I tried fries from every U.K. fast food restaurant

hello oh hello guys welcome back dude oh hey guys welcome back to my channel crackle the channel it's here now you might be wondering grace why do you look like you've just rolled out of a pool your hairs a little bit wet and you've got goggle marks right here and the reason being for that is because I just went swimming now don't you think and grace how does that relate to the title of this vlog and I'll tell you for why because whenever I go swimming I crave chips or french fries whatever you want to call them and I just came out of the pool and I'm like I need I need some chips you know when you were younger I think it's just the Association when I was younger I've know swimming with my friends and then we go to McDonald's and have some chips in Miami and I feel like that Association is still with me and then I thought you know what I always have this argument with my friends over what fries are the best I have my thoughts and what on the fries are the best and they have their thoughts and what fries in the best and I've decided to try and settle that today I'm gonna go to a bigger shopping center where I can get more chips like more different options more options also actually speaking of which the other day I post a vlog and so many people were confuses my accent apparently they can understand my voice I'm sorry don't know why that would be and I'm from England because a lot of people cook like ours from those from Australia or New Zealand interesting that I'm from England so we're gonna be reviewing English chips today although actually that's not true because they're not really English because they're other places chains but we're gonna try them and see see what they're like less let's go there now and get some chips I'm so excited to do this but good if you know me you know I love a check really I just not I love chips I really like a fried potato sausage let's go I filmed this a little bit ago and I never got around to posting it by actually just saw that a girl called Megan McCullum I believe her name is posted one similar for chocolate chip cookies so go and check out house I'll put it in the link description peace out maybe I can do one for vegan cookies Oh so I'm just emptying my rock sack here of all my swimming belongings because I need to make way for the chips it's what everyone's gonna judge me if I'm just walking around like ten bags of chips too I mean I look disheveled let's go get some chips oh gosh I'm warm right we're ready people oh oh wow okay like you know what first things first there's power hair up because who can actually eat with the hair down not I'm not grace it's not something that I like to do so you know what we've got options we have six different fries to pick from six I went all out I was not I was taking no prisoners here I wanted to really maximize my assets and I I don't account because I went to places where you can like eat in but at the same time there I don't know if it counts okay we're just gonna go stock in the first place we went to what's my guys which this is what the packaging looks like to call that good grace mmm yeah now five guys in my opinion on my favorite fries they are fried in peanut oil so it gives them a depth they have the skin on the humble skin still left on there got all the fiber in there and you know what hands down well I'm gonna try and be diplomatic about this and I'm gonna go in imagine that they're all starting on the same level feel okay right texture not too fluffy not too crispy they're seasoning that's what I like I think a chip should work for itself there should be no need for an additional ketchup or Mayo a good chip can stand by itself and say hey I know what I'm doing I'm a great chip I don't need no one by my side supporting me and this is what I think the Five Guys fries do every chip has a drawback there is no such thing as the perfect chip I shall tear the drawback 3 pound 50 for a small however look you don't just get the cup never a lot in here it's not just the one-hit-wonder type thing oh I'm none of my friends like five guys fries I'd like to know why why do you victimize the poor five guys right what is it you don't like tell me Oh obviously in America when people do videos like this there you go through the drive-thru it's like a fun video of England we have the only driver we really have is McDonald's so I'm gonna do he's gonna drive around the car park I've learned a different car parking spot as if we're going through the drive-through okay let's go that way um so how are you guys today this is so much fun you know what this is the only the only place I can drive with the tripod up because I feel like it obstructs my BA okay so next base we're gonna go to it's gonna go to McDonald's and so hi can I just get a large fry please never done it's kind of fun I just love driving until my team kanon-chan refers I can do into a path a friend there are so many skid marks on this bit of concrete that is not safe is it maxi DS again different entity aren't they they they do not compared to fire guards because they're so different this is the thing skinny this is a french fry now in recent years I've been let down by McDonald's spray it used to be for sure without a shadow doubt my favorite chip then what happened is they have this thing where if someone asks for no salt on their chips everyone gets no salt so say you go to McDonald's in the I can I have no chip no soul they don't season that whole batch and unfortunately that is what has happened here there is no salt on my chips means it's gasping its gas going for a bit of seasoning is gasping for a condiment something to spice it up a bit and it's disappointing McDonald's used to stand stand strong it was a strong contender in the chip but they've really not themself go lately to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement Madonna's used to be the big game player and now actually not McDonald's you've really let yourself go come on now by the way these chips aren't gonna go to waste if you know my family you know we love chips and going to take home I'm gonna judge them up in the microwave which is probably a cardinal sin when it comes to chips but I'm going to do it up next is the chinking the drive-thru one second for like a security card is gonna come and be like why are you just driving around the car park and I'm gonna be night Suri is there rules I think not so I'm allowed to drive around the car park at my own I my own peril on say if I'm not causing robbery in obstructions at anyone I have not seen one single human I'm losing problem and there is no problem but no security guard has come up to me and also I would not have the guts talks in this crew to guard it became to me oh sorry bye I'll go home right now oh now I have never been a fan of Nando's chips however the other day I went to Nando's with my friends and they had really upped their chip game this is what comes in there a chunkier chip this is more launching into the fish-and-chip territory and you know what I think what's great about these chips if they do go well with the chicken if you have this like a french fry it doesn't pair itself well to the chicken let's try it again no seasoning what Nona's have done that Madonna's haven't is the flavor in the Nando's chip is that actually potatoey whereas McDonald's is just kind of nothing unless they've let their so on and but these are like it's quite a nice like rich potato flavored you know I mean mmm I really thought I didn't tighten and those chips I kind of love it they're actually a big contender for the price today it's the change they chip in recent years and I think they were trying to go for something of a Five Guys drive as you can see skin on right there but they are not fried in peanut oil so I don't know if they're gonna what is wrong with the world okay so I was just pouring out the chips to put on a tray and I found this hiding in the KFC packet so I've got a wet wipe in there and a pinch of salt so they are factors that weren't equated into the mix because a wet wipe is very beneficial I'm not gonna lie oh we've seen on first car hello a little red civic honda civic if you want to know with a man in it ain't about 38 I reckon he's come out on his lunch break he's gonna treat himself to a subway I said I wasn't in a subway here maybe always sabe I reckon he went some real estate he's a bad KFC you've done yourself a disservice general really shook me about the KFC chips as well also the house mom isn't look she like I could crush him in my hands look you boo KFC was the biggest cute al before the place they went all right right just start from Burger King we're exceptional what the heck oh stop it oh no I believe it they're seasoned for one all the chips are no longer seasoned and crisp but light and fluffy they still taste the potato it's like a hybrid between a chip and a french fry I'll give it to them they might have overtaken they are big contain haven't been fleming going through the drive-thru what number t I well we can say we're moving like a kitchen now if anyone if you know you me you know let go my bag attention for me do the best fried right I've got a small fries completely for it doesn't look that big no look at what a fries are right they're like super skinny super skinny still season did you know what oh the good thing about gourmet burger kitchen fries they have this thing called hey hey self now me and my siblings have been on a quest for years and years to try and find a hey hey salt replicas we've never found it ever and they don't sell it you know how Nando's sell their peri-peri salt gourmet burger kitchen don't smell that hey hey so and it makes me so sad cuz it's incredible anyone call me burn the kitchen you hook the booth Simon up with some hey hey salt because I long for that I said yeah I know so many people don't like these because they're too small but basically what you do you take a few nah it's not any good and it would have been good for a first date but you just go oh no you have to get involved you are one with the chip in that moment food is an experience food isn't just for eating just get involved hopefully oh no you have a fork you can like stab a bunch and shove it in your mouth incredible actually incredible mm-hmm today has really been an experience it's really enlightened me from when it because I went in with a preconceived idea of what I would think and what last few places would come through base really shocked me and it's just shown you can't judge a book by its cover and also shows how much first impressions a key because my first impression of a chip but I like chip I'm not gonna go again sometimes you just gotta forgive and forget forgive and forget and move on because you don't know what great things all right to do at the Burger King chips really they might be contenders my favorite and also I know that this video is gonna get people may like that called French fries they're called chips that got France in England we call them chips but they're also certain ones are called fries when you order them so it's always a bit confusing what are your favourite chips also if you're in another country what are your favourite chips because say I just find myself in Canada or something I want to know I'm going to the best place for chips because when you're on holiday that's when you can really maximize the a set of chips I've had a great time really enjoyed that this video could be controversial because I know people have some opinions I wonder if I missed out anywhere any key chip players in the British market they might I love you all

