Last to STOP Eating Their COLOR Food WINS $10,000 Challenge *BAD IDEA* 🖤💙💛💜| Piper Rockelle

oh my god did you throw up to keep eating what do you think be good up but better watch this video today so feet you're still boring did what you told me I went to public did change you got more approving yeah you went to boarding school got more boy so I'm gonna give you guys five seconds five would you pick for five seconds to like subscribe ready you could do it right here so if you just hit the screen okay like is right there last stop eating one but the last one to stop eating that color food wins you want ten thousand you want alright well then eat as much look at real money real money real money all right so we are going to give you two other colors and the last is stop eating that color will win $10,000 thank you you don't get on this challenge yeah you are too rich likes the most I'm gonna think of what she likes the most thank you goods you can get purple potatoes good luck are you kidding well you're wearing that's actually a really good color that's kind of why I were young it's like psychologist Patrick March Claire smart Frank wait wait whoa Frank okay right right he wore red wait where's Gavin who's this guy my garden just me I'm a person all right so now I'm gonna pick me up I grew so let me you I don't need to only be able to eat what do you know I don't have to eat that much no you have to you have to eat as much as you can so we are going to get five minutes to pick our colors foods so I'm gonna have to like pick a bunch of black do that what what foods are black like other than black bears like brownies yeah that's way to our chocolate down good luck guys okay I'm super nervous to this challenge because I've never done like the last two challenge but I'm feeling pretty confident with my color I'm gonna try and get like bananas things like I have to eat black comment down below stuff let's black like what I'm in Atlanta chips like they make back black um they don't make like chips okay I know Tostitos the black ones what this is gonna be so hard but let's go I'm not gonna eat cold thank you very much alright I already have something planned I'll just eat both of my shoes Sophie don't eat your shoot beluga eat food grapes grape soda there's a lot of purple food I guess whatever it's been a while I need some money we both can share how to left run you can have the right shoot so I gotta eat blue that's the color this guy I don't know what a blue I have blueberries um that's last option on this popsicle we can just sit there and look sad and wait I have an idea what if I what am i what if I change the system what if I get any any food right blue coloring my color another thing I don't know I didn't come up with these rules okay let's just go shop you got five minutes to get as many stuff you can no blue food coloring so my color is black and black he's one of the hardest foods to fight so I'm thinking like they're chocolates I don't know Oreos alright come on come on five minutes let's go black Seri no because they don't have that oh my gosh I'm so much more to get like what if I don't get all of it at a time let's go this is actually pretty good because I mean every candy or chocolate is kind of black so only dark let's go let's go blackberries now I need like a drink to wash all this stuff down you know what I'm getting more blackberries or no blueberry those are blue like she's eating only the color black oh so she's got some black items but do you know anything else that she could eat like a drink you know any black drinks like we got blackberries make you a smoothie with like smoothie smoothie yes awesome let's do it let's go let's go find smoothing me let's go guys I don't know what to feel like I have to run all the way to the store black-black me oh my god guys oh God okay alright so I found I couldn't find chocolate understand you have one minute one minute probably that's a lot of food it's enough to last an hour or two okay you think you only need an hour no what's up guys it's Sophie I got my purple shoes in my chair and I only have five minutes to get a bunch of purple food so I better go well she I don't know Frank everything she touches is boring okay well Frank Frank ready got it so bring little chips what yeah don't shake that don't shake that careful careful but what else can we give your grapes Sophie all right come on let's just go let's just go it's fine I will be shaken up it's we're snacks you can only eat the purple ones in there that's fine you can get what you can only have the purple ones they are purple they're purple grapes helping you out here you have a teammate they're purple yeah that sounds Oh God Sophie Sophie loaded up let's go we only got blue so you got three minutes Sophie you got to clean it up Sophie okay okay we gotta go get though great Sophie's back Frank we have to like Sophie's okay did the challenge guys I'm not really stressed about this I know I got five minutes but I have two main things lemonade legs chips but whenever you have a bag of chips do you ever stop no and chips usually make you thirsty so I'm at lemonade this is a perfect color yellow everywhere let's get this started work is blender a car but really Frank all right what is this ring and it's like of epic hard butters Frank thinks butters a carb mean girls all right let's go you're running out of time here and you still haven't you okay Frank time Claire you're running out of time you still need chips now it's time for the ships Oh Funyuns now what I'm looking for what do you want Claire hey do you think that's enough you still need your lemonade grow you're running out of time right here okay do they put the lemonade right next to the chips okay yeah and starboard some cane okay Clara what are you doing this this is not food are you eat this you're not gonna eat that come on come on do the challenge are there yellow ones there's no yellow ones there's starbursts there you go you can only have the yellows only two yellows only the yellows right quick 30 seconds player 30 seconds there's M&Ms all the way down here you got dots ten are you good I think you did pretty good yeah you were healthy and then what is this alright guys so loons gonna be pretty easy I saw a lot of little things in Walmart so tell you me that hard ready you can't eat that chair you can't eat it let's go five minutes starts now go Frank your dog anything this right yeah that's good that's clue we're shopping not working out let's go come on they're not blue all right come on let's go let's go really my favorite so I'm kind of just gonna get a smaller pack up there selling my hair oh my gosh Gavin my hair it's your family your home can you beat the Walmart alright okay come on Gavin what oh can you not get look no short chips okay I get it okay no it's cool it's cool I I get it you are running out of time okay okay Gavin go you know you don't like you very pop-tarts I'm like no joke I mean I know it yeah I mean are you gonna eat it it's up to you I want it Frank I don't think you want it wait they make blueberry Cheerios yes dude you're the luckiest lemon ever let's