalds and I passed out. That’s basically my entire day. Tonight I wanted to go try Street food in Fukuoka, but I heard it’s really touristy is overpriced. It’s not that good. So I’m looking for a seafood restaurant here that is supposed to be just spectacular and hopefully, I’m hoping I can actually get a seat because like I said, it’s Friday night And I don’t have a reservation. This this is the whole restaurant the entire building. It’s just a massive seafood restaurant freaking is Absolutely gorgeous by the way Bonsai trees on the outside. Look at this place. This is more like a hotel in a restaurant Wow, right away Yeah, this is a seafood restaurant I’ve never seen a squid tank in my life. Oh, man This place is awesome is literally the coolest restaurant setup for seafood restaurant In the middle and you sit all around the different fish tanks, all the servers are wearing kimonos It seemed like a really traditional seafood place. I am so excited about dinner tonight I mean this is gonna be like the opposite of how I felt about McDonald’s this morning. All right, so obviously the most Popular ones that are seasonal dishes here. They tell me that looks great I mean if you love sashimi, there’s all looks absolutely fantastic. And this is a Really really fresh, but for me they do have a ton of grilled fish Which I think is what I’m gonna go for grilled fish and marinated fish got bunch of fried dishes here tempura Got some soups. All right. So most people here they’re getting sashimi and these tanks they’re not just for display They are literally getting the fish or squid out of these tanks and they’re cooking it. So this is as fresh as you can get My first dish has arrived I Gotta say this place the sashimi looks Amazing. I mean I don’t eat raw stuff. But yeah, I’m almost tempted. I’m almost converted tonight So my first course, I don’t think I mean, I think I’m gonna have to use some raw stuff tonight just a little bit It’s a little piece of uni sitting on top. I looks like some sort of some sort of jelly. Never been a fan of uni Don’t know really actually that one was a little better than ones I had before I mean that tasted like the ocean but Did you like a better part of the ocean and this I gotta try it and this is a Pollock fish roe This is a Fukuoka specialty just like Kobe has its beef Fukuoka has this Mentaiko fish roe and it’s a fermented and salt just a little bit This is supposed to be like I said, really really really popular here and again fish eggs. Not my favorite thing Even I gotta admit That’s some good stuff Wow If I tell you that’s good, you better believe it because I don’t love raw stuff. I don’t love fish eggs I’m caught I’m falling for that a little bit. It’s spicy and when you put it in your mouth it Doesn’t taste like fish eggs like at all from zero fishiness. There’s actually it tastes like dozens of little crispy crystals It’s not slimy. This thing is pretty darn amazing. This is so good. I’m gonna add it on my little little roll here So you can eat this fish roe on top of whatever on rice whatever you want Actually, I can’t really stop eating it It’s pretty amazing for me. I think this is like a block of Fish eggs or some sort it’s kind of heavy looking. It’s kind of heavy. It’s a little bouncy That tastes like miniature secret that was literally the crispiest fish eggs I’ve ever had in my life That’s I mean, it’s it’s so crunchy. It’s like it’s like a fish egg chip almost Fantastic fantastic first plate. I gotta say pretty darn delicious next course. Oh look at that This looks like a a steamed rockfish Wow, oh man, this is a prettiest soup I’ve ever seen in my life Look at his most adorable little piece of greens ever And this looks like a fish cake Wow, prettier fish cake, by the way when you drink soup in Japan You don’t really use a spoon. Oh This is a nice nice bowl of seafood soup Is that you can taste all the best things about an ocean, you know That just might be the most tender piece of fish cake I’ve ever had actually there weren’t any left Tell me exactly what fish this is. But look how amazing and tender this is Have you guys seen this Oh Man Look how easily the skin is removed on own. This might be the easiest I ever Seen a fish skin come off of any fish that ever eaten Yes, oh I know you’re seeing this we can all effortlessly the chops is going into this fish that’s all that juice is coming up All right, let’s take it oh man look at this, you know, this is gonna be a good buy, right The seafood here not only is it so fresh Everything just tastes ridiculously clean. I’ve ate so many pieces of seafood so far Haven’t tasted a fishy flavor in any one of them and I am in love with this piece of fish right here Actually in love might be an understatement. This thing might be the love of my life right now I’m gonna find out for you guys what this is Do you Need to get this if you come here. Holy smokes Let’s dip this in the little sauce a little bit here Yeah, there we go Wow the sauce is soy sauce base a little sweet it literally cuddles the fish