49 thoughts on “I tried fries from every U.K. fast food restaurant

  1. KFC chips in Australia don’t have skin on! Weird. If you come here ever make sure you go to Lord of the Fries – name says it all 🙂

  2. Heihei means chicken in Maori, so it’s actually just chicken salt which is available on basically all Aussie and kiwi chips and you can buy it at the supermarket!

  3. Hello – Have you tried Montezuma's Chocolate? There's a branch in Brighton and it has amazing dairy free alternatives AND white chocolate orange for your bro!

  4. If you ever come to Australia, Grill'd chips are amazing <3 Also our KFC chips come with a different salt seasoning to the UK ones and are pretty awesome! Hungry Jacks (our Burger King) are pretty good, cause in the last two years or so they changed their chips to being similar to the UK Burger King ones, before that they were terrible lol ThE MoRe YoU kNoW

  5. I live in Australia and we have a potato chip (crisp) called French fries that looks just like the gourmet burger kitchen fries. Except we eat them as a snack and they are the best!

  6. I don’t know if 5 guys offers it in England but their Cajun fries are to die for if you like a bit of spice.

  7. GRACE ❤️ GBK Hei Hei Salt recipe is: chicken stock cube (chicken flavouring, garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt/celery seeds) mixed with a pinch of white pepper and lots of paprika and salt. Aussie shops sell a version called chicken salt which is super similar that you can add to. New video idea… try to replicate big name flavours at home?! Love you and your content Grace!

  8. Oh.
    We've seen out first car.
    Hello .
    A little red civic.
    Honda civic.
    If you wanna know.
    With a man in it.
    Aged about.
    I reckon he's come out on his lunch break.
    He's gonna treat himself to a subway.
    Actually that's a lie there's not even a subway here.
    Maybe or a starbie.
    I reckon he works in real estate.
    He's a bab.

  9. Personally in general I LOVE Wendy's. Their burgers are so amazing and almost don't taste like they're bad for you? 😂 And the fries are sooooo good, I love them so much

  10. Firstly – Hello Bluewater car park!
    Chips – Honestly most of them as long as they have salt and are fresh. I do enjoy a fresh salted McDonalds chip but when they look like the ones you got, they're just disappointing!

  11. So weird but my name is so similar to the girl you talked about with the cc cookies so I got scared for a sec 😂

  12. Oh my gosh I am the same as you! I LOVE five guys chips but all my friends don’t, they way prefer McDonald’s!💗😂

  13. Me and my boyfriend were driving the other day and there was a van that said “hot water” on the side and my boyfriend went “hey, that’s gracks drink”. Didn’t even realise he listened to your videos when I watch them 😂

  14. I like going to McDonald's and getting large fries and a chocolate shake. I like eating some of the fries then taking a drink. Anyone else???🍟🥤

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