Maruyama Gyoza Restaurant : orgie de gyoza à Koenji (Tokyo) !

Hey guys! It’s La Vie Du Riz! Good evening! Tonight we are taking you to Maruyama, our favorite Gyoza restaurant in Koenji. It’s really good! Let’s go eat! -Come on! Kanpai! Kanpai! So in this restaurant, you have different sorts of gyoza and each one goes with a particular sauce The meat and onion gyoza go with a soy sauce with some ginger The ginger and meat gyoza go with a sesame based sauce to which you had some rice vinegar soy sauce and finally some hot spices The miso gyoza.. -Shiso! -Sorry, Shiso gyoza will go with regular soy sauce The… -Steamed Gyozas -Steamed ones will go with this sort of mix, we don’t know what’s it but it’s absolutely delicious, probably the best one It’s the best sauce, just remember that! You have to eat this sauce You should even drink it! And at the end they make a broth out of it a chicken broth It’s really good, especially in winter when it’s really cold! Warms you up! That’s perfect! It’s summer now! Yeah, too bad! But anyways it’s still delicious! This video is actually shot during winter.. Hence the t-shirt! It’s really hot in Japan! We really love this restaurant because here you can try out different types of gyozas compared to shops in France
where you have like one sort of gyoza the usual…pork and oinion one Sometimes you have cabbage ones, or vegetables And also, in this restaurant here
there are only local people Which makes it different
from all the touristy restaurants Also, it’s really cheap! You can have 6 gyoza for 400 yen max! 500 yen max! So like, less than 4 euros So that was our favorite gyoza place in Tokyo So if you liked it and want to see more videos don’t hesitate to like and share! See ya!

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  1. おいしいそううう ! Cool la vidéo mais j'ai faim maintenant ! Est-ce qu'il y a des gyozas au poulet ou au boeuf dans ce restaurant ?

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