Legoland Hotel Tour Indoor Playground with Amusement Park for Kids

this Legoland Japan are you scared let's go Ryan you here is that you what are you making now which one do you think is the coolest that looks pretty cool waiting but the ninja yeah your favorite person right here that looks pretty cool Ryan did you fart oh wow welllook planned he looks like a bad guy a samurai Patrol got it you got it whoa a big playground let's go Laser laser beam I don't know I guess we have to find out you're fine what's up here but you're not scared anymore not even good job oh you got it yes oh I know the way out first fall I don't know Ryan's gonna fall yeah yeah okay guys you have five minutes to see who can build something the best ready get set what are you shooting star shooting star yeah and we let them build for a couple minute we're gonna go out and check this out we see the Dragons behind look at the dragon whoa over there that looks yummy three minutes what is that daddy did you change it bigger Oh big shooting star okay all right daddy with a shooting star Ryan has two more minutes are you done one more minute done all right you guys right okay so here's Ryan's truck here's our truck that's a good idea I like that hey that's pretty good I transform it wreck into anything you want Oh peace ship it's a snap whoa that's kind of cool of daddy Ryan got a snapper spaceship and daddy shooting star oh you guys let us know who won Oh okay [Laughter] [Laughter] there's a little wheel thing where you can spin to see if you can get a person yeah I think it's like this let's see who can make the best creation well Ryan's already starting why you guys gonna follow each other free looking make it look like I'm making tower mom either I don't know why she's making the secret ryan sooo good I guess it wasn't really strong keep breaking it time is running out five four three two one time's up like barely anything I have to invite everyone baby dragon so diet compared to your shoes Lego I love Legoland oh yeah really cool and they have a toy store some blind bags some summer clothes t-shirt Oh cute little bear and of course Lego oh there's a pirate chaplain that's really cool you can build up and then you can play chess there's a carousel there's a diner whoa Pirates of the Caribbean a London bus a ship so many different type of Legos yeah protect your hand you were under arrest for what for being awesome oh are you stuck it's okay it's fixable oh there's a pirate sword let me get a princess one I like that one this one oh this is ninja star one that's really cool does it work yeah ooh and you can build a person here there's like body part there's so many heads friends gonna build a person billions of oh there's hair look at this for so many different hairs and there's like little weapon yeah what did you build okay oh he's he has two weapons oh the same weapon yeah that's really cool all the different Lego figurine let's go ahead sobbing Darwin we're gonna do the treasure box huh yes I give us clues in order to open up this one-page treasure chest right here how many telescopes are there on the floor in the room no telescope here yeah Brian one telescope okay nothing in there I'll be found is that wine telescope aren't you guys see any other telescope let us know that's right yeah to telescope okay that telescope looks like it's on fire okay kit the handles looks like fire any other telescope let's do that pillow and see well let's go wait I think all we all we have is – Ryan – for telescope what's the next one how many crabs are there on the floor and the wine with a lot – crab three three crabs three so far crabs looking for crabs good for crabs okay Orion over here five so five craps Oh Gloria now four five five okay all right what's number three Oh how many green diamonds aren't there on the wall and the kids while we're in the kids room now we're looking for green diamonds where uh-huh there it is okay so one two green diamonds three good green diamonds good that's it Ryan okay so three green diamonds three three it can't last one how many souls are there on the bed side panel yeah okay so bedside panel see any one to ATM around Ricky three anything any skulls you guys see any skulls no the secret code is two five three three okay all right all right I'm gonna turn it to five three three we did it wrong yeah but does it work so we put two five three three and it didn't work so that means one of this is wrong and I think we found it you kids already know mommy thought a torch was a telescope yeah so I thought this one was a telescope but I guess daddy said it has fire so it's a torch it said not to I'm sorry so it's not a telescope so we only found one telescope not to I'm gonna change the number instead of two telescopes yeah it's 1 so it is 1 5 3 3 can I try that here's that hope it works yes I'm like Oh floss another like robot what's inside those oh so they give you a lego space well Ryan good thing we got some Lego mini pieces here that we can open we put in those boxes so this is a close second in jogo version what did you get it's like obviously you got like some sort of dog house what is is a rocket ship Shh so here's what you look like so far oh dude here's what you let's lie through this what you guys think whoa a head fell under the bed are you okay oh it's an old Ninjago it's like grandpa mm-hmm so I got some corn flakes okay what is this is his hair I don't know what that is so we got his leg his little hat here he needs arms oh no guys we lost the arm we found all the parts here I'm gonna put it together for us kids I got Sensei Wu Sensei Wu what is that he trained all the ninja oh and look someone on the move me he cannot see really he's a blind someday when we can see the movie oh he's right here yeah that's what we got look office the other ninjas are on there you're the bad guy that's the bad guy that's pretty cool there it is Yemen is cornflake yeah why does he have cornflakes really next mini fingers again what is all this okay oh so Lego block person oh yeah you're right here's his Lego body okay and then here's his hair Brian's putting it together super easy there it is it's so funny it's a good Lego person in a Lego suit holding a Lego block now another minifigures yeah what is this one oh look at the funny hair look at this punk rock hairstyle oh look at the face yeah fun days argh and here's the body heals your body and what is this a hammer or hammer and I think he uses it right so Ryan's gonna put it together using the one you can collect I think the one we got is this one right here Jesse sighs that one right there there it is the punk rock oh and we also bought this one that's the shooting star guy dr. George yeah so there it is Ryan ninja so that's the target practice