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♪♪ -There is nothing more I like
than tacos, so naturally, we’re
starting our night here. This is “Drunk Eats LA.” What’s up?
I’m Sydney Yorkshire. I’m a third-generation Angelino,
and tonight, we went to El Flamin
to get some al pastor. This is my favorite taco,
and it’s really fuckin’ great. So I know people are usually
walking from place to place in this series,
but we’re in LA. It’s a little different here. We like to drive places,
and after a night of drinking, if you’re in LA, obviously,
you can’t drive yourself, so hop in a car, get to your next spot,
and do it right. It’s almost 10:45. We are on the hunt
for a dirty dog, a danger dog,
whatever you want to call that. If you’re not sure what that is,
bacon-wrapped hot dog on the side of the street. If you’re wondering why we’re
kind of driving around, it’s because we can’t seem
to find one right now. I think that’s kind of, like,
the allure of a danger dog. We’re pulling up
to a gas station, and we’re going to try one. Let’s do it. Hello. ¿Cómo estás? -Bien.
-Uno, por favor. Con todas, sí. ♪♪ ♪♪ Gracias.
¿Cuánto cuesta? -Tres. -¿Tienes cambio? Got our dirty dog. All right. This is, like,
quintessential drunk food. I mean, there’s — It’s sloppy.
Like, this is, like, where you are at the end
of the night, basically. Serrano, grilled onions and
peppers, mustard, mayo, ketchup. I told her to put
everything on it, and I just realize
they grill the bun in, like, the bacon fat,
which is pretty sick. Oh, man. That is everything you want —
salty, greasy. You got some heat
coming from the serrano, and then the mustard, like,
balances everything out. It’s almost midnight. We’ve done our tacos. We’ve done our hot dogs, and now we are
at Cole’s French Dip. It’s been here for 111 years. That is insane.
It’s a total LA institution. Let’s get some French dip. I’m really feeling this place. I think it’s really cool
that they have one of their old menus here, French dip sandwiches
for 75 cents, coleslaw, potato salad, 20 cents.
This place is pretty cool. I can feel the 111 years
nostalgia going on. We’re clearly in the right place because there is
an actual late-night menu. I want, like, whatever is, like,
the classic Cole’s French Dip. -Okay. -How is the grilled cheese
and tomato soup? -Very good.
-Let’s do that. -Yeah.
-And then, which pie is your favorite pie? -Oh, pecan. -Will you be mad
if I do banana cream? -We’ll do that.
-Okay. Can we do a banana cream?
-Okay. -Thank you so much.
-Gotcha. ♪♪ ♪♪ -Love that. You need egg white
on a whiskey sour. If someone asked me if I need
an egg white, I’m like, “Yeah.” Thank you.
You are a gem. You are my hero tonight.
-Cheers. Grilled cheese tomato soup.
-Wow, yeah. Thanks. -And we got the beef dip. That pickle on your plate
is so spicy. It will blow your head off
if you’re not careful. -Wow, okay.
-They’re homemade. They’re made with…
-What makes it so spicy? -Jalapeño, habanero,
cayenne, and mustard seed. -Wow, into it.
All right. -These are a bit spicy, as well.
-Okay. -And when you’re done,
that will cool you off. -Great.
Thanks. -You’re welcome.
-I don’t know where to start, but I guess it kind of
makes the most sense to start with the French dip because we are at a place
called Cole’s French Dip. In LA, there’s a big rivalry
between French dips. There’s Cole’s,
and there’s Philippe’s. Cole’s has been around longer,
I think, actually. I’ve had both.
I’ve had Philippe’s a ton. I haven’t been here in a while,
though. It’s very important that you get
a good amount of dippage. All right. There’s a really good chew
on the bread, and that is super important
for a French dip because you don’t want
the bread to, like, fall apart in the jus
because that would suck. You know when you roast
a piece of meat, and all the fat and juices
come out on the bottom? That is what that tastes like. I think we need to try
the pickle, though, which makes me a little nervous. It comes more at the end,
but I’m not dying, which is a good thing, I guess. Grilled cheese with tomato soup. Tell me this wasn’t, like,
your favorite thing to eat when
you were little. Let’s eat. Dunkage. Mm-hmm. ♪♪ ♪♪ There’s actually a speakeasy
here right through that door, and I feel like I need a drink
there, so let’s check it out. Hey.
How’s it going? ♪♪ What are your guys’ names?
-Jose. -Jose, Sydney.
Nice to meet you. Hey, Sydney.
