Meat Production, Processing and Supply Chain Management Short Course’s Alumnus Testimony

My name is Syari I’m from a private abattoir, PT Elders Indonesia I’m the quality assurance supervisor I completed a 6-week course One week of theory in TAFE South West campus in Toowoomba a five-week practice in Gympie at Nolan abattoir I have learned a lot of things The first is I learned greater understanding about a quality assurance system and skill in supervising and the second is I learned how to produce high-quality meat from the beginning until the product goes to the customer and the third is about cleaning. Cleaning the premises, cleaning the personnel and cleaning the product. I also learn more english. I have more vocabulary. I have better pronunciation. that makes it a really fun and a very fantastic program this program really helped me to do some improvements because I got a lot of knowledge from this course for example before this program, I always checked our products for the microbiological amount and after this program, the microbiological amount decreased significantly I’m sure that it will affect our product. It results in a longer shelf life it increases the quality of our product It is important because it affects the shelf life of the product It is very important for us because our market shares are hotels, restaurants and supermarkets and those customers are very smart customers there really know which is the good meat and what isn’t good. So that’s why the cleanliness of the premises, the product and the personnel are very important because failure in those three aspects can cause possible contaminants to the product when I saw the the cattle in Australia are really clean, very healthy that motivated me when I came back to Indonesia. The first thing I improved was the cleanliness of the cattle because when the cattle is clean, of course the next process will be better it takes effort to do that, to make the Improvement I met together with my team and then I showed them the pictures of the Australian plant, the Australian abattoir And so that they know, where we are. Australia is here and Indonesia is here but we have to improve, not drastically at first, but step-by-step. That’s the important thing. I have a SOP. We are already certified by SIA Global with a ISO 9001:2008 but when the Australians visited our plant, Mr. Mark and Mr. Glenn, as my mentors while in Australia, saw our SOP and they said that it needed more details so that’s why I worked on the SOP. Just make it more detailed, to make it work. Act like we are an empty glass and we are all ready to fill ourselves with the knowledge with the experience, and that’s really good for us Trust me that this program is very amazing. The trainers are very motivated, very professional, and very positive and I’m sure that Indonesia will be better

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