hi guys I'm bar excuses hair but we're currently in the Dubai I know – bye it's so crazy we are here you guys and there's gonna be a lot of Dubai videos coming because everything is so crazy everything is so extra everything is so freakin I'm going but the first video I want to bring to you guys was a tour of the best rated hotel in the world this is not even like in Dubai it's in the world and when we found out when we're gonna come to Dubai I was like we have to go to this hotel because it's such an incredible thing and I've been looking at this hotel for years and watching videos about it and reading up about it and it's just fun to be able to visit it and you guys I'm going through see you but I just got tell you right now it's even better than black we could even share in video or whatever the reviews are gonna say because it's seriously incredible but anyway yeah let's get started all right so this hotel it's called the Burj Al Arab and here they say it's the world's most luxurious resort and they say it's a seven star resort but I think that's just like the brand name because it's not even possible to have a seven star resort but honestly I would give it seven stars because it's been so good so far I just want to let you guys know I'm gonna show you guys a lot of the hotel in the video so there's so many things to show you guys I decide to make another separate video just before the room so let's go into some of the reviews for this hotel it has like five stars like literally it has 11,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and it's like my stalkers so this was as beautiful architecture as a seven stars hotel it's one of the tallest hotels in the world the next one says the world's most luxurious seven star hotel this other one these people came here for a lunch and they say it's truly worth to see it another one says exceptional seven star hotel so everybody just knows it I was like a seventh start will visit us at 7:00 start Hotel luxurious hotel with high-class service amenities and an excellent choice with restaurants there's other ones that luxury personified that's like a fancy way to say it looks sure Priscilla bite okay you've been fee but you guys I'm not gonna go into the reason that much just because there's so much to show you in the hotel itself so yeah let's get started [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right you guys so welcome to our that's Orion hotel it's so crazy but we're here we're currently in the lobby look at those okay they will look but be real so I'm gonna start with this little tour honestly it's been probably be a really really long video cuz there's a lot to see in this hotel I'm just gonna display me right now I don't think we're gonna see the dome because I'm not planning on hitting the gym why I'm gonna try and show you most of the things although we just saw like that's apparently a fancy store like you did in there so I think it's a lot of hidden stuff that we might not see but check this a lobby out it's so impressive when you first walk in whoa it's so nice we also shot it at night so I'm gonna start that for you guys to also see but look at that it's so pretty look at that there's a Gordo and everything is very extra Lee there's a lot of like carpeting and just like gold and like fancy nuts all around oh and those over there they're like little aquariums so there's actual fish in there you're so fancy 34 my little peasant pipe it's so poor and so on it really is when we first locked in we're like this really oh my god right now I'm pretty sure I have a neck injury from the waterpark oh you can see a water crack from here I filmed all of that for you guys so just keep watching the video and we'll get to the waterpark part the stores here there's some restaurants and yeah let me show you the elevators because they're also jalapeño people so you walk past at these stores you walk past Rodeo Drive yeah I've been checking to see if there's any missing tiles but I can't find any better than this thing I see there's always a guy there that calls the elevator for you I feel just a bit cool you guys be cool so Gordo really wants me to go in these elevators but here you get off and then you go to your room but guys remember the full bloom tours will be up on my next video so wait for that but now we're gonna head on over to breakfast so we go to breakfast that's actually downstairs so we're going to breakfast okay so we're here for breakfast now s some really fancy sugar cubes sighs okay but it's not like master right on the corner with a little under wall just because they're anything a filthy thing and the food is like I think it's good okay I think corners I feel like if it was a lot of healthy options I like it oh we put some 294 okay okay so we are heading to the beach right now just for a second because I really wanted to come a trip and so what you do apparently is that you call and have them have a goofy ready for you to eat so we're gonna boogie our way over you putting your way over to the beach I think it's gonna be really fast but it's like actually take that back I think it's like sitting so stone okay right here oh okay so here we have this a little beach club area there's like towels it's everything good morning this is so cute you guys they look hella comfy now welcome to the beach later mate tomorrow because today they give us a Cabana they just gave it to us for free so I'm planning on spending my whole day there like and they come in it has a cutest beach cabanas here and the water is super warm which might be a good or a bad thing it depends because I feel you're really hot it's not gonna be as refreshing as you want it to be good he's gonna go in the water I mean that it's good for ya for me it's great but I feel like for Gordo it might be a little bit too warm okay so the camel is for sure very real yesterday this woman came up to that she was like oh would you like a cabana complimentary and weird a little bit and other yes yes ma'am we would and now aren't you grateful I find out in summary okay so they put us in the Royal Cabana I'm gonna give you guys a Cabana tour I feel like the most blue G person in the world like Cabana tour I am speechless you guys we sell the rate so there's like a thousand dollars a day just to be in here and it's just the two of us I'm like I wish we had people or I wish I knew somebody to buy I think you like come over to my cabana okay I'll show you guys I'll give you a mic my tour No okay just to clarify we're paying for our rooms here it's not like they're giving I mean we don't know why they gave us this for free but they don't like know who we are and the things just I just like to put that out there where do we even know we should start