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(gasping) – Taco! (gasping) No way, nope, no. – What? – Goodbye. – What do you mean “goodbye?” – Move on to the next dish. – Let’s go.
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. (upbeat music) – Hello! – Hi! – Who are you? – My name is Phoebe. – Phoebe, what do you think the future is going to look like? – People are gonna ride on air jets. – A lot of carbon dioxide in the sky. – It will melt the icebergs or whatever. The icecaps. And then it will be covered in water. – It’s probably bad for Santa. ‘Cause his home is melting. – In the future, when
the planet is really hot, and everything is covered
in water, how are we going to feed ourselves? – Hmm. How are we? – The food will be all artificial. Gonna be really small. Like tablets. – So you are trying foods from the future. (gasping) – Open your eyes. – A sandwich. – A future sandwich. – It’s like a salad sandwich. (slurping) – What’s this thing? – That’s algae. – Goodbye. – This is an algae sandwich. It’s what we’re calling a “D.L.T.” (crunching) (whining) Do you know what the “D” stands for? – Something fishy. – It is Dulse, which is a kind of seaweed. (crunching) – Tastes like B.L.T. – It’s packed with vitamins and minerals. It can grow almost anywhere. Are you just eating the bread? – Even the bread tastes weird. – Hm? (gasping) Tacos! No way. Goodbye. – I almost touched it. It’s very scary. (crunching) – Hmm. That’s kind of spicy. (crunching) (gagging) – What if I told you, you
could only eat crickets in the future? – I would not eat anything and die. (crunching) – Don’t get much of that cricket
flavor with the lime on it. – Insects like crickets are
great for future food because? – Because they’re easy and sustainable. – Yeah, Fletcher! – What meat is this? Or is it meat? (smacking) Mm! (gasping) Oh! This is gonna be yummy. (crunching) – Mm. – Mm. That’s good. – So what are you eating right now? – Chicken. – Wrong. – What is it? (laughing) You are eating a jackfruit
pulled pork sandwich. – Well, still tasty. – This would be really good on that taco. – Mm, mm! Not my favorite but not terrifying. I wish I could peek. (clanking) – All right, open your eyes. – What is this? Is that a–okay, what is it? – Is that jellyfish or whale? – This is an edible water bubble. (laughing) – That’s cool. – It’s water! – It is? – This is future water. That is sodium alginate,
that’s made from brown algae, that holds the water inside. (splattering) – It’s water. (laughing) – Eh. – It’s–
(splashing) (laughing) – Oh, it’s a little water sacks. (burping) I’m choked on something. It’s hard to, really hard to explain. Like, it’s kind of like a plain jello. – It’s a blob though. Why can’t you just drink
water then eat a blob? – So this is like a
sustainable alternative to a plastic water bottle. – Where did you get it? – So we made those. What do you have to say to
the people about the future? – We could stop global warming. We couldn’t stop it now
because we already started it but we could slow it. – Do you feel hopeful
towards our future or scared? – Scared. We have to eat crickets. – Thank you for watching. Bye! – See you in the future! – Okay.

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  1. Okay, im all for kids being aware of the future and whats happening to it, but asking 'do you feel hopeful or scared?' is a bit of a ridiculous question. Those kids may now think 'oh is the future something to be scared of?' they'll most likely be filled with a fear or hopelessness about our future, as many of us are now (however we are years older than them). It also seems like a silly way to make a statement? Its as if they wanted the kids to say scared.

  2. I grew up eating chapulines (grasshoppers I think that’s what it translates to) and I loved them. I don’t know if they taste any different to crickets but I honestly recommend people try them because they’re not as gross as they seem.

  3. Clara is growing out of her speech impediment 💓 I had a speech impediment just like hers until I did speech therapy from ages 5 to 8.

  4. Hmmm, from what I understood, plants live on carbon dioxide and then produce oxygen, because of that we are in a global greening and there is more of an abundance of vegetation now than 20 years ago. It's better for farms and animals who live off of vegetation, and in turn the animals who live off animals. It's like the whole ecosystem is in an uptick, although admittingly warmer than I remember in my lifetime at least. But then again rainforests that exist closer to the equator have done quite well in such heat over the last few thousand years. Who knows, we may end up eating bugs just cause there are just too many of the disgusting little things around.

  5. Schools are doing a great job of lying and scaring like kids, good job psychopaths.

    These horrible people have been saying the word is gonna end for decades and they've been wrong every single time.

    You idiots are brainwashed beyond repair, falling for another scheme to to distribute the wealth to the top earners on the planet. Do you people actually think wealthy people are gonna be eating bugs?

  6. Sorry I have a phobia of death and I really don’t like watching these videos because it makes me scared about after death and if their really is a god? So can you not post this kind of stuff it is scary

  7. All these kids are so indoctrinated. Pretty darn sad, and I bet ya, their parents don’t do much to help the “melting” planet. Seems like all they do is scare the crap out of these kids telling them the world is ending.

  8. Girl: "what if i told you you could only eat crickets in the future?"
    Kid: i would not eat anything and die


  9. Clara is growing up way too fast:-((( She is becoming kind of a reasonable young lady, not a cute smart kid any more:-((( I start to miss that younger Clara:-((

  10. How much food do you guys waste? Why not give the kids like 1/3 of the portion you're giving them? Unless mom or dad eats it

  11. I am sure food will be this disgusting if we leave it to working single moms to make up the recipes…Thank god for food experts that will keep this from being the reality of future food. Wow, the climate hysteria we are programming the poor kids with is stupifying.

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