butl idiom initial machine hello and welcome to my channel I'm Cindy in this video you're going to learn some restaurant vocabulary in French so before you go to a restaurant you want to book a table reserved a in pebble Z they'll be interval to book a table come on D come on D to order let's get let's get the menu here are the different courses no tree no tree the starter loop la possible loop la possible the main meal Lu this air loo this air the dessert booth Irish wedgie booth Irish wedgie this translates to are you ready to order but word-for-word it would translate to have you chosen food every term in a good every terminate have you finished the Buddha head ravu Dre I would like live upon the pond I'll have Rosi very Tonya or if your lady lucy vegetarian I'm a vegetarian loose with a logic a loose with a logic ah I'm allergic to loose idiomatic usage erotic I'm diabetic in worsen in worsen a drink and Velva and veiled over a glass of wine where do you go home and well do judo have a glass of orange juice I'll avoid a levert cheese when talking to several friends li tian li tian cheese when talking to one friend Navion levy on the meat so when you're in a restaurant you may be asked how you want your meat coat so here are the options señor señor we're up 1 up 1 medium rare Bianchi Bianchi well done and of course if you live in an english-speaking country you know Regina this one Bon Appetit Bon Appetit enjoy your meal Luo silver blue silver the waiter lesser good la service the waitress and the most important guy bleu chef Liu chef the chef may complement chef Mei complement or chef my compliments to the chef and the dreaded one logician ladies 'i'm the bill and Papua and Papua a tip difference the fume a difference the fume a no smoking I hope you found this lesson useful if you did please give it a thumbs up and share it and if you still have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the comments that's what the comments are for if you're new to my channel I'd love to have you subscribe I upload new videos regularly and if you'd like to follow me on social media all the links are in the description thanks for watching bye


  1. Hayer fuímos a una reunión con amigos y estuve con una maestra de Escuela que enseña franses y Le
    Le hablamos algunas cosas que nos has enseñado y Le encanto
    Gracias, gracias, gracias

  2. Todos los días aprendo contigo Cindy y te Estoy recomendando por lo bien que enseño
    Me gusta la claridad de tu voy y que vaz despacio y repites el final de la palabras ,
    Cuando se pronuncia y como entonarlas tan pronto appendage frances te escribo en frances
    Muchísimas gracias. Merci beaucoup!

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