Massive Vegetarian Dara Singh Thali Challenge at Mini Punjab Mumbai!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” it is day two here in Mumbai of India I am still going for my first win
in India overall win number 661 today I’m at the lakeside location of the Mini
Punjab and I’m taking on their Dara Singh Thali Challenge! Now I’m here with
Nishant with restaurant he’s about to tell us everything that I have here that
I have to eat within 30 short minutes go ahead! The food weighs it all two and a
half kgs, flavours of northern India on a platter. Two drinks here you as you see
we have chart options, we have starter appetizers, mains, desserts, like you name
it and you’ve got it, basically every single thing, it’s like a mini
buffet! And they have a non veg and a
veg option, because I’m trying to be healthy, I went with the veg option
which is 1400 Indian rupees which is around 20 bucks and then the non veg
which has two meats it’s about 1,900 where I think is
around 27 American dollars but yeah I’ve got 30 minutes to finish if I win this
challenge I’m going to get it free, big thanks to the Nishant and everybody here
at the restaurants for having us here let’s get this challenge started! All right hundreds of people have come
from all around to try this challenge which looks so good! as you can see here
but it’s been featured and gone viral on a few different media outlets including
Curly Tails, which has helped on set up a lot of the challenges we’ve been doing
here in Mumbai, only one winner has completed it in the time was 29 minutes
in 38 seconds, I’ve only got 30 minutes I’ve got it shut up and eat you got to
get my first win and India! 1, 2, 3…Boom! There’s a lot of options here are a lot
of dishes but they’re all very thin so let’s get eating them! so many different flavors this is
awesome! A lot of things the and they’re very
wide but they’re not very deep, so They’re going down real easy but I’m
gonna use the tomato soup I think to eat all of these naan breads but let’s keep
going! We’re just under six minutes in these
are like a paneer or some type of cheese which looks great we’ll get this down! I’m pretty sure I just ate butter, either
way it’s gone! We’re 15 minutes
in halfway through the time limit oh we gotta get going! Thirty minutes is up
no I got my diet coke does not help I did not complete the Dar Singh Thali Challenge here at the Mini Punjab at their lakeside location Thank you guys for coming to watch and thank you for watching too!

100 thoughts on “Massive Vegetarian Dara Singh Thali Challenge at Mini Punjab Mumbai!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! I got off to a very rough start while in Mumbai, India!! There will be two more India challenge videos posting next week. Then we headed off to Bangkok, Thailand to meet up with my younger sister Shelley. This Friday's video will feature a giant ice cream challenge (doubled) at an ice cream parlor in Mansfield, Missouri near where I live. Many more awesome videos upcoming, and I'm in Shanghai, China right now filming four or five more!!

  2. Bokasur main dam tha
    Per strategy thik nehi tha
    Pahele golgappa kiu
    Bich main kao.
    Last main mitha kiu
    Bich main

  3. Main problem was combination i think, he ate whole onions and cheese, butter very early, and where was diet coke when he wanted, people were cheering around looked funny.

  4. You just had a bad strategy Randy. You ate the foods in a wrong combination and that’s what killed it. Better luck next time.

  5. Lol I can only imagine what are dipping sauces and not. Americans are so embarrassing in other countries that is so Amazing!!! So blessed!!!

  6. Lmao 7:03 look at cha man 😂😂 he like come on man he all in to it. Don't know what he feel like 😂😂❤❤

  7. Wow I did not expect that good episode!!! Great job yeah!!!!!!! 👏👏👏 that was a good one. It had a twist

  8. I could see the annoyance in Randy’s face, when he was trying to drink anything for that bread. Cause someone was slacking on getting that Diet Coke out there

  9. U took the wrong turn when u said u gonna eat breat with soup and at the very beginning starting with golgappas😤

  10. This thali is nothing infront of #matt stonie famous youtuber.. Who have eaten 22lbs of food.. Any doubt cgeck his youtube videos. 😂

  11. Indians scammed you, they rigged it so you'd lose and with the diet coke they intentionally took forever to bring it out. you did fail yes but Indians are they'r shitty scam artists trash that live in a shit hole country. you should have had better strategy. sometimes it's okay to lose and I love watching you pout when you lose.

  12. you talk way too much. you could have won this probably if you followed your own shut up and eat policy. when are you gonna learn?

  13. #Randy Santel you should have ate the bread with those curries it would have been easy cuz it would taste great together

  14. He said "1400 rupees" and made it look so expensive…
    But then said "Nah,it's just 20 bucks"
    And made it look cheap…. 😂

  15. Indians are clever ppl and business mind. Not possible to do this big challenge in 30 minutes. Maybe only few ppl can achieve but they'll end up all paying from their own pocket. Give at least 40/45 minutes

  16. He completed the challenge but I'm sure didn't enjoy the taste and the beautiful flavours of it 🙌😂 … Anyways great work 🔥🤙

  17. Whenever time is involved in food chalenge!! Rule number 1 don't talk just eat!! Repeat rule number 1!! coke with that thali is a no no!!

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