I stayed a night at a HAUNTED HOTEL in Roblox… (Very Bad Decision)

yeah that would give what is up my family we're back and we're on this hotel trip a new scary story you guys we just didn't sleep over a few days ago now we're going on a hotel trip take the trip with your friends to the oldest town in Robloxia stay in a historical hotel and discover the mystery that lurks oh hey baby we out here you guys know when it comes to the story games we go for our automatic 10,000 likes smash that thumbs up button right now for your boy I know my g-dub hey fam can do it we need that 10,000 baby we going out here to the hotel oh my gosh okay I don't know should I get a flashlight I think I'm gonna get a flashlight because we always need the flashlight I don't know about the sprinting though but I guess I'll get it okay and it looks like we have some night-vision goggles but I'm just gonna leave those right there and then I guess I'll get some more health here all right here we go we're loading on the bus guys join bus oh okay man I write the bus is about to leave in another 10 seconds everybody's loading up here I'm excited about this I need y'all whip me guys y'all know when it comes to these type of games on roblox I need my family okay leave bus oh gosh okay hey little beat right here baby welcome to the oldest town and Robloxia hey buddy how are you oh man we'll be staying at this hotel tonight it looks pretty neat though gather round let's all check in don't tell this pretty good guys let's go in here huh I feel a great baby I'm feeling amazing right now uh all right this will take a minute feel free to look around okay I'll look around a little bit here let me take out my flashlight oh yeah this is nice kay let's go to the other side here can we get on the elevator finally done checking in let's get some sleep everyone go to bed alright I'm going with you starting to go to bed guys I'm gonna go ahead and put my flashlight up hello mr. astronaut how are you buddy I love the suit that is nice okay we're on the elevator guys they said it's time for us to get some type of rest so well it seems like the lift is stuck that's weird ah already geez it's working again oh okay I'm about to freak out already ya know how I get y'all know how your boy gets alright so we're up here nice before we do anything I can't seem to find royal mermaid where is royal mermaid mermaid where you at royal can someone find them maybe check the hotel rooms okay let me check right not in here maybe this last one here nu-uh do i'd like grab this switch or something no okay I'm taking my flashlight back out um I don't really know where to search to not like search under the beds or something royal were you at Royal were you at maybe this one oh wait I just went down the floor and looks like Bacon's down here with me without bacon so maybe we should just keep going down some floors and checking it out which obviously is gonna make you boy a little scared okay I'm on this one now all right let's check in here and not see anything royal where are you at this hotel is a little too big jeez you know what let me go first person here that way I can get a better view Oh found them that was strange okay I felt royal guys give me some love for that your boys are doing this thing right now before we sleep I'll be telling you an old story about what about a crazy man that once lived here oh gosh okay I wanna I wanna I want to hear the story it's about a crazy man some of you may know him he goes by the name of John Doe once upon a time there was a robloxian named John dill okay right where we going here he was born in this very town and killed countless victims oh man according to local residents he is still around oh gosh just kidding oh you play it you play it with us or or are you not playing with us anyway who turned off the lights whoever did could you turn them back home right I got a flashlight I mean oh wait no one turned him off well someone had to what's that noise who's laughing yes happen quick someone find the power room and turn it back on be careful I'll be okay nice to back on looks like someone found a port or dip John Doe do it did John don't turn we have no choice but to stay tonight it's too dangerous to go anywhere okay I don't know where to stay who somebody keeps flicking the lights off everyone go to your rooms okay and try to survive the night Oh guys we got two minutes to try to survive this night two minutes who does somebody already die okay um let me go over here by the window I'm going first person again y'all see the timer at the top right there and I'm hearing like death around me I don't know I got mr. astronaut boy over here with me but I don't know if he's the killer or is the killer gonna come through this door okay are we supposed to leave this room I just left the room right now I don't know if that's a good idea why am i hearing death around me but should I like check other rooms wait the lever is down now remember that lever was up should I like pool this okay I got like a whole minute left I mean I think we're doing pretty good I got chills to me oh no no no no no no bring up my way don't bring up my way please okay I'm just gonna keep my flashlight right here no do not bring them in why would you bring them in here laughs okay I'm going I'm sure I brought it always after me please have to be I got 25 oh okay I'm gonna try to dodge him let me stay here oh gosh okay go around them go around them 15 seconds left guys he's coming after me Oh seconds go go go Devin six okay okay maybe if I go in the broom okay go far away go far away okay I'm good oh gosh I'm crying right now guys okay we survived that night I think it's best we leave this hotel isn't safe at all no it's not everyone took the exit okay there's just two of us that survived this right now oh my gosh all right so we're on the elevator right now guys and I hope that this is over I hope we really survive this and I can go home now because I do not want to deal with this anymore oh mama okay why did you just jump okay I guess I'll jump too all right uh where do we go am i good wait why are the doors locked wait they're locked what's going on really wait wait he got locked in the elevator no no open up he's stuck look his arm is right here oh gosh man jeez okay let's try to oh gosh okay we got some bars right here we're not going through there at all guys and our freaking tour guide is stuck on the elevator who's there who else is me John Doe what do you want from us John Doe well yes I just asked that what do you want from my sleep your voice on point this hotel was built above my tomb by needs Libre Black Sea and so ever since I haven't been able to return and I have wondered this town so he's been wandering the town guys I will let you live on one condition what what's that condition please tell me mr. John Doe you must destroy this hotel okay I'll destroy it how are we supposed to do that yeah let us know cuz I'm down with that especially if I'm able to live at the bottom of this hotel or four pillars you must venture below and destroy them we will do it please let us live okay here we go guys we're at the bottom Oh hurry find the pillars and place these bombs there may be lost souls so don't touch them oh gosh there's lost souls right here if we touch them we might die okay all right we got a bomb here all right I need to be able to see okay let me go ahead and place a bomb up here right I don't know if I'm supposed to climb this or did I did already