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the food of Mexico combines influences brought by the Spanish conquest adores with a diverse range of native culinary ingredients it is full of intense flavors is rich in variety and steeped in ancient tradition join us as we explore the cultural flavors of Mexico Mexico is located at the southern tip of the North American continent and is home to more than 100 million people the Tropic of Cancer cuts right through the country and it's tropical climate is responsible for an immensely varied biodiversity amazingly Mexico is home to 10% of the world's species with so many natural resources it's no surprise that Mexico is responsible for introducing the rest of the world to so many delicious foods that are now considered invaluable by so many other cultures Mexican food is based on that choose different engines from the Aztecs to the Spanish it's just to make something that is especially with a graham asked the interests of the artists with a comb the beans the Chile and a bit of that impressed with judeo-spanish with Brazil tomorrow coriander it's an intensive food depends where you are from Mexico and South to know and especially it Mexican last ate the chili that was so many different types of chilies in Mexico by the time the Spanish arrived in the fifteenth century advanced civilizations had lived in the region for thousands of years and they were noted for their exceptional understanding of architecture mathematics art theology and cuisine it is after all the Aztecs that we have to thank for that fine delicacy that we all call chocolate not to be confused with the Americanized tex-mex mexican cuisine is a fusion of indigenous tradition and the culinary influences of its Spanish colonists the hooves and spices used in Mexican cooking of varied and differ between the regions also a Spanish and then French influence introduced European flavors to the Mexican palate of course chilies are the most famous Mexican ingredient and they are used in dishes right across the country there are many varieties of chili eaten in a range of colors flavors and strengths and they are often used in combination to flavor particular dishes chilies are most often found in sauces and salsas a very versatile spice the chili is added fresh in many dishes but can be found pickled and eaten on its own or as part of a dish even dried and powdered coriander leaves are used in fresh green salsas as well as several other cooked and fresh salsas it is also common in being and rice dishes soups stews and more less less frequently the seeds are ground in added tests use in Mexico coriander is called culantro and is an important ingredient of guacamole used whole or ground in a wide variety of Mexican stews and soups cumin is loved for its aromatic flavor and as one of the country's most widely used spices especially when cooking meets popular European herbs like majorem thyme and oregano are found in many tomato based dishes and charters they are most often added two dishes dried oregano being the most often used by far the Spanish brought black pepper onion and garlic to Mexico and they are now an important part of the Mexican food for Tabler many dishes use onion or onion powder and garlic is valued for its distinct flavor although not native to Mexico cinnamon is a common spice flavoring many deserts of horse chocolate is part and parcel of the Mexican desert tart and cinnamon is an excellent complement along with fruit and nuts a spice that is native to Mexico is vanilla the vanilla pod is used to flavour cakes custards and desserts like this delicious Mexican plan we will cook it later in the show of course there are many more spices and herbs used in Mexican cuisine some native some introduced but all adding to the cultural flavors of Mexico literally meaning eggs ranch style huevos rancheros is a hearty country breakfast that was traditionally served up to hungry workers on rural farms well ranchers are very popular it's one of the main criticism and all-around make situation it's a different ways to make huevos rancheros a lot of people especially north of Mexico they use multi-contour TIA the huevos rancheros it could be as a bratwurst fried tomato or could be like a salsa and if require a bridge spread fast different challenges to love you know coming back from NAFTA a big journey in the morning come back eleven o'clock in her in they were speaking a nice red spot that's when they made the huevos rancheros to create this tasty morning meal for one we're using a spicy Mexican sausage a few eggs and tortilla we've chosen fresh pecorino but any cheese will do you also need a touch of cream a few basic ingredients are required to prepare a fresh salsa and of course don't forget a little chili the first step in making this hearty Mexican breakfast is to prepare a fresh tomato salsa remove the stalk from the tomato cut it in half then dice both halves do the same with the rest of your tomatoes and put them into a bowl take a large red onion cut it in half peel it and then dice this also add the onion to the tomato next cut a small section from a cucumber and using a potato peeler carefully peel the cucumber then slice it lengthwise a few times and then into small cubes add the diced cucumber to the bowl grab a bunch of coriander then take a few sprigs fold them in half and roughly chop them place these on top of the other salsa ingredients that's it for the salsa now you're gonna do is grab a bit of olive oil then we are seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper and the fourth thing you do is just mix it up give the salsa a good mix and put it to one side now to get going with