Jason Bourne Teaches Cooking

Hi, this is Jason Bourne. I’m broadcasting you from an undisclosed location, because there’s something I need to tell you, one piece of top-secret information I’ll never forget… how to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey (heavy breathing) [you know] [his name] [Jason Bourne] (action music) (grunting) Fuck! (grunting continues) I don’t know who I am, but I do know a great Thanksgiving dinner requires great sides (action music resumes) (grunting) (heavy breathing) Ha, alright… Now time for the gravy. Uhh… Oh no… Ugh… Ooh! (phone clicking) (phone ringing) Who is this? An old friend. …Jason, how did you get this number? The- They’ll trace it! Enough alright, I need a simple answer to a simple question. No. I’m out of the game, not since Berlin. Jason? Jason?! S- Stop. Stop, alright? I just need some chicken broth. Oh. Yeah I got some broth, I thought you wanted to kill someone or something. Good. Meet me next to that blue car in 10 minutes. How will I know which one? …Because it’s right to your left Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne. Someone beat us here. No sir, I don’t know anything about a cooking channel… What, you need me to find a recipe for the perfect turkey? Are you kidding me? NO! (knife piercing flesh) (gurgling/internal bleeding) What do you want with me? To make the perfect turkey No, no no no no… Answer me first… Why am I such a good cook? I honestly have no idea… Damn you people! You know why! You know why, tell me, you know my file… Tell me damn it. No no… no no no no, no no no… …who am I…. How to get the, ‘Jason Bourne,’ Hollywood look for your video One light that’s warm, is at a tungsten temperature, and one like that’s cold, daylight temperature. The edge light needs to be positioned behind the actor, not to the side of the person or in front of them, it just kinda becomes a key or fill and does not look very good. It must be an edge!

100 thoughts on “Jason Bourne Teaches Cooking

  1. here's an idea, a John Wick style videos where's he's shopping for pencil et cetera the same way he shops for guns montage in John Wick Chapter 2

  2. I've actually battled a pickle jar that epicly before, then i remembered i didn't like pickles

  3. so what i got out of this is to be a master chef, you must beat the absolute fuck out of a dead bird…

    furiously taking notes

  4. I thought it couldn't be done. It was impossible to make COOKING, of all things, an action film. But they did it. Well done, Corridor. Well. Effing. Done. Slow clap

  5. i can’t believe i let this video slip off my radar for a whole year…this literally made my day. thank you corridor!!

  6. They really got the element that characterized every Bourne movie and that makes them unwatchable to me, that friggin shaky cam that makes me wanna barf, but dayum, this looks friggin legit it's awesome

  7. The part where Jake beats the shit out of the turkey with the roasting pan was so fucking funny😂😂😂10/10 guys amazing work

  8. OHH my Gosh now I can laugh for ages this was sooo Hilarious! How do you keep a straight face using the carrot as knife 😀 hahaha what a genius production !!

  9. shaky cam is perfect hahaha. Tho I found the actor looking more like Tom Cruise XD

    Still amazing!!!!!!!!

  10. I’ll meet you in ten minutes next to that blue car.
    How will I know where.
    (dramatic head cock)
    Holy shit it’s Jason Bourne!

  11. the first 90 seconds was the real genius pieces of their work. how do they catch those every detail perfectly like this..!

  12. He looks more like Ethan Hunt.
    Mission impossible, if you choose to accept… cook a turkey that the whole family will like.

    Just seems more fitting shrugs

  13. local Grocery store: Hi this is Walmart how can we help you?
    ???: I will find it and i will cook it?
    Grocery Store: Jesus Christ Its Gordon Mills!!!!!!!

  14. Why does this video, compared to the other videos on this channel, have so little views? It so perfect, it deserves more!

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