compliments in every single way possible yeah, highlights the sweetness that the gentleness of the fish and just providing it just a tiny bit of umami flavoring guys this is a masterpiece This is seriously one of the greatest fish dishes I’ve ever had. This fish they tell me is a tai or a wild sea bream. Guys, don’t forget It’s a sea bream. Get this dish when you come. You will thank me This might be the one of the best fish dishes you want to ever enjoy You need to trust me on this and I say I got I got this This is the fried Mentaiko. Again. Like I said the specialty of Fukuoka but cooked Like a billion little edible Marbles just warming my mouth around you can we I’m saying this but I think the raw version is better I mean this version is really salty and texture wise it’s not actually that’s good as as chewy as the as the raw version So I will actually recommend that when you come here Next up. I have no idea what this looks like. I can just kind of sum this thing Yummy the fish is really flaky and look at this. It’s kind of only sliced in between here Honestly, I mean it’s good but nothing compared to that sea bream, you know I think that sea bream might have just ruined my fish dinner tonight. My grill mackerel is here. Look at this, baby Oh, that is a beauty. Little lemon goes on top and to eat it She told me to take the radish and mix it with my soy sauce. Oh Yeah Oh, yes baby, oh you guys need a bet on this course All right that There’s an amazing piece of grill fish I love this restaurant for his ability to take the fishiness out of every single thing here and all that’s not just a beautiful clean flavor of the fish just like is meant to be going into your mouth Up to absolute perfection The meat is so amazingly bouncy if you like mackerel and you should because it’s the magnificent fish if you want to eat this freshest Cleanest the most beautiful piece of grilled mackerel. You may have ever had you stop right here. You come right here This is another fish. Look, this is fried and they told me this is Kochi, Japanese flathead fish. Oh Oh I’m just having a great fish day today try to abso-freakin’-lutely fection perfectly crispy on the outside So tender and beautiful on the inside man Is it amazing dinner fried did the other two fish as well complete the fish trifecta here? Then you’re gonna be as happy as I look right now. Oh By the way my miso soup arrived in Japan you don’t use a spoon to eat your soup take your chopstick Swish it around mix it up a little bit. Oh Oh Miso love this Wow that’s got some intense miso flavor. Oh And it’s great I just think it’s perfect right now Piece of eel here Mmm that’s a great piece of eel. Seasoning and their use of wasabi. Perfect So in love with this place right now, so it’s like a little cold salad. They brought this out This is like course 10 already is Abalone with what looks like this is some kind of maybe miso sauce on top The abalone, that’s a great piece of abalone Usually I find abalone the way people cook it is a little rough a little chewy, but this abalone is so soft it probably cries during diaper commercials Alright, I think I’m down to my last dish my last course dessert It looks like a spork and a cross between the bat signal and the Star Wars rebels symbol, right? Juicy melon probably not gonna be as good as the 150 dollar melon I had before Hmm. Wow, I feel like all melons in Japan Might literally just like grow in some crazy Flavor infusing Sanctuary like a melt-uary seriously like all the melons of Japan are just by far so much juicier Sweeter more delicious than any other melon I’ve had anywhere else in the world, it’s not even close Strawberry season Strawberries are insane Its melon strawberry, actually a fantastic dessert in this with green tea. Oh, oh Oh mylanta oh I’m just letting that I just letting the spoon go and look at this it’s it’s Just sinking into this beautifully tender mochi matcha mousse looking thing. Oh, I Wouldn’t be surprised they made it in-house, but if they if they bought it from somewhere I need to find out where that store is and get like 2,000 of those. I mean, it’s just the most delicious matcha encasing the gentlest Mochi shell I think this side of the world Basically every single dish I ate here was just mind-blowing. They really elevate a seafood bite oh so much and I hundred percent recommend if you are ever in Fukuoka one seafood restaurant to go eat at this is the place and it’s crazy because this place is loaded with fish tanks But you don’t smell anything. It’s such a clean beautiful atmosphere. The servers are so attentive and nice They don’t speak like much English at all, but they’re actually really really helpful to try to communicate with you And yes, it’s a little pricey, but come on, isn’t all seafood restaurants little pricey? But really, ridiculous quality. Some of the freshest most tasty seafood you’ll probably find in the city. Of course guys, all the information for this place is in my description box below Thank you so much for watching. Until we eat again. See you later