place the bomb let's look around here it's very dark in here okay we got three out of the four we just need one more I think I place my bomb on those stairs dear we're taking this hotel down for John Doe they didn't do my boy right okay I think we placed all four oh gosh he died all bombs have been placed find the detonator to activate them okay let's find the detonator I don't want to get hit by the lost souls right whoa whoa I got hit a little bit like I hit a little bit they're coming fast jeez I'm almost dead there's a detonator I got it I got it okay I just pressed it I just press the detonator guys I'm trying to do all I can for the team the detonator has been activated which means the bomb will explode find the exit in danger I'm in danger I need to find the exit oh gosh I don't know where the exit is and I'm hitting lost souls right now wait that's a bomb right there that's not an exit oh gosh I'm in such danger right now where is the exit this is just rooms really okay I'm reviving right now I don't know where the exit was what just happened where am I going I could not find the exit I was doing everything else for the team I'm the one that even found the detonator really so we survived that once we find the exit that's what it is oh okay well I didn't find the exit on that but I did a lot for the team guys that was pretty awesome so what they did was and I got a win right here one win and my two teammates there so what happened was John Doe his grave he said that his tomb was under the hotel that's why he was so upset and he was he was willing I don't know jump jump on me jump jumping on let me get you can you kill you boy get a little dancing for surviving that even though I got blew up at the end wait y'all messed up my dance John Doe was upset that his grave was under the hotel I don't know why he was upset because all you had to do was just go under the hotel and just lay in his grave but he was upset so he said he was lurking the town of Four he was lurking and scaring people and probably kill us some people and some stuff like that he wanted us to blow up that hotel for us to survive and live we had to blow up that hotel which we did guys so I survived him I survived that attack remember I only had like five seconds left and he was gonna kill me in that hotel I survived that then I went and helped the team out with the detonator and all of the exit stuff and then I tried to find that exit but the souls those lost souls were right there and it was taking too much of my ELF but we did good guys this was the hotel story I'm loving these story lines man loving them I'm joining this bus again I'm going back in here I want to see if John Doe will really kill me I want to face some face to face without running minutes they tell John is scared of you oh they disappeared where's he at now I wanted to face you one-on-one jaw 101 were you at you can try to go for my friends but all guys I'm right there oh okay come on I scared of you come on right here 1v1 let's see if you kill me oh my out the way they won't speak okay my ELF okay so John can really kill us guys I like to test this okay I'm going in here could he follow me out here I don't think he can follow me out here this might be the smartest place to go it looks like if you guys want to survive you just come right here seems like he's really close like he's so close but he can't go through there I don't think the game was made for him to go through there this is how to survive the night right here you just chill right here with the flashlight I know he's right on the other side of this because the music gets louder and louder these creepy weird sounds right now okay I'm gonna go in there that's how you survive guys because I want him to chase me again number go in here and see if he follows me come on John I'm right here I'm right here John come get me where yeah Johnny boy where yeah John we're good so you're just going this to the room here and we survive the whole night that's what I'm talking about baby and it looks like we're by ourself didn't nobody else survive did John kill everybody else everyone to the exit okay let's see who all comes nobody oh I'm like what so these so you guys were hiding out huh that's what it was I'm like what okay so it looks like we're going back to the place where I got blew up here because I found the detonator but I didn't find that exit maybe this time I'll try to find the exit just to see where it is this is a part of how to beat this guys so we know we're gonna get locked up in here uh-huh and then John's gonna pop up and tell us a story I'm gonna pass the story because you already know why and I'm gonna cut right to the basement many many minutes they tell all right guys so we're back down here find the pillars and place the bombs okay here we go I got night vision on right now so now we can pretty much see everything we can see these ghosts I wanted to use the night vision well alright place the bomb here okay so that's how we place the bomb all right I like this night vision it's actually pretty cool okay I got the second bomb right there just got to dodge these ghosts I don't think there oh that's tough this has to be the exit so was that the exit this whole time the stairs that we were by it would make sense because the obby there's a a B and then you get to the exit ah so maybe I'll let them place the other two bombs and then I'll see if this is the exit right here love this night vision this is perfect for us okay you know what I'll place another one which is this one okay we need one more can can somebody at least get the last one I mean I got all three jeez man okay let's see here whoa almost hit a ghost there that right I'm not sure I want a chill right here you know what I might just jump all the way to the exit already somebody's just gonna have to get that one and I deep this has to be the exit so can somebody get that last bomb please any of you guys I would appreciate that oh but look when the night visions off geez that just makes it so much creepier and then when it's on oh okay the night vision that's a good key I guess I'm gonna have to find the last one there it is I got it all bombs have been placed find the detonator to activate them detonators right behind him all right so it's just straight ahead just got to watch the goal especially when it's dark like this like this that makes it even more scarier okay it'll be explode any minute that has to be the exit right I'm thinking that's the exit hey do we climb it whoa by the reach how did I fall out what that was the exit they had to be the exit guys maybe we just had to stand over there by the ladder and then everything would explode I think that's the exit you guys let me know let me know in a comment below did I have that right I should have just stayed right there by the ladder but it wouldn't even let us climb the ladder but that's the only exit in the whole place so I'm sure it's that ladder so that's not a beat the game right there you guys this was freaking scary man I need y'all to show you boys some thumbs-up love right now smash the thumbs up button we're going for 10,000 mics for this hotel freaking scary story man 10,000 likes subscribe for more gameplays just like this click that post notification bail that way you guys are notified every time your boy g-dub kate uploads and I will see you guys in the next video love y'all man from the bottom of my heart as always first

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