38 thoughts on “Making a Damascus Kiritsuke (Chef's Knife)

  1. I have a question. Why did you grind the hollow on the right side? The reason for the "s grind" is that the vegetables don't stick on the blade while cutting. So imho the hollow should be on the "beveled" side. The left side in this case… I like the whole work but this makes no sense imho.

  2. Hey buddy I’m trying to get a new chef knife and why not a handmade one , I’d like to talk to you about it maybe you can make me one

  3. Small tip for putting the nail varnish on. Cut a small groove in a scrap of wood. Couple of pull strokes with a saw will do it. Put the nail varnish in the groove and then pull the knife through it. Nice even level coat.

  4. I thought that first ball peine was a mite light, but HOLY COW.. that sledge will put hair on your chest. So far, I like it and I have little doubt that Im going to be more than just mildly impressed with the finished product. Will this knife hold an edge long?

  5. I think you will get a lot cleaner polish on the edge if you clean your work station better after each grit I think your cross contaminating between them

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