Karimeen & Kichadi with Uganda stories | Outdoor Cooking | Kichadi in Kerala – Malayalam Video

After driving a small distance In Eranakulam.. we came to the banks of a pond. Last time we cooked egg curry on the banks of a river. This time on banks of a pond, we are planning to cook something. May be, we will cook African style Tilapia. We will also catch some fish from the pond and cook that too. Moreover, with African style Tilapia we will also say some of our African stories too. Let’s begin. “I came here to do a video… Can I take a shot of yours too?” “Aalright alright…” “What’s you name?”
“Annakutty…” She’s the grandmother of this house. Her name is Annakutty.. I also had a grandmother like her She passed away a few years back. Her name was Saramma. “Okay grandma!” This is Hashmi’s brother… Hiran bro… we had another video with Hiran bro.. Tripeklam Toddy Shop Superb food it was there… If you haven’t seen that video yet, check it in the description below… Hiran bro’s younger brother… Belraj This is near Belraj’s house Babu bro is Belraj’s friend. We are in the neighborhood of Babu bro Babu bro is an expert in fishing. Here is a wonderful pond and we can catch some fish and prepare some curry or fry. So we got some Karimeen (pearlspot) Not only that , I have also parceled 3 Tilapia fish – ready to cook. Yesterday itself, they cleaned and gave it. because in our African stories Tilapia is a major character. In Africa exactly in Uganda, we can see one of the largest lakes in the world – Lake Victoria In Victoria Lake there are plenty of Tilapia fishes. Tilapias of huge sizes are there in Victoria. They will catch those Tilapias and clean quickly to remove the internals and scales. Then they barbeque it or deep fry it. We are not doing a barbeque. We are doing slight modifications to it. Not only African Tilapia Kalpita is making a Bengali recipe too. “What’s the name of that dish?” “Carrot Kichadi”. “Kichadi.. is it Kerala style one?” “No no, Kichadi made of rice… something like Pongal”. “Pongal with carrot”. “We add rice, daal, and vegetables..”
Yeah, not Malayali Kichadi… Not our Kichadi… Bengali’s Kichadi is like our Pongal. In that vegetables, rice, and lentiles are used. In Bengal, for this Kichadi they use a lot of vegetables and a lot of rice, lentils. They also use ghee in it. Kalpita is adding only two vegetables – because we are preparing it on the roadside. A quick cooking option. Carrots and tomatoes are used here. Ghee also she is adding. Lentils – Moong daal is also used. Nice rice with good fragrance. “This rice is not in Kerala..” She says that she brought it from Bengal… I feel it is something like our Kaima Rice Kalpita:”Not Kaima”
It’s just like Kaima. I feel it is just like Kaima. Any way, it has got some good fragrance. Kaima rice also has some good fragrance … This is Gobindo Bhog… We need add salt only at the end. Do not add salt at the beginning. If you add in the beginning, rice and daal won’t get boiled and blend. We need to cover and cook for sometime. Now to our African stories.. We were in Uganda for sometime. Uganda is so green and lush. Just like our old Kerala. When we reached there in 2008, we used to travel there and I have a few videos of that time. You need to go Africa for enjoying wildlife We have been to Kaziranga recently.. We saw a few Rhinos. We saw just a few.. may be 4 to 5 Just that much.. That also in a farther distance. But in africa if you go for Safari you will see a lot of animals. Giraffe… We had also seen Rhinos Lions Elepphants… an exotic wildlife feel. I am sharing that footage with you today. Will tell you the story too,, Now we are after African style Tilapia fry. they don’t use much of Masalas.. Salt and a bit of chilly powder.. they are not so particular about using chilly powder They do not use much of chilly powder… salt, chilly powder, and turmeric. That’s what they add. We are also doing in a similar way… Just salt, chilly powder, and turmeric we are adding to our fish fry. We are going to fry it in the outdoor. With Tilapia we will also fry the pearlspot fish that we caught sometime back. For pearlspot we are adding a bit of blackpepper too. For Karimeen adding a bit of blackpepper adds taste. So, while we were in Africa We had been to Murchison Falls National Park. It was an amazing experience We were living in Kampala Kampala is the capital of Uganda. We were there in a Top open van. As we entered the National Park we really get that ambiance and feel of Africa. If you haven’t been to Africa, you will surely get a teaser here. There we first went to the falls itself – Murchison waterfalls. Like our Athirappilly, Uganda’s biggest falls. But not just like Athirappilly.. it’s really majestic. Athirappilly is wide and vast.. but Murchison is not that wide. Nile river is the longest river in the world Nile river squeezes itself through a narrow crack and falls down to the vast spread of Uganda’s Savannahs. That’s a show… That night we stayed inside the National Park – in a tent Next day morning We stayed in tents from there we started off for game drive For safari, we needed to cross Nile river In Nile river we saw Hippos That was also a great experience In S K Pottakkad’s travelogues I had read about his African experiences Those words were in my mind as we entered the park. So.. we crossed Nile river.. and after that .. you just watch it here.. Watch and enjoy.. Tilapia Our pan is a bit smaller than needed. It’s ready now Take it out slowly or else it may break Now Karimeen. They are smaller in size. So we can fry two to 4 at a time. Let’s also try it out.. We will taste both.. One karimeen and one tilapia “shall we try?” So our Tilapia and Kichadi Let’s ask their opinion. Brothers and Babu bro. Superb! Fish also good. It was too hot.. now it’s a bit okay to try. Let’s ask baby’s opinion first Which one you liked most? Big fish or small fish? “Is this?.. you liked the second one?” She liked karimeen.. she doen’t need Tilapia, only Karimeen real Malayali… No Tilapia.. just Karimeen is what she needs. No let me ask my wife… She’s Bengali.. may not go with us. This is Karimeen. “Karimeen is best”
‘So any way..’
“Karimeen ko Jai ho..” Now let me try.. You wait… Need Kichadi.. She needs Kichadi.. “Superb”
“Kichadi superb” – she prepared it. Let’s try Karimeen first Sperb I shouldn’t prepare my own preparation.. But I couldn’t stop saying that it is superb. Also let us try Tilapia… There is a difference.. Karimeen is fresh Tilapia is one day old – kept in Fridge. Tilapia is alright but Karimeen is superb In this ambiance with wife, kids, and friends it is awesome to enjoy fresh food. That too after cooking by self. Kichadi I love so much When we were in Somalia…. I have no Somali footage.. so cannot say those stories much. Anyway, I used to ask Kalpita to make Kichadi when we were in Somalia. Somalia food was different But among Indian food we used to take Kichadi and fish fry… Very big Tuna, King fish, and shark Please subscribe and press the bell icon. We were planning to leave then Babu bro said there are good tender coconuts. It’s a coconut grove. So we decided to enjoy that too. So let’s drink it…

