33 thoughts on “Mario Maker – A Dish Best Served Mole'd | My Horrible Troll Level (I'm Sorry)

  1. why is poo so much louder than u in this, i have to keep turning it up to hear you and down every time you cut to him yelling

  2. This video just popped up in my recommendations again… Carl's "I'm glad I got [trolling] out of my system" at the end there sure hasn't aged well. And we're all the happier for it.

  3. until i saw this i always thought "off brand ryukahr oh well might be almost as good" but shit this troll level is so great and evil you got my respect

  4. Ryukahr was able to cheese some of your troll rooms and get easy stuff. Its amusing watching the difference in play between you and other people. For him, the cloud spinies were the hardest part for Poo's level.

  5. Coming back to this vid now that SMM2 has been announced and Carl saying this in 26:36 is so accurate, if the community is in a good spot right now, it´s going to get even better and wilder, love you Carl, greetings from Mexico.

  6. 26:40 "nintendo will release a new version for the switch"
    it only took them two and a half years 😀

  7. If any one ever says “I’m gonna trust Carl.”
    Just quote JonTron.
    “You could do that, you could… but why? Why would you do that?”

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