How to Make Tendon (Japanese Tempura Rice Bowl Recipe) 天丼 作り方レシピ

Today, I will show you how to make tendon Hello, I am the host of this show, Cooking with Dog First, You are going to make tendon sauce Add dashi soup, and mirin After boiling dashi soup, Add sugar and soy sauce Adjust the condiments to your own taste, and bring the sauce to a boil Next, Let’s prepare shrimps for tempura Cut off the sharp part of the tail, and remove the moisture from this part Take off the shrimps sand vein by a stick Peel the shrimps shell, but leave the tail and last joint Make several cuts on both sides of the shrimp Break the joints to make the shrimp straight and add sake and a little salt Let’s cut the ingredients! Slice a sweet potato thin, Cut the pumpkin thin, Be careful not to cut your hand Remove the tiny scales from an asparagus, And cut it in half Tear maitake mushrooms into bite size by hand Trim off the cap of an eggplant, And slice it in half Make cuts in the eggplants and adjust the shape Let’s make batter for tempura! Add water, and tempura flour in a bowl and mix them lightly Tempura flour is made specifically for tempura and I recommend you find the product Now, all the preparations are finished Let’s start cooking! Sprinkle tempura flour on the ingredients, This process makes tempura batter and ingredients attach together Sliced vegetables are dipped in the batter, and deep fried in hot oil Here are sweet potato, pumpkin, and eggplant tempura Let’s fry shrimp and squid Tempura is placed on kitchen paper to soak up the extra tempura oil Pour hot tendon sauce on a hot rice bowl, and line up all of the fresh tempura you made You can add extra tendon sauce on top of the tempura Sweet potato, pumpkin, egg plant, asparagus, shrimp, squish, mushrooms All the ingredients and special sauce creates an excellent taste It might be difficult to find some of the ingredients, but I hope you try it yourself Good luck on your cooking!

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  1. haha xD at the end she usually says something into the camera but this dish was so tasty that all she did was go MMM *nomomom*

  2. when im looking at these old episodes….. is it possible chief is like benjamin button? She gets younger each episode!

  3. @michellekitty18 Excuse me? 😛 You drop a lame ass comment about how you don't have to be japanese to make japanese food, and I'M the smart ass?? That's a so called "omglol"

  4. @NeroTheDarklord: maybe she wears make up and dyes her hair. Or…. It's because she's Asian. Us Asians age well. I'm half Filipino half white and am 20 but most people think I'm 16

  5. @joboy671
    actually,Tempura is one of DIFFICULT japanese dish.even japanese.
    Tempura has lots of important point.
    for example,
    uses cold water.
    do not mixed too much flour.(Because it doesn't generate the gluten).
    oil temperature.
    cool ingridients.
    oil throwing way.
    There are a lot of important points of tempura.

  6. @StarleePie47 Uh….no. Asian people just age very well. My cousin's in-laws are from Hong Kong and they don't look that much older than my cousin's husband.

  7. I keep watching this over and over….I love the way she cooks!! Just watching her make the tempura is making me super hungry…munchies time! Hey, does the dog get any?? Lol

  8. Again, I am watching this video. I don't know what it is about the way she prepares the tempura, but I'm diggin it! I think the way she cuts the eggplant and then spreads them out to shape it into a fan is awesome and fascinating…I love it!!! I will be making tempura for my family tomorrow and I will post it here and let you all know how it turned out. Aloha!!!

  9. I just made this tempura for lunch today and it came out awesome!! I bought tempura & panko, sweet potato, onion, carrots, asparagus, zuchini, shrimps, calamari & just started chopping away. I made sure to use ice cold water for the added crispness and made sure not to over mix the tempura batter & left it a bit lumpy & used chopsticks instead of a whisk. Ha! It was super 'ono' (delicious in Hawaiian) & hit da spot on this munchies rainy day here on Oahu. Mahalo, Francis for da inspiration!

  10. You can just tell that Chef and Francis are the most fantastic people to grace this planet. So gentle and sincere. My thoughts are with Chef while she recovers. <3

  11. Love the vids, but if they end this series, the should end the headliner with…"now its time to cook The dog" and the turns with "huh?". 🙂 lol

  12. I have tried this recipe today. It's great! Your video is really helpful! Thanks a lot. Keep upload please. Really love Japan.

  13. Hello dog great show I love tendon. But I was going to ask you a questionm is tendon sauce the same as tempura sauce. Or teryakai. Can you show us the differance if there the same can you show us how to use them.
    I used soy sauce mirin and surgar but was hopping to her your suggestions thanks dog

  14. 犬を横に作るのは、衛生上あんまり感心しません…毛とか飛んでそう…

  15. please make your intructions clear. in other japanese websites they teach us to use very cold water for the batter ( which you never did ).Please teach your customers the exact and proper way of cooking. Thank you!

  16. I sauteed canned mushrooms until brown first before dipping them in the batter and frying; and they turned out like mushroom POPCORN wahahahaha.

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