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  1. I’m changing the world around me with what I choose to be on my plate… each and every day… for hope, peace and equality for all sentient beings.

  2. Turned vegan approx 10 months ago after being vegan for years, I did it for the animals. But being whole food vegan really has some great health benefits too. I hate vegetables and fruit, I hate cooking but here I am, feeling better than ever.

  3. I went Vegan 3 months a go and i done my best choice. I regeret i ate all my life meat😥 My boy is 10 years old and when i ask him if he want to eat meat? His telling me, mumy i don’t want to eat dead body, i want something on my table not somone. 😔

  4. Excellent vid guys.
    I can no longer sanction this torture and abuse.
    I'm in my first day as a New Vegan. It feels both good and right.

  5. What does the theory of evolution teach? The survivor of the fittest? Only where people have not joined to eat the Western diet, are actually fit where heart disease and stroke, breast and prostate and colon cancer are not heard of.

    When they start eating like us, then they get the same diseases we get. So it is about the diet.

    But if you look how evolution has promoted itself, one after another of their supposed ancestors of humans has been shown to be a lie. Guess what, you think the next hoax is going to be true either? If a person you knew, and you caught them lying to you repeatedly, would you never get to the point that you would not listen to them? Why is so-called science exempt?

    People aren't just questioning the diet which many of us were raised with, they are questioning whether we went to the moon, and when the shadow of the Disney character "Pluto" shows up on what they are showing us is the planet Pluto, who isn't right to question it!

    People can see things that the curvature calculator says they can't see.

    Personally I am completely sick of their lies. What I can prove to myself, I will believe. If the powers that be don't like that, well, they brought this reaction upon themselves.

    As for diet, I am now Vegan because I could not lose weight any other way being 65 and it is slow but it works and it makes me feel better. And yes, if I had ever have had to kill an animal for his meat myself, I never would have done it. It is sick and the truth is that what has been making us overweight and sick, we have no need of eating.

    There are starch granuals found in ancient man sites, between the teeth. Hunting is undependable, and yes, they had tools and some of those where to cultivate the ground. So the Paleo stuff is just contrived to make the ones promoting it rich. And what will happen when people have eaten like that 40+ years? Are they not playing Russian Roulette with their health?

    We saw the mountains of foam on Lake Erie and have forgotten. We drive to my son's home in Hanford, CA in the middle of the farm and dairy belt, the air is so bad, you can't enjoy going out side. My son has to run A/C and then an air purifier all the time. He has solar or could not afford it.

    This is not a life when you can't even go outside!

  6. "If you eat meat you'll get cancer!" .. is to ..
    "If you sin you'll go to hell!"
    Same preach, different preacher.
    What a load of absolute hot garbage.

  7. If vegans ever want to be taken seriously they need to stop trying to convince people not to eat meat but focus on crying about the livestock not being treated properly instead. Giving up meat in total is braindead childish nonsense. Its not evena debatable argument. Eating less meat and treating animals fairly is something no one can argue against. Stick with that. This video did and alright job not being too crazy.

  8. This video isn't arguing eating meat. It's arguing the treatment of livestock. The problem is they fail to understand that many farmers (my family included) know more and care more about animals more than anyone of these people. There are many farms that raise their livestock with respect and care. MANY!

  9. lol what a bunch pf propaganda to get us all hooked on big Pharma's pills and supplements and complete control of our food source
    by monsanto and all their GMOs, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

  10. There is a payment for these misdeeds and that which we harm, brings to us the harm we caused in return. The very milk we steal, the meat we eat, the eggs we take….they in turn are at the root cause of cancer, obesity and hear disease. And the evidence supporting this is undeniable. Becoming vegan is the best way to return thanks and gratitude to the earth, and in return the earth nurtures us, and our bodies. Just like it does for all the other beings in nature living harmoniously within their environments. We are not carnivores, we don’t have claws or teeth or a short digestive tract. We need to take control out of our own education, and take responsibility for ourselves and our impact on this earth.

