How to Store Beans, Rice, Grains to Keep them from Weevils | Flo Chinyere

It may seem like I’m always talking about
weevils, weevils, weevils. Yes! Weevils are a menace to Nigerian food crops. Because we don’t use a lot of pesticides when
planting our crops, we don’t use a lot of pesticides when storing
them after harvest so these weevils once they find their way
into your beans, rice, corn, millet, they will just finish it and leave the … maybe
the skin for you if you are lucky. If not, they will turn everything into dust
rendering them useless. So any method that will destroy these weevils
that I know of, I would gladly share. Ok, there are two ways to do this. First you need the beans that you want to
store. You see one weevil there. You see the beans you want to store and for the first method you just need a container
with a cover. You pour the beans in there, cover it, close
tight and put in your freezer. And you don’t need to do any other thing. It will stay there for as long as possible. The weevils that are already in the beans will all die off once they get cold in the
freezer. The second method is to put the beans in this
jerry can, gallon or container. Then put some pepper in there. Dry cayenne pepper. Then cover the can very well. Close it tight. I usually put this plastic bag before I cover
it. I will show how I do that. You also need a funnel so you’ll be able to
easily pour the beans into here because this one has a small opening. If you don’t have a funnel, you can make a
funnel with a piece of paper like this. And then you need a jug like this to pour
it inside. You add the pepper at intervals. And continue adding the beans. Shake it shake it … You repeat the same process till the jerry
can is filled up. Then you use this plastic bag to cover it
and then close tight. Keep this container anywhere in your kitchen
and nothing will happen to it. What happens is that the pepper will suffocate
them. You know, pepper is hot, they can’t breathe
in there. And because this is closed tight, there’s
no way for fresh air to enter in there to keep the weevils alive. So that’s all you need to do. For this one you do not need a freezer. But for this one you need a freezer. You don’t need pepper because the cold temperature
in the freezer is enough to destroy those weevils! But for this one, if you don’t have a freezer, or if you don’t have electricity 24/7 such
that your freezer is not working all the time. Then you need to try this method. You can use bigger jerry cans. I mean in Nigeria beans come in very big sacks so in that case you are going to need several
25 litre jerry cans but you need more pepper. If I’m trying to store 10 cups of beans, I would add one cup of pepper in there if
not more. Yes, that’s the ratio I would go with so that that place will be so hot and uncomfortable
for the weevils enough for them to suffocate and die! So that’s how you store the beans. When you want to cook the beans, bring out
the quantity you need, pick out the pepper and cook your beans normally. You can see that all the weevils that are
already in the beans before I stored it are all dead. Yes, this is so effective. Once you follow the rules, if you follow the
proportion of beans to pepper this beans will be here for years and nothing
more would happen except you know the ones that the weevils
have already eaten that’s it. We’ve put an end to the weevil attack! So I am officially a weevil slayer! That’s it! Bye byeeeee

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  1. Yayyyyy! We are now at 100K and that live video will happen this *Saturday, September 30 at 6pm Nigerian time*. That’s:
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  2. Ahhahahahhahaha ahhahahahahha yes!!! That's wicked of u oooooo hahahhahahaha that part hard me cracking… and yes congrats on the 100kkkkkkkkk

  3. Great tips. I usually put grains etc in the freezer for 4 days right after buying. It kills all weevils and any eggs that happen to be on the produce. You can then put in 2 or 3 cloves (or the dry pepper) and keep them in your pantry if they are too bulky for your freezer. You will be weevil free.

  4. I usually wash my bean in hot water before cooking the and the bug come out…I will have to try these methods. Thanks

  5. Flo nwannem una lucky for Spain..When the EU. banned Nigerian beans import for over 2yrs from 2014 until last year because of the prevalrence of pests, we had to make do with the black-eye variety from India
    Apparently enforcement is lax for una side, as for our side since the foot and mouth wahala here they are so nervous of any Agric Nsogbu nnoo

  6. Sis. This video is exactly what I need at this time, as am about to get my stuff from Nigeria. Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations on 100k sis, yes yes💃💃💃💃

  7. I have had insects (I think they were weevils) ruin an almost entire package of dried mushrooms. Most of what was left was dust, insects and their larvae which we ended up killing (Fortunately these insects don't feel pain).

  8. Congratulations on reaching 100k.

    Thank you for the tips. I too normally use the freezer method. I am having a problem with bugs or weevils in my dried peppers though and I am not sure what I can do; maybe try freezing them?

  9. Lmbo well things got pretty dark towards the end lol I guess i know why my mother always made me and my little sister clean the beans and sort them I’m guessing for these little bugs and rocks .

  10. Weevils – Weevils – Weevils !! I have a garden and I grow pole beans and during the fall I take the dry bean pods and save and store the seeds in a jar over the winter to replant my beans in the spring. Only in the last three seasons I noticed these small insects eating the dry seeds from the inside out that I'd been storing over the winter to replant into my garden. My question is if I store my seeds in a air tight container to suffocated the weevils will my seeds survive and still be good for planting ?  I never seen this insect before and didn't know what it was until I saw your video, anyway, would an air tight container mess up the seeds for replanting ?  I never saw such a small insect bore  through dry beans and eat the bean from the inside out like this before..  THKS, Frank

  11. After taking out the beans from the freezer, it doesn't cook to soft texture. Is there a particular way to cook the beans after storing in the freezer?

  12. I believe that those bugs are probably Japanese Beetles. Nasty critters. They were imported into this part of the country in the last few years for agriculture use to kill aphids in milo crops. When they cut the milo, in the Fall, often times, they migrate into town by the thousands.

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