-Josh. -Nice to meet you.
-You, too. -So have you guys
been here before? -Yeah, a couple times. We missed going out to dinner
in the marina with some friends that we play
ball with, so we came here. -So what keeps you
coming back to Cole’s? Like, what draws you in?
-Sweet potato fries. -Sweet potato fries.
-Pastrami. -We did not get
sweet potato fries. Pastrami, okay.
-And the pickle-back shot. -Oh, yeah.
They got amazing pickles. -Pickle-back shot. Oh, man.
-Pickle-back shot. -And pickle juice.
-Cole’s is so good that you came from the West Side
to the East Side. -Yeah. -And you braved the 10 East
to come here. Wow.
Also, you’re missing a drink. That’s not okay.
-Oh, thank you. -Cheers. I missed my food so much
that I was like, “I need to bring my drink
from the speakeasy in here,” so here it is. I have two drinks in hands. This is the Peppino, which was
actually the bartender’s choice. Let’s try it. Imagine, like, a tropical drink
but with tequila and a little more refreshing
and not, like, so much that it’s going to give you
a hangover the next day. So we’re going to finish
this off, and then we’re off
to another LA institution to cap off the night. Let’s do it. It’s just past 2:00 AM. We stayed at Cole’s for
a little longer than expected. I think that speakeasy
really got to us. We’re going to
Pacific Dining Car. It’s been around LA
for a little under 100 years which is a super long time
in Los Angeles. We are finally at our last stop. This place is
a little different, and when I say a little,
I mean a lot. It’s white tablecloth,
steak, shrimp cocktail, and it’s open
24 hours a day. This is different,
and we’re stoked. All right.
We are at Pacific Dining Car in Westlake,
slightly west of downtown LA. There’s a late-night menu,
a regular menu. Is that drink menu? -No, that’s a full
breakfast menu. -Full fuckin’ breakfast menu. I mean, [Scoffs] this is, like,
the ideal situation. All right. Cool, okay.
It’s going to be a big order. Okay?
-Sounds good. -We’re going to
do filet mignon. -How do you want that cooked?
-Medium rare. We’re going to do
shrimp cocktail, the truffled mac and cheese. We’re going to do
the Blue Crab Benedict. We’re going to do
the chocolate soufflé. What’s up?
-What’s the deal? -Do you like to hit up
other late-night food spots, or this is kind of like
your go-to? -Yeah, this is the spot
right here. -Yeah?
-Yeah. This is where we come. -Okay.
This is, like, number one. You’re like, “I’m fucked up.
I’m hungry. I need to go get something.”
This is it. -Basically anytime.
-Okay. -It’s 24 hours.
-I know. That is a plus. Yo, where are you
guys going next? -Probably a strip club. -Crazy girls.
-The strip “clurb,” up in the “clurb”?
-Yeah, crazy girls. -All right.
Cool. Me, too. [ Laughter ] Shrimp cocktail is
calling my name. Lemon, very important
on the shrimp cocktail. You need it.
All right. Here we go, a little dip. There’s something so strange
about being, like, really fucked up, but then you also have a shrimp
cocktail in your hand, you know? I’m totally fine with it. Digging in.
We got it medium rare. It’s a good cook. I’m going to put some
truffle butter on here because why the fuck not? ♪♪ Oh, just enough
seasoning on top. The truffle butter adds this
kind of, like, earthiness to it that I really appreciate. Mac and cheese but with truffle. Super creamy, the cheese on top
is melty and bubbly,
little bit crispy, too. Very into that. I know you can get eggs
Benedict everywhere, and that’s, like,
a very normal thing to go to a diner late night,
be drunk and get eggs Benedict, but this has blue crab on it, and that’s pretty
fucking special. That yolk is going to blend
in perfectly with the blue crab and the hollandaise. Love that. There’s a little bit of lemon
in the hollandaise, works super well
with the blue crab because lemon and seafood obviously are super
great together. You’ve got a choice of sides. You do lyonnaise potatoes,
which we did. You could do hash browns.
You could do cottage cheese. You could do tomatoes,
but obviously we went with these because how often
can you get those late night? Whoa. Super steamy.
It looks incredibly moist. I know we don’t like that word. I’m actually fine
with that word. Why does everyone have such
a problem with that word? It’s moist.
Like, that’s what it is. All right.
Let’s see. It’s moist, so, see? I hope that you guys
can see that, while LA might like
their healthy stuff and all these diet fads, we definitely
fuckin’ like to eat, especially after a night
of drinking. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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