    Nobody can make anyone change, but we always have a choice and to act on that is probably the greatest thing that anyone could ever do in their whole lives here.

  11. meats from a grass fed source are not bad for you, that is a fact. vegan for this i understand, vegan for health? no.

  12. I’ve come to discover that most people have no interest in changing their lives for the better. Being lied to is much easier. Following along with the culture, the propaganda, and the advertisements is much easier than thinking, analyzing, and formulating a deeper understanding of the world around us. Humans have an incredible capacity to think deeply about these problems and make conscious changes to better themselves, others, and the environment. The fact is that it is easier for people to not do these things. Being stupid, being ignorant, and being apathetic is easier. THAT IS WHAT HAS TO CHANGE.

  13. It always makes me angry when so called vegans feel so tolerant and cool that they say: "No I am not telling someone what to do. It's everyone's personal choice." What the …?! Since when is it a personal choice to take someone's life??!
    Vegans who say that are even worse than none vegans. Because they know everything and still say: "It's a personal choice."
    Not the murder of humans including not yet born babies and the murder of animals.
    NO to any sort of violence and killing!!

  14. I’m so glad to see UNILAD posting videos like this!! And also v happy about the positive comments!

    Everyone should also watch Land of Hope and Glory to see more about the animal rights side of this! It’s on YouTube 🙂

  15. amazing video! Ppl really need to wake up and stop pretending that it doesn't make a diffrence if they're eating meat. It is destroying the world we live in and the animals. I myself are 13 and have been vegan about a year now and vegeterian for even longer. One of the best choices I've made in my life!

  16. vegan said I was a murderer because I eat meat. man screw that stupid prick. I'm cool with people being vegan or veggie, but I abhor those really pushy vegans who try to make you feel guilty because you enjoy a bacon sarnie.

  17. I have been vegan for about 7ish months now. This gave me chills through the whole thing and i agree with it 100%.

    My mother says she agrees and supports my decision and effort for being a vegan, yet goes and then says to me that it's impossible to not live without some animal protein. maybe one day she will open her eyes and see, Her 9 year old daughter is already wanting to become vegetarian she won't let her go vegan. So i told my 9 year old sister unfortunately you will need to wait until you are older but you are moving in the right step and maybe you'll make mom see, Cause if i interfere I'll get yelled at by everyone here saying that I'm setting her up for nutritional deficiencies etc. Everyone in my family keeps trying to get me to change and consume flesh dairy and eggs it's no wonder i retaliate and get annoyed by them trying to make me change and eat eggs and dairy. Best part is my family is like ohh you don't tell us what's going on, I WONDER WHY. just my comment but i'm just peachy lol

  18. You must show signs with something like this:
    Steak = Beef = Flesh
    Chicken fillet = Hen = Flesh
    Bacon = Pig =Flesh
    Fish fingers = Fish = Flesh

  19. Thank god we are taking good care of our animals in Finland and we are not giving antibiotic food to our animals, And I think if everyone started to be vegan there would not be enough food and water for animals and humans

  20. I really don't think animals have souls. I don't think they're conscious like humans. However they feel pain. Eating and animals is killing humans. The animals are producing cancer, stress hormones, and heart problems in people. Tax dollars subsides allow corporations to get rich and destroy the environment. Down with livestock.

  21. Yes, I’m still vegan and I get enough protein. The question is are you getting enough fiber Earthling producer?

  22. “But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy” – Plutarch

  23. I remember when I was 6 I was watching my favorite tv show about animals and the tv host said: "Right now we will show you clips of foxes and how cruelty it is to kill these animals for their fur. We want to tell the children to look away. We want to show this because no channel will be showing the truth about fur or meat industries. We show this for you to decided"
    I hide under my blanket and I heard the cries of the foxes, hollow tubes sound hitting concret (I thought) And my curiosity led me to watch the cruelty of humans over an innocent life. That was the first time I cried out frustration, pain in my heart of something I couldn't do anything.
    Since then I cry everytime I watch videos of slaughterhouses. I'm happy I don't cost pain because of my diet but there will be always pain because I can't help the world to stop this.

