Michelle Really Dislikes Fish – Who's Doing the Dishes?

this is someone I think that has got a love of horses yes I don't even looking at these place mats its horses yeah there's a chair over there with horses who do we know that likes horses the Queen princess on me rich is having a laugh if he thinks the queen or princess and live here he's bonkers I don't think it's gonna be royal no there's a lot of horses yeah Jordan Katie Price yep but I I don't think she lives here no maybe a jockey if I just go past the window that's in my back turn to see the top of your head like that I don't know any names of jockeys mr. Piggott yep Willie Carson AP McCoy off the top of my head show John I think it's somebody who likes the deal of the countryside maybe farm farm orientated do we know any celebrities that have to do with farming well there's liiike re I don't know he's certainly but it Adam Adams found a file I have no idea what Tony's on about there is the guy who was in five I think it was I forgot his name maybe it's AJ or something like that and he's got a farm right so the starter so you went down and caught that some of this more than yourself correct yes and have a cottage I grew them in a window box yes you might mean Harlow remember what this is called this is a cast of avocado smoked salmon or with a creme fraiche a wild garlic chive addressing brilliant like a good Cooper's office in Sioux they're being cast cuz you were a member of a cast I he's feathers so we'll Ricky starter leave the guests on a cliffhanger there you go so folks first impressions what do we think horses big horse connection jockey maybe show jumper someone in the countryside okay here's your first clue this is your started it is a cast of avocado wood smoked salmon creme fraiche and a wild garlic dressing last would say to me that they are in theater or you know a play perhaps of film cast a theater or film they weren't a senator only other cast I can think of is like an when you broken up a limp along with the lake you put your arm in it in a cast yeah which leads me back to 8p McCoy a P McCoy EastEnders is his favorite show yes what he watches every night after the races because he broken so many bones in his body [Laughter] there's divots poor little health detective Michele's dislike of fish has come to bite her because she's just put some row in her mouth thinking it was probably granite he actually popped in my mouth well mine just did rotted lost her fill-in takes all sorts and the only one that sticks out is he's cast you

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