go Oh mix it you can only eat the blue ones all right all right that's me I see you okay okay you're right you're okay oh my gosh all kneadable work and make a meet okay you know I'm not really like gushers so you know that's a little bit doesn't act so uh let's go get some candy all right so I'm gonna get to Dum Dums but only the blue ones I don't see anything blue okay airheads you like airheads baby yeah that's all I can yeah alright very you still got time I'm just saying look I don't need time time just kisses yo I'm better than that let's go okay now what are we gonna do yeah yeah he's a poet and he didn't even know it all right guys so I'm gonna travel what I got you know we got the dum-dums we got like frosting you know I'm looking forward with the ones by these sad ones but these sour ones oh I'm so looking forward to the right to wash it all down we also got this Hawaiian Punch The Dude's Erdman super cute cool um and last but not least we have the blueberry Cheerios never tried them but they look good and we have regular blueberries which are also you know pretty good I'm really looking forward to Sean because you know fruit snacks funfetti up in airheads you know I might just do my head's in the icing all right so right now my area kind of looks depressing because everything is we got some blackberries I'm really excited for these we got some this is so exciting like I don't know if I'm just above it or like all of it I don't know and that's all I got I am NOT looking forward to this and I have a lot of chocolate a lot of unhealthy stuff yep yeah you're gonna have to have the dentist after this pajama yeah alrighty guys so I have the purple food so we have some purple chips which I did not think they're going to have and they're on the border my favorite place so and then we have a soma grape jelly and then we have fruits that are disgusting I don't even know why Frank got these like something you still have to eat this no no five-second rule that was we have this awesome cup filled with grapes and then we have some loose unsweetened applesauce unsweetened what is this Sophie you like to eat that unless you wanna go ahead lastly I have this crush sudo which I don't like soda but it's okay because I'm going to crush this challenge okay guys so you already know my strategy I am really looking forward to these ladies so I have ladies I have I have this and I have butter which I'm not looking forward to eat and I'm gonna rinse it down really like I think I'm actually gonna win all right guys so we are about to start this challenge I hope you're hungry because we have to try one of everything so let's say you had this great turn you have to eat it all the way and so the two minutes is over which that's the conundrum Julie I'm this you can't have like well if you eat something nasty like black very well you gotta take a sip you know and then like you can take a look no not chug all right everybody pick your first item that you're gonna choose okay drink isn't around but you can use your drink anytime hey guys daddy he's the rightful owner of ten grand daddy gotta be eating them you have to actually meet them eat eat eat eat those are actually sour huh wait did you seriously say it chocolate chocolate uh-huh everyone better be three two one next round next item next EP and keep e then do you like bananas no you don't like why did you get bananas okay no you can't spit it out eat it swallow it swallow it keep eating Gavin you have to keep eating you want the money you want the money these grits I need some grape juice three-two-one next round next round next round how's everyone feeling who's feeling good who's feeling good okay carry with you okay well get that fork sorry eating you gotta go go go that don't look good is it good yeah yeah that's a good one I feel like you could eat that for a couple rounds huh Sophie you keep eating it then you have I don't think they're gonna run out of food Frank I think they're gonna feel yeah cuz you only had five minutes to shop yeah I'll take it it'll be mine [Applause] okay okay all right next round Piper what are you reading this round what are you eating your have to be feeding do not stop i better see all those mouths moving hybrid I don't think you but I think Piper's kind of sick of the chocolate am i right finger beating keep eating hygiene class what I'm eating the sour patch which is really sour yeah you have to keep eating a no breaks I don't care how sore your tongue gets why are you cracking your to keep eating I don't care eat Gavin how you feeling money feel good but your mouth is blue that's cool absolute until the audience already there's a question thing about if Pinocchio said that his nose was gonna grow would you let the chair know Gavin's out yeah I keep eating keep eating keep eating you go no brakes Piper how you feeling Kevin are you trying to burn off those carbs yeah let me see your teeth are they black you see keep eating you're not eating right now I'm an eight – what okay she's still eating everyone else eating five four three two wait what are you doing oh no Piper's not doing well I can't swallow this pie but you have to eat those two minute non-stop chewing what you got Claire Mike and Ikes it's pretty bad Frank library I'm sorry up here Frank you want to try it I told you if Frank doesn't even like that how we all doing Gavin you're good Oh Gavin's good Gavin loves this yes I feel like he would actually eat this Sophie's liking this channel Piper are you okay okay don't stop eating how you doing Claire lots of candy huh challenge wonder why they're feeling because your crush and new woman okay oh wait is she what oh my god to keep eating Oh Piper guys fiber threw up what do you think guys don't try this at home okay Sophie what are you eating this round what is that oh is that sugar-free applesauce Claire what are you eating clay is just living this challenge excuse me what how you doing are you good you have to constantly be eating those you have to eat it yeah okay Sophie Sophie does not like that you have to keep going the whole time Sophie that does not count give me a bite more Sophie I don't keep eating Claire I've been okay but it's you later as your mouth seriously pull Claire's mouth is full of eminent Gavin Jim Monday I have no idea what you're saying Claire you better keep your eye on her I don't see you eating right now I'm this close to kicking me out all right two one next round it's very gross I'm gonna do some situps chocolate this challenge is hard come on Claire you're not eating this is my last item look what did you dipped your airheads in the frosting you should try that well I might be spitting oh my god show me your mouth three two one change I don't see booty I don't see you chewing it stop eating Gavin come on you guys what guy just doesn't like grape jelly great I can't have any got nothing great guys I don't like him I'm trying this at home unless you're this provisioning guys comment down below what kind of food you bacon is not a color clear how does it feel to be $10,000 richer what color would

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