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For today’s cook I’m gonna show you how
easy it is to make an amazing taco al pastor at home. This is guaranteed to
have everyone in your family asking you for more. To make it even better I’m
gonna show you two amazing sauces to go along with it. And let’s not forget homemade tortilla. So let’s do it! We started off with a pork shoulder butt.
It’s thirteen and a half pounds, it is an affordable piece of meat and it works
great for this dish. The first thing I like to do is to remove the bone. Use the
bone as a guide and work nice and slow. The only goal you have is to keep as
much meat as possible, so be sure to stay as close as possible to the bone. As you
can see it easily comes out. Since we’re making taco al pastor the next thing to
do is to slice them thin. When I say thin I mean half an inch thick you don’t want paper-thin. And it’s all to make sure our marinade will
penetrate deeply into that meat. They don’t need to be perfect slices, they
just need to be thin. Your end goal is to end up with nice large pieces. The next
thing to do is our marinade and it is delicious. And here’s how to make it.
this is guajillo chili it is not spicy but it has a wonderful flavor, and as you
can see it comes completely dehydrated. Remember exact amount and ingredients
always in the description down below for you. Since it’s completely dry the first
thing I like to do is to put it in some boiling water; that brings the chili back
to life. You don’t want to cook them for too long, anywhere between 30 seconds to
a minutes does the job. Once the time is up just remove them and let them cool
down. These are sour oranges, unlike regular oranges they’re not sweet just
like their name they’re kind of sour and eating them by themselves it’s not good,
however they are perfect for a marinade. If you can’t find sour oranges you will
also be able to substitute with something else. Remember it’s always in
the description down below for you. To make this marinade all we have to do is
throw everything into the food processor. We first started with the sour oranges,
white vinegar, pineapple juice went in followed by the guajillo Chili’s, garlic,
white onions, cinnamon powder, white pepper, freshly ground black pepper, dry
oregano, cumin and to finish it off a good amount of achiote powder. Now all
there’s left to do is mix it well in your food processor until all the
ingredients have combined together and your marinade is done. It smells so good
that you’re gonna want to eat it just like this, but don’t. Now all there’s left to
do is put it in the meat and mix it well. It’s important to make sure every single
piece is heavily coated. Now the only thing left to do is to cover it up and
let it marinate in your refrigerator for 24 hours. As the meat is marinating I’m
gonna show you an easy and simple but refreshing and tasty avocado sauce,
here’s how to do it. Using a hand processor throw in some avocado,
lime juice, cilantro, freshly ground black pepper a good amount of mayonnaise and mexican queso crema. Now all there’s left to do is mix it well and your avocado
sauce is done. I’m telling you right now this sauce goes well with any taco or
any sandwich. Since that was a refreshing sauce, I’m also gonna make a spicy
sauce, come on this is Mexican food. And here’s how to make it. I first started by
rehydrating my chilis, we don’t want to cook them we just want to rehydrate them.
If you like it really spicy you can leave the seeds in but if you know me I
don’t like it too spicy. Then I took some tomatillos to the fire. I just want to
put a nice char on them to give a nice flavor. Into the hand processor they went
together with my chiles, mayo, freshly ground black pepper and finish it off
with salt. Now all there’s left to do is to blend it well and your hot chili sauce is
done. Here’s a quick tip if you want to save sauces just vacuum pack them they
will last five times longer than if you leave it in jars.
Now let’s talk about tortilla. There’s a lot of options out there.
We got flour tortilla, obviously corn tortilla, tacos made out of white
corn, street tacos made out of flour, the possibilities with tortillas are endless
whenever you buying them pre-made. But I will tell you one thing there’s nothing
like making them at home. the fact that you control every aspect of the flavor
is the perfect way to go. Homemade is always better. And today I’m going to
show you how easy it is to make my version. And here’s how to do it. A lot of
people like to use lard, this is basically pork fat and it tastes good
however I found out that butter tastes way better and ever since they tasted
with butter I changed. And I know it’s not traditional but just give it a try.
I’m pretty sure you change as well. And this is masa de maiz
it’s the perfect flour to make tacos. I started off with my corn flour, threw in
my melted butter and finished it off with water. You want to mix it well until
everything is pliable you’re looking for a consistency of play-doh if it’s too
dry you can always add more water. In the end you’re basically looking for a nice
pliable dough. If I pat it down and I press it lightly crumbles in the edges
and this is the consistency you’re looking for. Whenever I’m making
tortillas I never use a measurement I always go by the feel. Once the mixing
is done make sure to let your dough rest for at least 30 minutes. To make it easy
for you to press your tortillas here’s a quick tip using a ziplock bag
cut out the sides this will stop the dough from sticking to the press. To make
the tortilla is pretty simple. Just make a ball but right in the middle of the
press push it down and that’s it. Now all there’s left to do is to cook it up.
Talking about that, you want to use a cast iron this makes the job perfect
every time because he retains the heat and you don’t want to overcook your
tortilla. Just make sure that they’re lightly golden brown on the top and your
tortillas are done. To help them finish cook and keep them moist I definitely
recommend a tortilla warmer. If you don’t have one you should it makes a world of
a difference. The very next day my meat was done marinating so I quickly opened
it up and give it a nice mix. I’m gonna be cooking mine on the grill but you can
do just as good in the oven if you don’t have a grill. And to make an authentic as
possible I’m gonna use the pineapple trick. Place the pineapple right in the
middle of a pan and using a chopstick put it right in the middle, this will
allow you to stack up the meat just like they do in Mexico. The only thing to keep
in mind is try to keep a round shape throughout the whole process. If any of
the pieces are too large just make sure you cut them and put them on top. Try to
keep them evenly so that your tower will not fall in the end, every small piece
that comes out goes right in the middle. To finish it off just crown it with a
pineapple and your taco al pastor tower is ready for the grill. Talking about
that I’m gonna be cooking it in indirect heat at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. As the
juices starts falling off I’ll be collecting that and basting it in itself.
As the edge starts being cooked I’ll be shaving it off so we can make some
amazing tacos with it. But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to make
some amazing tacos al pastor so let’s do it! We have our beautiful tacos over here.
What do you think Angel? Mine looks appealing yours huh. Angel wanted to go
very very basic with a little bit of cheese no green stuff for you yeah? No
green stuff. There’s green right here yes of course. Okay let’s go for it yeah you ready to
try it? Wait. Can I try just the tortilla? Yeah.
Because I saw you over there making it. You never had homemade tortilla okay
you try to go for it. I wanna try your tortilla bro. Tell me. Oh. Isn’t it completely different?
If you never had a homemade tortilla. Oh that doesn’t compare. It’s definitely like a
different experience isn’t it the one that you buy from the store so dry.
It’s like fluffy. Fluffy moist you know what I mean it’s like I like. I like that one. That is amazing definitely recommend it. That makes me wanna eat it more. All right let’s go for it yeah. I’m not a
taco expert but I hope I did it justice all right my Mexican friends take
it easy on me. Yeah, yeah? You tell them in the comments Guga what are you doing! Cheers everybody. Cheers. humm oh That’s good! Come on that is amazing. like a
sweetness that comes after you after you bite it.
That’s the pineapple, such a nice flavor everybody it’s difficult to explain this
marinade right? Let’s go. Oh you go for another bite? Let’s go. Let’s go. I
know you didn’t want to try the salsita but you gotta try the salsita.
It’s a little bit spicy but you can handle it bro. Okay here do like this do
a spoon. A full spoon. Just like that oh there you go my friend a full spoon full
flavor take it like a man. Go ahead. I hope I survive tonight. Tonight? Ha, tomorrow when
you go to the bathroom that one is gonna come in. It’s spicy but it’s not that bad. Super flavorful. It’s spicy. Woah I heard you. It’s spicy boy. Let’s put a little bit.
Oh come on Angel. Cheers everybody. Salsita! I’m not dying. You’re not dying
how about the flavor isn’t it extremely flavorful. It does have a lot of flavor
something in there it’s just hot, like it just makes your tongue tingle. Anyway
guys this is my results with my taco. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you
do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re
interested in anything I use everything is always at the description down below.
Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care
everybody. bye bye. Wow this is good. So amazing bro I can
eat this every single day. There’s a reason why my Mexican friends are the
king of tacos because it is amazing. See you guys on the next one take care of
everybody bye bye.