the main breakfast slice a spicy Mexican sausage into small pieces then place the sausage onto a small round baking tray that has been covered with silver foil pop the sausage into a preheated oven at around 180 degrees next take two tortilla and place these onto a similar foil covered baking tray slice off some generous portions of cheese we're using pecorino and place them on top of the tortilla but I think the last thing we need to do is just make some scrambled eggs so for about three eggs season it with salt and pepper bit of cream and we get a bit of parsley now we can do a bit of chilli now we get the exact very good mix now we're ready for cooking just before you start cooking you should place the tortilla into the hot oven alongside the sausage heat a frying pan to a moderate temperature then pour in some olive oil and then fry your Sal circle the tomato begins to cook through when ready put aside for a little later to the same saucepan add a wedge butter and once this is melted pour in your scrambled egg mixture mix the eggs well with a spatula and keep an eye on them they will cook quickly by now your sausage and tortilla should be ready to go so carefully remove them from the oven to serve place your scrambled eggs over the bread and liberally cover the egg with slices of sausage finally pour the salsa over everything huevos rancheros a hearty breakfast straight from the country kitchens of Mexico that will satisfy everyone no matter where they are coming up on cultural flavours we prepare a tasty toasted sandwich Mexico style and experience a sweet Mexican tradition Tinga deploy or literally means spicy stewed chicken tostadas it is quick and easy to prepare and makes the perfect midday snack synced apoyo actually was a dish that my Nana used to make since I was little I used to love as part of the I think my family tradition there's the typical dishes quite reached with the tomatoes sauce tomato salsa and the chilies and spices and it's since agra agra with a kind of meal and you know it's a typical Mexican meal it's a beautiful rich meal consistent oh my lord onion the sausage the shredded chicken is just an amazing and rich flavor today we'll show you how to prepare enough ingredients to feed around four hungry guests of course you'll need some chicken breasts 1/8 corn tortilla along with a few other ingredients that form the topping to the tostada for the salsa you'll need about five medium sized Tomatoes a brown onion and some garlic Chipotle is an authentic condiment made from smoked dried jalapenos your first step even preparing Tinga to pork is to chop an onion cut a brown onion in half peel it and then cut the onion into fine slippers like so do the same with both halves and put it aside for later we'll use the onion when we come to cook the chicken take a large flat baking tray and line the base thoroughly with olive oil then place your chicken breasts onto the tray lightly drizzle olive oil over the philodendron black pepper and a pinch of salt now is the time to start work on a tangy salsa sauce which we will use to marinade our chicken peel a clove of garlic and place it into the food blender next take a tomato remove its stalk chop it in half and add this to the garlic do the same with the rest of the tomatoes about four more in total add about 2 tablespoons of Chipotle this will give the sauce a smoky and spicy flavor then season with a good pinch of salt finally pour about a cup of water over the ingredients before blending until the contents become a firm liquid set this aside for later we will now prepare the toppings for artists ardath's finally slice some iceberg lettuce then take some feta cheese and dice it into small cubes by now your chicken should be ready to remove from the oven using your fingers shred the chicken into small pieces this should be quite easy to do while the chicken is still warm and moist now we can start the process of stewing the chicken heat a pan to a medium heat and drizzle with oil add to the onion slices and allow them to cook gently keep turning them to ensure that they do not burn once the onions are brown snuggly pour the tomato salsa that we prepared earlier over them give the sauce a stir cover and allow tomatoes to cook through once the sauce has changed color you can add the shredded chicken to the pan stir in well and ensure that all the chicken is covered with sauce cover and allow to cook for a few minutes meanwhile place some corn tortilla onto a foil covered baking tray lightly cover these with olive oil before placing in a hot oven for a few minutes now final stage is to put it on to you in place a bit of lettuce not too much just a little bit tingly poyo on top we just put a bill sour cream then top it out with a bit of feta cheese nurses we don't a bit of salt into the dish there finally put a bit of avocado cut in the slices just to give the final touch in Tinga top oil a healthy snack featuring a number of authentic ingredients that truly reflect the cultural heritage of Mexico next on cultural flavours we uncover the essential ingredients of New Mexican cuisine and a slice of gold Mexican food is one of those unique cuisines that has established a reputation as one of classic flavors like French or Japanese the food of Mexico is popular right around the world so what is Mexican food and why is it so popular Mexico is a land that is rich in produce produce that has influenced the cooking of the entire globe let's take a look at some of Mexico's gifts to the culinary world first of all corn or maize native to Mexico a corn was first cultivated and eaten by the Aztecs and man's and is now the most cultivated grain in the Americas eaten fresh off