21 thoughts on “MAKING A CHEF'S KNIFE!!! FINISHED! Part 7

  1. suggested improvements and technique changes for the next time…. fold the initial billet once of twice to give more striations and possibly more undulations.. two I think dunking the wooden handle into water only fouls the sanding media far more rapidly than expected, use less of a bolster and more wood.. the wood you picked was amazing… the match between the blade striations and the handle should match or compliment.. that did not quite hit it for me.. also try a cooperative project, you for metal and some other disciple.. in this case a wood worker … you're very good but you're taking on too many things and not focusing on primary skill set..

  2. If this was featured in a "Halloween movie" I think this would be Michael Meyer's wet dream of a knife. Just saying. 🤣🤣

  3. Well done lad. Very educational series. I learned a lot about the craft. You have the most well stocked shop I’ve seen yet. From one ginger to another

  4. Uma pena que é chato pra caralho, porém bastante conhecimento, técnica e equipamentos. Mas muito chato e infantil.

  5. Holy, that was the nicest looking damascus knife I have seen, I look forward to making one myself in the near future. Thanks for all the great content, your work is truly inspiring and is uplifted due to your terrific personality and way of going about your work. Keep up the great work

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