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I've been preparing since March okay wait let's go brown sugar and we're going to take that in there so we're ready to go to Kansas City we've cooked chicken and brisket once a week every week for the last six weeks and I think they finally got you always put to it very seldom they're both the same flight I'm like to just set it up across the front right there Oh keep it how deep do you want to go do you want so we've got quite a bit open space so hero suicide run across here they've got a crown in a row it looks kind of like out of a 57 movie and there's a lot of people want to wear I mean they're just a lot of people want to wear that thing it might look like Ralph Kramden special but I was sure wish I had it I do wish i had this barbecue community they're a good bunch of people I'll be back

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  1. @suskky Msg me if you want a basic rub to start with and you can pretty much tweek it from there to add your own flare…

  2. @vr6sy Rub works a double shift 1:The spices have a resin that mix with the juices of the meat, envigorating the meat with some flavor, but it is not to act as a marinade. 2: During cooking, Rub keeps moisture in and closes any gaps that may let juices or moisture out. Wrapping the meat in plastic wrap and foil keeps them cool, dry, and any other flavors in your cooler or fridge out…

  3. Why pay for a DVD of BBQ life when you can get the same for free by watching BBQ Pitmasters on TLC and see champions like Myron Mixon and smokin triggers?

  4. @suskky I just added a link to a free recipe booklet from the companion DVD, "BBQ Secrets" to the info box above(click the arrow to expand it). That link leads you to a PDF download. Inside are recipes from 3 world champion BBQ cooks, and each includes a rub recipe. The rub is the combination of various spices rubbed onto the meat prior to bbqing. Most every BBQer has their own favorite combo, and I'm sure some will share. Hope this helps.

  5. PLeazzzzzzz can anyone tell me the spices that are used in BBQing. Here in Italy you can't find the mix already prepared.

  6. wasn'T my idea..sorry…i was scared so i'll do this… copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours
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  7. Looked like mayo about to be spread over a bun to me! = P HAHAHAHAHA

    Loved that man's great grin at the end!!! ;D

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