43 thoughts on “MAKING A CHEF'S KNIFE!!! PART 1

  1. Hey Alec im getting married this year and I would like to give my wife a verynice present and she likes sharp objects so I was hoping that you could help me to create a blade that would put a smile on her face

  2. I live in Brooklyn nyc, theres a super hot ex model who makes chef knifes from farrier rasp, charges atleast 1500 us for generic knifes, and 5000us for custom….that knife you made with excellent handles and curves and feeling you blow her outta water, that's a fuckinh 10000 us knife bro. If you just spent more refining

  3. @Alec Steele, If you use a rubber band around them at 8:37 you should be able to keep them all square. maybe put a small cube at the end of the chevron.

  4. One of your greatest strengths is seeing and admitting your faults. It's really inspiring and translatable to all things in life.

  5. Moreko.. was that the guy that was on forged in fire? He came in second even though everyone thought he should have won

  6. Headed over from Fireball Tools channel to see what this channel was like. The fast cut style of editing and endless yammering totally turned me off. Frankly if you weren't so good looking I wouldn't have even watched to the end

  7. How did you ever make knives in England?
    They are banning kids scissors now.

    Is that why you moved to the land of the free?

  8. hi alex ive been watching the Heat treatment video you featured in on the real engineering channel. I have a question about carbon. Can charcoal be used as the carbon addative to turn iron to steel and also can hydrocarbon be used

  9. ok what im literally your doppelganger. same glasses, same color hair, front tooth gap, i just have freckles.

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