i went to a TOILET THEMED RESTAURANT in korea

I Am so excited for this video guys, because I’m in South Korea right now And I literally just stepped out of my hotel room for like the first time so this is all a little bit overwhelming But I’m so so incredibly excited for the video I’ve got for you for today before I came to South Korea I did a lot of research on places that were interesting and This is an actual restaurant or a cafe, but it also serves food that is themed with poop and toilets And it just sounds so friggin weird But like when I knew this place Exists and like I have to fly there I have to go there I have to see it with my own eyes and film it for my youtube channel I think the food is supposed to be served in little toilets literally on brand. Let’s go I think this is like a shopping center where the restaurant is, which is I think on the roof like on the upstairs part This is like one of those places where people like draw your face and like this is the examples. They’ve brought here I think I should go and get one because they say it takes only five minutes. That’s not that long We have five minutes. Also, I’ve always wanted to do this and my parents always said no because it’s expensive so Take that mom. Should I knock on the doors? is that rude? like Should I not knock We like that Call it face. Yeah, can we do that would make me look better? My face in real life Is it finished? Here you go I love that. Wait, that kind of does look like me. Oh you get even did that. I’m gonna put this in my room. I I actually love this I think it’s funny and I think it kinda looks like me also Kind of doesn’t like it makes me look very very shiny If you ever come you definitely come to this place and get it done. But now you’re going to poop cafe I honestly love my life So, there’s four levels to this and the poop cafes in the very top one but even here down here I can see poop shaped cookies like that man, right there is selling these poop shaped cookies I’m going to show it to you guys because They look delicious but also like what? Can i get one of these? Okay Thank you. All right. Yes. This is a great way to start this book. It’s very very hot. Turns out. This is no cookie Whoo. This is a pancake filled with chocolate I’m gonna eat it already because imagine walking into the poop cafe with heavy poop made from home They’d be like this guy really loves food, which honestly is true That is delicious Wow I Can see the dough on Ordon cafe I think that’s the name of it because on the logo it’s going to who is on it? So it’s very easy to spot so we’re gonna go there right now Go inside a first half to check whether it’s okay to film hopefully fingers crossed This one looks kinda repulsive for some weird reason and also the one with a like well a creamy sauce I have no sure if I’d want to eat that even the coffee’s come served in little toilets I really want to try them over heat till I die anything if you do it, I’ll call in it I don’t think so. Everyone has been here Lisa little notes. We could do one the outside which looks really really cool Wait, that’s a giant pool here on the window And I just tell you when I walked in like literally everything is through shaved or like there’s a toilet everywhere there’s toilets with flowers just like drawings of poo on the wall and can see some intestines like a heart like Falling from the Spooner. This is like a very very bizarre place, but we got to savory dishes We also got one of the the Mojito latte because I really wanted to try it because it just sounds so interesting I just just have to try it and then for dessert they also got a push ape waffle which Interesting as well. And the last thing what was it a poor shape scone as well. So do you see that? That’s literally a black toilet Actually, this is weirdly my motion at all times like that you mean in life There’s a little cool things everywhere This one stays no need to roll it and letter the first two dishes just arrived to the table and this is beautiful I just want to say that like this is Incredible there’s a few things missing but this is a scone. It’s supposed to be push eight. I think this is fully beef With tomato rice and it’s only a little bit of tomato, but it smells really good. It smells like that You could actually be delicious. So we’re gonna give it a try regardless. I Want people to come to my house? And this is how I want to serve them their food like I am 100% gonna steal this idea And then the other one that I caught because it was like the most different one They had other types of Rice’s but I wanted to get this white creamy spaghetti once your eyes get over the fact that the food is on a toilet that They probably still gonna taste delicious and then the other thing was a scone like I shown you with some strawberry. Jam Yes, probably this is such an interesting mix of food, but then the other foods arrived as well So this one isn’t this like toilet Mart? Which is also like I actually really want this I wouldn’t like buy one and take it home This is a mojito light a it smells It kind of smells like alcohol a little bit is out weird and here we’ve got a pool shaped Waffle with like a banana and I think you put man is like been cooked like it’s like caramelized on top It actually looks really good. It doesn’t really look like a bruise shape. But I mean the shape of this is everything I’m gonna start by trying the vegetable rice we did beef And I just wanna say that this amount of tomato sauce looks nothing like it did in the photo like this is so small He doesn’t mean there’s nothing tastes good. I mean, it’s a real tribe The rice is actually really really good I really like the vegetables But like this sauce is tomato sauce is literally just straight from like a tube of tomato paste Like it’s not it’s not really a solid spot. It’s still better than anything I would make so I like it The rice is really really good How weird is it ammonia like that There’s a crack in my toilet Pretty good, I mean another life. I like it. Let’s try something else. Now. This is the creamy white pasta I’m sorry, if it’s really loud in here because there’s a speaker right there and there’s so many people in this place I can literally move the whole thing in one Silver cursor past that I Really know how to put this It’s not I don’t know this It’s not the best