Legoland Hotel Pirate Room Tour Kids Amusement Park!!!!

[Applause] all right no oh look at the torch move is an indoor playground we can go to later Judah looks like there's some Lego so more oh you use that Lego there and then you and then you make stuff there if we can have a contest later to see who wins Oh pirate bed woo be careful the lizard feels good up here hey there's a pirate lady don't look at me when I'm sleeping that's not nice what cut up Here I am hmm there's a rat over there and there's a pirate over there looking at you behind me press this button there we go ah so bright usually their lights from Japan that just oh yeah they're not here all right let's get down Oh Rhino sword there's a sword in the water you can write it down I don't want to hit that don't mommy I'm gonna warn you you might fall on me I'm gonna go ah there you go what do I do so high I'm just kidding you should always just use the stairs hey what's on this side you can just chew and relax and that yeah I'm looking at you and there's a crab over they won't look you don't look we're trying to relax privacy please privacy right Owen there's a pirate ship over there the walls cracked so and there's more Lego as we can play in a vase me out of Lego made out of Legos in a telescope made out of Lego I know what else is here of course the bathroom and there's a pirate I rot see what's over here this is where we take a shower no potty you have to hold it in find it what is that you don't crawl it up too much okay oh yeah this is mommy and Ryan's bed like at this awesome pirate bed daddy Wow it looks really cool it's like don't look at us when I'm trying to sleep I know can you see the part let's see what we got all right you see that Legoland Japan park over there three billion people yeah you think what you think yeah well here's a chair you can relax and here's a mirror hi and there's the stuff up there that's really cool everything out of Legos inside a bottle of whoo that's good I'm gonna do a challenge I'm gonna get from here all the way to the other bed without touching the word on the floor okay let's see if he can do it only touch the item so you can only touch the items like these items here okay go ahead Oh Oh be careful whoa whoa yeah checkpoint okay make it to the bed down the restaurant once you get close to it open I really oh that's a toothbrush where the restroom is that and keep on just looking at you while you do your business my hair loopies laughs right oh yeah all of the kits are Legoland theme to right look what here is dental care I know everything is Michael and I got toothbrush that's like real and themed got some shampoo and conditioner and Body Wash her leg Oh Lorraine and also give us a special like a lamp case it is Legoland JEP and hotel so it's like a special edition but I can only get it here for real yeah this is a special level right yeah I mean we can get it here and you get three of them yeah cuz it's three of us you can't everything is like ol ain't even the phone look pirate themed let's bring a billion people so we can have what is your sense right all three of us can sleep here look mommy can see there Ryan you can sleep here and daddy can sleep here what do you think daddy are you ready to battle huh let's battle against jo soares who's winning who's winning here Ryan Ryan's winning call him let me start throwing pillow Oh No looks like a Ryan the winning pick Bob on the bed Oh Oh No you surrender surrender mommy laughs okay I win right here this is my white flag I surrender are you ready to go to the water park yes just kidding but we're taking are you ready cut it like a Land Park let's go home it's our first day in Lake Omega 3 woke up oh I know you're excited to go to the amusement park no looking it's weird that's all wait what is the rule the elevator here alright we're gonna play a little bit of Lego for two three minutes oh this is cool look at the little whale right yeah or I don't know whatever did a good job that's good we're swimming look at this whoever did this Oh foxy foxy yes I know they have like an indoor playground here that's pretty cool Ryan look what is she serving what is that what is she serving over there looks like solid salad or oh yeah that's pretty good he's serving away you know the Frick family restaurant look this over there let's go say hi right quick evening you can serve as something yummy yeah he's making what is he making spaghetti al pasta we're home let's go pasta all right let's go eat let's see what they have on the menu for breakfast for breakfast see what they have you for breakfast whoo subside dishes this is not typical American breakfast food from ham and cheese rinds eating so far where's all your vegetables that hidden dad was gonna get you something okay and this is what I'm eating and daddy's getting more food for Ryan so that's what he's eating so far we're back in the first floor anything new we haven't seen saying some of these artworks are cool you they are so creative those are pyramid somebody made that's really a rainbow oh yeah oh I made a little car over there so guys I just finished evening in that time so now nurse Lee please click on one of these videos where I enjoy more fun you

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