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-We’re gonna make gnocchi, okay?
“Nee-acki”? “N-yokey”? “Ne-yokey”?
“N-yawkey”? How do you say it, Virginia? -“Naw-key.”
-“Naw-key.” Anyways, we’re gonna
make gnocchi, okay? All right. We’re here.
It’s “The Cooking Show.” [ Applause ]
What up? Thank you… [ Slurring indistinctly ] I’m slurring my words, and I
haven’t started drinking yet. Mmm. We’re gonna make gnocchi today. Now, “What is that?” you ask.
I’ll tell you. They’re like little, pillowy
potato dumplings, Italian variety. Although, from what I hear, they actually originated
in the Middle East. You’re welcome,
from my people to yours, for the Middle Eastern side
of it and the Italian side ’cause I am both
Middle Eastern and Italian. The kind of potatoes we’re gonna
use are Yukon Gold. You can also use russets. The point is, you want to use
a starchier potato. We’re going to boil these whole
with their skins on. I’m gonna season this
with a little bit of salt. While we wait for that
to come to a boil, we’re going to
just whisk up this egg. We are doing a very simple
variation, okay? It’s just potato,
flour, egg, salt. The sauce that we’re gonna do is gonna be sausage,
cream, and kale. Ah! We’re gonna go out
to the garden today to get kale. I forgot about that.
It’s gonna be fucking cold. Yeah, it’s 34 degrees outside. Should we pick the kale now
while we wait for this to boil? Yeah, let’s do it.
-Yeah. -Let’s do it. Come on. Oh, it’s cold!
Look it. And you can see, like,
the frost just came through, and it’s not —
oh, but the kale is so hardy, it’s fine. It’s fine. We’re gonna cut
some of this kale. Over here.
We got to get more. That’s enough, right?
What do you think, Rachel? -Yeah, that’s enough.
-Let’s go back inside. We got enough now. Let’s go. ♪♪ -Aah!
[ Laughs ] -Just kidding.
[ Laughs ] And now we warm ourselves up with a liquid blanket
and the fire. You can put as much
or as little as you want. We’re gonna remove it
from the stems, put that into there. I like to use the stems
because they’re super edible. Let’s not waste from the garden,
you know? This has been soaking. There’s something so satisfying
about that. A little salad-spinner action. Let’s check on our potatoes. It’s been about
20 or so minutes. Knife goes right into it
very easily. Whoo!
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. Hot potato.
Ready? Hot potato.
Come here. Hut! -Oh.
-It’s not that hot, huh? Whoo! Oh. [ Laughter ] -Can’t get away.
-Damn it. All right.
That’s still fine. Ha! [ Clicks tongue ]
Okay. We’re getting to the portion
of the gnocchi making where we’re gonna
rice our potatoes. This is a ricer. So it has nothing to do
with rice at all. Now, you’re probably
sitting there wondering. You’re like,
“What the heck’s a ricer?” Put it in just like that. The idea is that the skin is not
gonna go through the hole, so you don’t have to peel it. I like to peel it because
I don’t want to get all that skin stuck in there. Isn’t that cool?
It is really satisfying. Do you want to try?
Have you ever done this? No?
You’re like, “No, I’m gonna sit over here
with the headphones on.” Ian doesn’t want to participate. Impossible.
Look at that — all these nice, little
uniform pieces. We’re not overworking
our potato. This is gonna help us achieve
really fluffy and light gnocchi. The flour, salt, and one egg —
that all goes right in, and now
roll up your old sleeves, take a drink
of your little glass of wine. Got to get started.
What y’all just said? Sicily? -Sicily.
-Mm. For those of you
playing along at home, whenever you hear that word,
take a drink. -Sicily.
-Sicily. See? Drink again. So I’m kind of just kneading
this together very gently, get it off your old fingers. This is pretty wet dough. We’re gonna make it into
a nice little thing like this. Bench scraper.
You could use a knife. You’re gonna break it
into four pieces, roughly equal. Okay?
Gonna put down my bench flour. All right, and then what
I’m gonna do now is I’m going to take this, and I’m gonna roll it
gently into a rope. So you start from the middle,
using your fingertips. You want to be really light.
You don’t want to, like, manhandle it and roll it out
or get real tough with it, and it doesn’t have
to be perfect. The good thing
about this kind of dish in particular and a lot of,
I think, Italian cuisine, is that it can be rustic.
It doesn’t have to be — I’m not, you know,
Michelin star over here. We’re home cooks,
so it will be good. This is gonna be delicious
no matter what. It’s better to have it look
a little wonky than to be overworked.
People are gonna love it. It’s gonna taste delicious.
All right. About a two-foot-long rope,
and then — ’cause I’m gonna take this. And I’m flouring this
just so it doesn’t stick. Just like that. Just like that. Just like that.
Look at this. They can be bigger or smaller.
It doesn’t really matter. Keep them spread out.
You’re putting them on a parchment paper-lined
baking sheet. Virginia, do you want
to try making some? -Sure.
Like this? -Yeah. -It’s okay if you feel it
cracking a little? -That’s fine. There you go.
Beautiful. -Even it out.
-Yeah, that’s great. Easy peasy.
Look at that. -Oh, that’s satisfying. -Those little ridges — that’s
gonna help hold the sauce. You want to try with that?
-Mm-hmm. -Good job.
-Thank you. -These look amazing.
Do you need a glass of wine? -No, I’m okay.
-Where are you not from? -I’m not from Sicily. -You’re amazing. Thanks.
-Thanks, Virginia. -This guy —
the old enabler over here. Our favorite — sausages. All right. Breaking up our sausage.
We’re gonna cook it down. Make sure you have
your wine handy. Multi-tasking —
that’s what women do best. -[ Laughs ]
-The modern woman. We’re gonna thinly slice up our kale stems
we did not get rid of. Totally edible. It’s great.
Add a shallot. So we’re just gonna thinly
slice it just like that. We’re gonna add our garlic
just like that. This is all gonna go in, same with our butter,
same with our kale stems. This is gonna take
some time to soften. Don’t forget your chili flakes. I’m adding the chili flakes now
so that it kind of flavors it. Just a touch of water
helps loosen up all that goodness at the bottom. We’re gonna add in our cream
right on in here. Yes, it is 2 cups of cream, and, no, I don’t recommend
using anything else. Just deglazing the pan. We’re gonna bring it
to a simmer. You don’t need to season this. Like, don’t season it right now. Wait till the end because
if you season it now, it’s gonna concentrate
the flavor even more and be really salty.
Okay, this is almost done. I’m gonna get the gnocchi
real quick. I’m gonna turn this down.
Whoop! So we’re gonna do it
in two batches. I didn’t flour this because
what I’m gonna do right now — I’m gonna take it,
lower it all in there. Whoop! It’s only gonna take
about 2 minutes or so, and once they float,
I’ll wait another 30 seconds. We’re gonna add our kale
right in here. These bad boys are done. Oh, don’t forget
I seasoned the pasta water. You didn’t see me do it before,
but I did. Salt. Look at that.
That is beautious, And it’s good to go.
Look at this. Oof!
So steamy and delicious. We’re gonna plate some up. There we go. Mmm. Mmm. It’s so good. We have a really light, fluffy,
easy potato gnocchi. For the recipe,
click the link below. Please enjoy this.
I hope you like it. Good luck to you. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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