pass I’ve had but I mean think if you come here and you choosing between these two dishes definitely go for The vegetable rice. That was a lot better I Don’t like to lie to you guys and like I Really didn’t like that past like this is I just don’t think this is very good No, my favorite doesn’t mean that if any of you guys ever come here and you might love this This might be like your favorite dish in the world the rice. I really liked pop Yeah, that’s basically it for savory dishes. We pride the Mojito Coffee to do a hitch a lot time. I Was thinking of a pumpkin spice latte and see if I could like Describe it but I can it’s more green But like warm at the same time, it doesn’t taste like alcohol. This was just something that was in my head It’s just a screen. I like it though. We’re gonna take a bite of the waffle now It’s so soft. Like it’s literally like a cloud You know what? Let’s do a bigger bite because who who am I kidding here? Like let’s be real Wake up. It’s like sleep. Oh, yeah Parkway Oh my god, this is actually a mess man That’s a lot of sugar immediately This alone is worth you guys coming here this is better than everything else I’ve never eaten a waffle that literally has the texture of a cloud So soft when you bite into it It’s like it doesn’t even taste like a normal waffle like in the UK that I’m used to I’m the first person ever eating his scone and dipping it like a nacho We love the amount of trash that goes on my channel The jammies Wow The knowing strawberry is so fake. They taste like Beluga. Laughs I like it though. This is incredible I didn’t even drink any of this. Yes At the end of the day this isn’t really a restaurant even though they have these savory dishes This is a cafe and all be carefully items like the waffles the scone It’s a latte they were truly incredible. I saw a little reviews of people saying that if food wasn’t great and I always like to come here and see it for myself because I think Sometimes people are so dramatic, like reviewing things. This waffle is gonna go down in history as the best poop-shaped waffle ever eaten really the only poop-shaped Waffle that I’m ever gonna eat as well when you first come in It’s kind of shocking to see all these like toilets everywhere and like food coming out of the kitchen in like a toilet bowl It’s kind of weird. He kind of makes you feel like oh, maybe I’m not gonna like it But once you’re eating it, you’re like, you know what this is my everyday now. This is part of my life Now this is just how we keep food from now on. No, but I honestly really really like that I found this place right outside the restaurant. I don’t know what these messages are on the wall, but come see like this is really I mean, I’m hoping so this is like cute and is amongst positive messages because there’s so Many of them but imagine if this is just a mail I didn’t really think about that But oh my god I just had an idea I should do this with all the mean comments that I get Now that’s an idea and then people need tickets to come see it. That’s everything I was just exploring this area and it’s really cool because it’s very hard sin There’s water like things to buy and that is on this place and you had like a giant sign saying free samples And I’m like, I don’t care what it is if it’s free I’m there So they have these like little shots of green tea and I loved that. It was really really good And now I saw that they also do ice cream So I’m going to go inside and get I think is like frozen yogurt or ice cream I’m not sure but it’s green tea matcha flavor I came inside and I ordered the I think it’s like a green tea ice cream. I don’t really know It’s like difficult because I don’t speak the language But I thought it was just placing an order take the ice cream and they gave me one of these That’s what do you know, you’re like it’s a fancy is the green tea place in the whole of South Korea But I’m waiting for my order and then I’ll show you guys the ice cream and if we can find somewhere outside to sit down so here we’ve got the green tea ice cream, which is like Super fancy and I just realized I picked the loudest want to film it We’re gonna eat it anyways Oh My lord What the hell? Why is that our hole in the middle? There’s literally barely any ice cream. I’m not making this up Are you kidding me? This is the most expensive ice cream I’ve ever bought and it’s empty in the center Can you sit on camera? This is honestly such a joke They asked me if I wanted to eat inside and I said no because it was more expensive now I realized why everyone was eating in silence because the ice cream melts in hot weather, but I’m not used to it. So This whole city is filled with stuff that I don’t need but I so desperately Wanna buy it was kind of fun in the beginning, you know It’s kind of upsetting because I keep on buying like a random things that I don’t need no, I just I just saw this like portable USB fan and I’m like I Believe this it’s too hard. I love my new Korean life Like this is I mean, I don’t know what you guys can feel a lot but this makes Going through today so much easier like it was so on the whole day I wish I had this earlier, you know what they say Really probably is better later than the senior better later than never Did I just make something else? This is neat, and if you ever come here This might have been the craziest like most insane food place we’ve ever been to I think it’s up there with the hospital food borne like that was a Lot going on in that cafe and I actually really enjoyed it and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well If you did, it’d mean a lot to me if you could give the video a like and also subscribe switch those notifications on those of you guys who got my notifications on make this possible like Traveling to other countries and making this video. So thank you to the notification squad You guys are the best obviously this is only a little bit of South Korea There’s so much more that I want to show it to you guys. Like this is just a tiny little bit I’m gonna make so many videos here So if you also want to leave suggestions down below for other things that you want me to film while I’m here I would love to do them. But yeah, I had fun I hope you had fun, and I will see you guys on my next video. Bye

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