her hand like this yes bra oh it's just a little dart Keith it doesn't hurt ya wow I'm try try against the wall let's see true ninja now we're gonna play hide and seek daddy's gonna see ya cover my eyes turn around okay weird weird okay why are we high under the the cushion the cushion the question okay I won't doubt daddy okay all right can you find him it's just a fridge anything Ryan right now nobody's here bathroom no no no master and he's a good hider daddy no you'll never find him only one place left anything nothing there okay right you ready to find daddy yeah okay one two I have to close your eyes close your eyes six seven eight nine ten right ready or not daddy Ryan's coming where's daddy daddy daddy you think daddy's in the same place maybe he's up there check up there daddy you up here no I'm out here it looks pretty big Ryan yeah what oh it's a trick it's a decoy all right here now Brian I really think he's under here [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Oh No Oh Ryan Titan to the rescue come on Ryan yeah you can get to it what combo red Titan gosh Legos I'm building something for easily Chloe totally against flamer on the bed you guys know connecting that half in the other half all right let's see Deena fail either go on center Runyan uploading at work Rex family restaurant this welcome what's inside what do you have there ice cream ice cream vanilla smell hold on you better hurry up and eat it ooh and look at this mmm a giant ice cream let's see what they have for food of course they have jelly I think you and jelly dessert it's yummy beat that Brian's favorite pizza chicken nuggets there you go another one get only one slices being collected today there now three slices have here vegetable tray to eat look at this label fries their shapes in love Legos good Cheers my food I don't even need attention I know it's okay there you go okay this one more okay all right yeah thank you all right so we're gonna stick the stick here there we go hey Ryan yeah whoa Wow there we go there you go all right then you can put some sprinkles on it if you want gravity is a churro or maybe this where we get to any this Molly's gonna dig that yeah stick it in can you ready we're gonna yeah and right mm-hmm all right it's gonna try his good right when you walk there's a giant motorcycle yeah we gonna go on this ride we're going to battle when you say that let's beef against budget mommy I don't know which one is our pirate though you get one cannon I get another cannon oh and monkey I'm gonna get you Ryan yeah [Applause] [Laughter] okay next Ryan's gonna ride the dragon are you ready oh angry yeah hi how was the ride Brian's gonna shoot some water there's a ship coming right are you ready Ryan Bunny exactly banana whoa there's also this dragon here what you're hiding some Legos are they special edition Lego is that why you're hiding it there's a robot driving now we're gonna stop by Cora pizza buffet whoo what what they're serving you your book we do what did you eat what is those things it was swimming swimming Oh guys be careful their charm this place it's cool looks like you're underground Oh leggo token huge here different sort of pizza here when job space how dangerous names of tuna and corn okay okay so Ryan just got some pizza but the pizza is good ya know maybe so I got beat science beginning Hey look baby he's looking for treasure hi and here's a strident whoa look at that a submarine wrapped in an octopus you want to go there No I'm re right here the shark again what is this you used to go on that one so Brian used to ride these but now he's too big so he's gonna go to the real driving one you ready it's for six years old and bigger so he's finally we can ride it there [Applause] Ryan found Frank using an artist in a mad scientist they're gonna park there blow Rowan how do you feel about it so far he's using a blue please charming to snake he's playing it we're going to play at this awesome playground look at it super huge Hey okay there you go go this way and then you turn around big you go down when I soaked up guess we'll go up again passage driving the car you wanna hide okay go ahead Ryan hi and we're gonna get him okay where we in the hive it's a big right Brian where are you Oh mommy's coming Tiffany's doing the c-spine look the peace sign Ryan can you show the peace sign there you go like that sighs hey here we're a Supply Company City Oh – oh look at this tower the TV tower Sapporo TV tower okay look very cool through station okay oh wow look the helicopter moves look at this temple where [Applause] [Applause] Oh what bigger than I thought I know that's right yesterday we went to Tokyo Station try the bullet train that tokenization oh wow look at this Ryan it moves what it is that's really cool Maurice they take you to the gift shop Wow remote control look at this at this place we need a display like this because mi can't keep ranking all the ones that you design Oh fine a police motorcycle that's so cool so that motorcycle is catching grandma grandma she's up to something bad Ryan same speeding ticket she's speeding criminy hey we found a car you're driving leggo Duke below yeah – Club Ali what can you do here Legos when there's the playgrounds okay [Applause] found a seesaw we found a horse good job you did it King Kong vs. Godzilla this one's cool it goes all the way up yeah yeah yeah so Ryan and daddy's gonna ride this ride here go all the way up requirements are satisfied [Laughter] good luck [Applause] are you scared [Applause] so it's going to be a lots of Lego toys in there their Star Wars here you guys like Star Wars and over there to this Legoland says see you next time so how much Legoland for the five yeah we got this at a Legoland toy store it is a snack from Japan and a yellow one is horse yellow one yeah so it said Ryan can have one toy but he said he rather wanted a snack instance is it like a rice cake or what is it looks like chocolate and biscuit biscuit buck chocolate oh okay so one is chocolate so much I mean maybe this is white chocolate yeah is it okay yeah this one is a white chocolate instead let's see if it's any better what you think it's good okay we just came back for hotel room Ryan didn't really prep dinner so we got in some sandwich in our eyes yeah and daddy how is your leg of an experience thank you so much for joining our video bye you can get your own lion's roar boys in clothing mama and there are so many toys including giant and sometimes wine putty squishy Ryan's molecules giant squishies all about son blaster plus an action figures or vehicles along Bravo Panda got the gummy Gator look my family destiny don't forget to subscribe the buttermilk shoo fly shoo

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