100 thoughts on “Mexican-Style TACOS from Scratch – Tacos Al Pastor | Guga Foods

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  3. Well done Guga, but you must invite to Oscar to try your Taquitos al pastor's recipe… And don´t call that "salsitas" please.. They are not… 😜

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  5. greetings guga from Tuxtepec, oaxaca, Mexico

    Taco Bell is a shame when it comes to serving "Mexican" food, no valen verga,

    and here in Oaxaca is the famous tlayuda, and I think that with the cuts you handle it would give you a plus of flavor.

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  8. What fascinated me about westerners eating with spicy flavour and see them tortured by the spicyness is so cute and girly. Because where i came from, their spicy taste couldn't compare to our traditional spicy level. And we eat it almost everyday.

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  15. Everything you made was great except for the mayo. No proper Mexican uses mayo on their salsas. No mames, buey! The rest was dope though, your grilled al pastor was pretty impressive. Well done on the homemade tortillas. You make a good taquero. P.S. the little dude on the left used cheese on his street tacos, no la cages, vato, lol.

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  18. I'll comment on the salsa! May not be traditional to add Mayo… But it is really good. I tried a perusian restaurant and of there were a few mexican cooks working there. The salsas were awesome. They were mayo and vinegar base. They were made with chile de Arbol. And a few others they had. Im Mexican and love to try different salsas and I'm telling u.. Try it. U might just find ur new favorite salsa. Is it authentic?.. No! but it is good and something new for u and ur friends to try.

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