  24. That's a great documentary. Every single thing that someone every does has an impact. The guilt of participating in a damaging industry is indeed uncomfortable. But everyone has a choice to keep participating or start paving their life into better one.

  25. 500,000+ Cardio Vascular related procedures performed each year in the United States. IT'S NOT VEGANS WHO ARE GETTING THESE SURGERIES!!! Release the Data!

  26. This is the problem, they show no real content and they dont actually interview the experts (all farmer) and why they do what they do

  27. Says animals have toxins doesnt explain nor do say what kind of toxins its just toxins wtf is this documentary

  28. these folks look crazy, say what you want about their arguments, i don't listen to druggies

  29. Vegans is showing it's ugly truth. It cannot support human life. People are leaving in droves. Vegans do more harm than good.

  30. This is so sad I can’t directly go vegan that is going to be hard I am going to go vegetarian and then when I get used to it I’m going vegan

  31. I became a vegetarian. I feel healthier. I feel better. I have seen the truth. Humans are evil.. I will try to become vegan after time. I just need to adapt. I really don't want to hurt animals. I think sometimes that the human race needs to be evaporated from Earth. We only do harm. A human will say – "I love animals", while holding their dog in their hands, but then go to the nearest meat shop and buy 1kg of pork/beef meat. And when they say – "Cut 1kg of meat for me", the same thing can go differently – "You don't need that arm, do you? We will just cut it off, you will be fine without it". The animals cannot decide for themselves. Their lives lie on the humans' decision. Let's imagine those grilled chickens you see everyday (spinning around on a large metal rods). Imagine instead of chickens, that there are humans there. If humans were slaughtered at the same pace that animals are… We will disappear from the face of Earth in just two weeks, maybe slightly more. If humans had to kill the animals by themselves, they would think differently. At least most of the human beings. They won't do it. How could someone say that they "love" animals, and on the other hand, they go and buy a piece of a DEAD ANIMAL?! That just cannot be true. Stop animal cruelty. Let's spread love and change the world. #change #vegetarian #vegan #togetherwecandoit #savetheanimals #savetheworld

  32. Yeah eating meat is #1 cause of climate change, no. What pure bullshit. Digging up 4 billion years of carbon isn't the problem, eating animals is sure dumbasses.

  33. Dead is dead. ⛬ Animals eat other animals, and people are animals. 🖤 The rest is BS. 🖤🧙‍♂️🇲🇪 Veganism is a cult for mimsy Yuppies.

  34. I have said it before you need to target Children Adults also Religion is a problem as  well believe me, I am Jewish, and people say G-d gave as the right to eat animals it is in the Bible Jewish version.

  35. I can't be vegan physically because I am allergic to all types of nuts 🌰 , sesame seeds, coconut, and chick pea s

  36. Ok im vegitarian myself but saying its not in pur nature to hurt animals is false we used to be hunter gathers we would kill animals in brutal ways to eat yea i dont like the fact of how we mass prouduce and genetically modify them but eatting meat is natural i hate the groth of meat chickens my grandpa has meat chikens and i had to help put them in a cage when they were going to be killed and i felt so bad they were so fat they could barley stand they were super sweet chikens as well so it made me really sad

  37. Umm you do realize that all mass produced animals will be endangered if we stop using them for meat they are not natural we have wild borses bread in to this buffalo bread in to cows

  38. Increase in consumption of poultry and other domestic animals left as, giving birth to a new era known as "artificial growth Steroids" for animals to develop their muscles and flesh. before the 20s century, people consumed meat for proteins. but, now we don't get proteins from animals……..all we get are chemicals and unwanted disease.

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