the cob as a side dish or used as an ingredient corn is the staple grain of the country in Mexico maize is ground into flour and used to make famous mexican treats like corn bread and tortilla tortillas are the basis for many traditional and recognizable Mexican dishes classics like enchiladas flatus tostadas tacos and even nachos chips are all based on the maize or corn tortilla many associate tomatoes with Mexico and although it is native to South America the first tomato was actually first used in Peru it is believed though that tomatoes were first cultivated in Mexico by the Aztecs in central Mexico and the word tomato actually comes from the Aztec word tomato which means swelling fruit available in a variety of colors sizes and shapes tomatoes are used in many Mexican dishes but are probably most famous in celsa interesting Lee when tomatoes were first taken to the world by the Spanish they were used as a decoration for over half a century before being incorporated into local cuisines tomatoes are not the only unique food from Mexico the delicious and unusual avocado is a mainstay of Mexican cuisine and the essential ingredient in the famous guacamole a dip made from avocado lime juice salt and sometimes chili or coriander there is one Mexican food that has been adopted right across the globe enjoyed in Mexico for over 3,000 years the cacao bean fermented and dried then roasted and shelled is the magic ingredient of chocolate mein chokolate by the Spanish the people of Mexico have savored the unique flavors of this unusual plant since about 1100 BC although not always used in the form we know it chocolate was originally a somewhat better drink over years of refining and experimentation the delicious sweet chocolate we all know and love is part of life on every continent of the globe desserts have always been very popular across all of Mexico and locals enjoy a great variety of tasty sweets one of the most famous is the classic Mexican flan originally introduced by the conquest adores of Spain the slán has become so synonymous with Central America that now this delicious dessert is actually called Mexican flan the Mexican flan yeah it isn't a Spanish influence but Mexicans took over and change the English a little bit it played with the ingredients especially using the cheese with the Spanish narrative which that makes the makes it authentic you know American make it makes a difference it's more richer more more more flavor than the typical Spanish flan that's what we all love the Mexican pan and that's why people call it Mexican friend the classic Mexican flan is one of the easiest desserts to prepare it's made from a combination of a few simple dairy products such as condensed and evaporated milk as well as cream cheese you'll also require castor sugar vanilla essence and fresh summer fruits bear in mind that you will need a pressure cooker in order to complete this recipe which should make around 10 servings first take an electric blender and crack an egg into it you'll need 6 eggs all of which should be cracked straight into the blender once you have added all your eggs place about a hundred grams of cream cheese into the blender then pour about 125 mils of condensed milk and about the same amount of evaporated milk into the mix now the last thing we need to do is to put our Pinilla essence into the blender just one teaspoon cover it up and blender for about a minute take your caster sugar and evenly line the base of a circular baking tin with about for dessert spoons of sugar light your stove and place the baking tray directly over a moderate heat gently but frequently agitate the sugar until the sugar turns into a dark caramel colored liquid it is important that you don't let the caramel burn as this will ruin its flavor put a large pressure cooker on to the stove and place the baking tray inside at the base of the pressure cooker now you can add the vanilla cream we made earlier by carefully pouring it into the baking tray once you've done this pop the lid on the pressure cooker and seal its lid tight you will need to the flan to cook for just 15 minutes only Mexican flans go perfectly with fresh fruit and berries to prepare these take a strawberry and slice off its top turn it upside down then carefully slice it lengthwise but not all the way through now spread the strawberry wide like so and add as many strawberries as you like when ready remove the tin and place it upside down on a large plate carefully remove it then spoon any remaining caramel over the top of the flan finally cut into triangles and enjoy with fresh summer fruit and a strong shot of expresso the food of Mexico is a combination of influences from both the new and old world's Christopher Columbus and the conquest adores introduced many new staples to its shores yet even to this day it is the original food of the indigenous people that still plays the greatest role in defining Mexican food culture corn avocado vanilla and of course chocolate to name just a few all originated from pre-columbian Mexico yet all these ingredients could easily be considered staples of any number of other countries known for its varied flavors colorful decoration and wide variety of ingredients Mexican food continues to grow in popularity around the world cultural flavors continues to explore the world through the diversity of food from Nepal to Japan France to Korea that cultural flavours take you on a gastronomic journey so you can experience the tastes of the globe at home

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  2. "Not to be confused with tex-mex" – Proceeds to list tex-mex ingredients. . .
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