outside all right so the pool is right there it's such a beautiful pool and then we switch it over BAM Cabana there's four chairs there's two of us and there's more chairs out here she said there was a bachelor but we had a private bath let's go see yeah let's go see it like there's like the insite area but then there's like outside patio that looks into the ocean with joy you get to the honey that's pray another way there you go oh wait you couldn't okay guys I know this thing is probably like that we're long but I'm sorry I mean Cabana thwart our I'm not live in this place shower you become a but I brought two citizens to like a bailout cuz I'm not high okay the matter of pure gold okay so this is the thing there's – that's okay – then look it's a mirror orchid this is real so real okay there is a toilet look look to clean your what clicking click in that place four little holes Oh what they do have fun the paper here here thank you and here's the full of shower so you can shower in your command a lot and some really nice really nice shower you guys are so speechless okay so let's go back look let's go back outside all we only holy guacamole they put a fruit platter is there when you go inside there's air conditioning in the Cabana so and I hate some so they gave us a fruit platter right here wow it looks amazing no minibar it's it's including complimentary everything Pepsi see I told you it's like they don't duke over here this that's good morning so yeah we're gonna drink also like jelly beans cookies gonna eat all of us it's all for you like Blondie's music oh my god okay so if there's a TV there's a TV that is this an Apple TV yeah it's an apple Oh telling you about yeah guys ready I mean they could kind of already see it [Laughter] so there's two sides if you come I mean hopefully they offer this to you for free cuz it's hell it's okay but there's to Royal Command those sides still get the one the left because the other one does the Avastin of you that's what the girl is telling us Wow I don't know what to say amazing it's so quiet well yeah that was looking elsewhere hi hey grace thank you so much why it's all the looks delicious thank you so much it's a pity I would be in the second policy we just murdered our lunch in the Cabana I like to shut you guys with the camera girl foggy because it's so hot tomorrow no the day after tomorrow 111 degrees that's the high and 90 is the mo so we just got to a Ruben their summer fireworks randomly going off I wonder if it's because of that wedding that's so cool today it was gonna be our waterpark day but we got up at 3 p.m. 3 I don't even know how that happened but if fellow we got it like at 9 so failure complete failure but we're still gonna do the water pipe it's included if you stay at this hotel and they also have a bunch of little restaurants and this one of the restaurants to them it's like a little with the beach club so it's a beach club so I'm gonna be outside of the hotel but still partying just take a little bit just a few for the beach and you come here so we're gonna eat here and then we're gonna hit the one of my first couple hours cuz it closes at 7 early but it's a water park water parties always customarily but the water is pretty big and you don't have to pay an enhancer for a lot of Arkansas it's complimentary if you stay either at this one or any of the gym mayor properties because they have another like they had like three more on the job and this restaurant is Japanese fusion with Argentinians as Japanese Argentinean patient I am living for the food we got Oh giant thing of ice and I'm happy so here's our table right there that's the beach yeah they have a pool and then this one is another one for the hotel okay like okay I'm gonna sound I'll achieve but whatever so let's see like this the madness Hilton so you know how the Hilton has like double tree like home Suites whatever there's like another person as the Hilton and then maybe that one is I guess like the fancy version sorry I forgot to film korto's chicken looks good though so here's what we're eating and then the pool so nice and refreshing but we are off to the waterpark right now yeah really late oh good because that I feel like it's getting cooler it's not as hot anymore mmm I think it's good news so to go to the waterpark than just a quick little boogie and Italy absolutely I think remember that this is right there [Applause] lazy river I can't wait to be in there yes alright guys so we made it to the water park the towels are provided if you stay above yourself and it's pretty crowded you guys there's a lot of people here let me show you it's so cute though it's pretty big paddling 35 rides feel like it's a lot and then look you can see the hotel right there so it's just very very close look how cute and refreshing I remove on the big fly without futures all right so that's the big big slide basically what they do is they put you in a little thing and then they take out the bottom from under your feet I'm so scared for that I'm gonna try and do it even though I'm like terrified of heights I'm trying to not look up because oh my god it goes all the way down there I'm more of a lazy rivers hot person you know what I'm saying there's a lot of food food snacks a lot of everything these smoothies have some order this one piece but it's basically I basically make it weird Oh what what I like Sousa like this what I get providing one people don't back to NOLA but I like better ANOVA usually very tiny they're flattering I feel like my waist look small in this so here you can get food it's so hot it's at least one hundreds of green so we're so close I'm definitely afraid of my long dress it's long look at that too long with you I'm so happy I can never find long dresses from quite for my life we tried to like do some nice shots of me coming down the stairs I like literally almost fell away – and now we're going to the underwater restaurant so we're going to did tonight well it's not actually underwater this is a aquariums on it we think it's here right down there what was it isn't it here and so fam fees you get the elevator all to Lourdes though I know the people behind those are like excuse me you have to wait to one person you guys have a forest that gives us a house of the steak I have no idea the other half of the plate is empty they could have just like filled us up it was a lemon cake it's complimentary so pretty so there's a spa like a locker there's nobody around it's a nice I got you guys are staying here because we're off to relax so part of the spa it's so beautiful now I'm going to the next area where they have a pool and we're just not going there for a little while [Applause]

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