100 thoughts on “Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan

  1. I don't get the point of taking the fish out of everything. Might as well be eating chicken. I want to taste the ocean.

  2. I fell in love with raw fish around 13 years ago after being so against it for so long, I don't eat it all the time but i sure enjoy when i get a chance to make my own sushi rolls with raw tuna ahi and sushi salmon, making me crave it lol

  3. You would think as an Asian he would know that he has made appalling etiquette with his chopsticks. He has pointed and stabbed with them all meal which is the height of bad manners in Asian etiquette !!!!

  4. My motto is "I'll try anything twice" — and I will, but after that there are some foods that I even I prefer not to eat. Pickled ginger. Abalone. Avocado. But there's plenty of things I will eat that other people would detest, like durian. So I can understand that while Mike loves lots of foods, even he has things he'd prefer not to eat.

  5. The reason why the melons are so flavorful and delicious is because they are fresh and ripe. In America sadly we ship almost all of our "fresh" produce in from other countries so the food is picked before it is ever at the peak of freshness or even ripe. Then it is put into a dark frozen wearhouse to sit for up to six months or more before it ever hits the shelves. Then people buy it and let is sit on their counters to "ripen". The produce is not ripening but actually rotting. The same goes for what you get in the restaurants around here. So it is either almost rotten fruit or still under ripe hard fruit. That is why it is hard and flavorless. You can tell the difference if you have ever picked a fresh ripened fruit off the tree versus the stuff you are sold in the store. Different texture, taste, and juiciness.

  6. I've been this restaurant last year. I've tried fugu!!! Omg so delicious. My first time tried it. Its so sweet!!!!! And i've tried sushi, sashimi, squid and many. I really like it. 😋 I Recommend this restaurant. 👍

  7. You know, I really enjoy your channel, Mike. But as a new subscriber, I'm going through all your previous content and I literally face-palmed when you said "Miso love this" LOL

  8. This twelve-course dinner looks spectacularly good. The Japanese really know how to cook (or not cook) seafood. Using the freshest ingredients possible, they use light sauces and condiments to enhance the natural flavors of the "star of the show".

  9. That roe is supposed to be a 1 biter. Mikey made 10 bites out of it… Mikey, quit playing with your food….

  10. Went here last night. The staff are very snobby, the food is less than average and the staff doesn't clean up when giving the next dish. I have been to way better seafood places in japan. I would even say conveyer belt is better. Not sure how you can recommend this one. It was awful.

  11. I was born in Fukuoka and moved all over Japan but I must say food in Fukuoka especially sea food is the best I’ve had. You should have had squid it’s better than you’ve ever had I promise.

  12. It's so nice to see this kind of places, very interesting, but why? WHY? You have to poke the food like that!?

  13. I would love to go there. I have a tough time eating fish because my palate has been ruined by eating frozen or not fresh-enough fish. The fish dishes that have opened up my mind to eating fish would be the one I had at the 21 Club in New York and the Butterfish at Roy's. I do love shrimp, lobster, crayfish, crab mixed into things, squid, and octopus.

  14. The fish isn't "fishy" smelling because it's oh so fresh …that's why the tanks are there. If it was refridgerated & not enough turn-around it would be off. Love this restaurant & welcome to Japan …good videos😀🌺❤

  15. If i was rich mofo!! Yeah….thats the kind of resturaunt id open in the states! WHY?!! OH WHY?!!! DONT WE HAVE ONE HERE?!!! 😥

  16. I live in Southern Arkansas, we don't have options like you eat at around here that I am aware of. You ever find a fabulous seafood/pho/ramen place near Texarkana,TX, Shreiveport, LA, or Eldorado, AR let a homie know

  17. 6:40 I always eat that fish. The fish I get is apparently from the deep sea, which is red and it's the best fish with that sauce.

  18. What? You cant go to a sushi place and have a grilled fish! What the what? If your in a restaurant that serves the freshest sushi you better have sushi.

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