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  1. Chettayi Orapekshayundu Homemade sweetsinte receipeyum various homemade sweetsinteyum video nalkumo
    Ennu Ningalude kadutha aaradhakan
    AkShaY C mEnon

  2. I like to watch your videos which includes your lovely family as well. Your vlogs are very much different and your voice is also too good. Keep up the good work.

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    കഴിഞ്ഞ ദിവസം തൃശൂർ അന്തിക്കാട് വഴി പോയപ്പോൾ കോൾ പാടങ്ങൾ കണ്ടു,ഞാനും എന്റെ സുഹൃത്ത് രേഷ്മയും(അവളും ചേട്ടന്റെ ഒരു ഫാൻ ആണ്) ചേട്ടന്റെ വീഡിയോസ്നെ പറ്റി സംസാരിച്ചു…

  6. Kothippichu kalanju!nalla avatharana shaili, nermayulla samsaaram, kanninu kulirmayulla ulladakkam, ellaam kudumbasametham!👌👌👌 Thanks for sharing African safari experience too.. subbed.

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  14. കുറേം പൈസ ഉണ്ടാക്കിട്ട് നാട്ടിൽ വരണം, എന്നിട്ട് ചേട്ടനെ പോലെ കുടുംബസമേതം ഇങ്ങനെ ഇന്ത്യ മുഴുവൻ ഒന്നു കറങ്ങണം ഹായ് എന്താ രസം.
    Super video and Super Family .

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