How to Make Kraft Dinner without milk or butter

Hi there! This is Geoff from –
Today I’m going to be making some Kraft Dinner! So here we go, Kraft Dinner
from the package! I’m heating up some
water in the pot. This is just on
high heat. You will see that it’s high heat and
it is just regular water. 🙂 And over here
we have a package of Kraft Dinner Original. See that’s pretty nice. So you
can see that the pot is boiling quite nicely here. I’m gonna take off this lid. Just dump it in. And then to make it
really good, it helps to stir it a little bit, so… Now I just let this cook for just about
five minutes or so and the noodles will get nice and soft. Inside this little
paper package is the yellow sauce mixture – goes with the Kraft Dinner
and this sauce is very flavorful but also it’s kind of a mystery of what is
actually in this sauce mixture. And I’m
gonna take it over to the sink and dump it in the colander. Very good! To the pot
again, dump it in there. Now is when I add
the sauce. (Look Ma…. No Hands!) And what I usually do is put a bit of
water in the pot. Just so that sauce will melt better. But it says in the
instructions are you supposed to use milk and butter but I don’t really have any
milk and butter right now in the house so just going to
be throwing in this sauce mixture. Another thing you can do is if you like
frozen peas you can add frozen peas into your Kraft Dinner at this point. Okay so that’s pretty much it, it’s
already done. I’ll do a bit of a close-up
on the food here, you can get a sense of it. Alright so that’s your Kraft Dinner
made by – Hope to see you again on and I hope you have
a great day! Bye! (Gustavo my friend talking and playing violin)
This is like the upbeat version of the “Evil Castle”! Okay. Doo doo doo doo doo doo!

100 thoughts on “How to Make Kraft Dinner without milk or butter

  1. tbh i think it tastes wayyy better with just butter and no milk, but i dont have either atm so i guess ill have to do this since im hungry 🙁

  2. Hello everyone. Just substitute the milk with water. instead don't drain the water out…well maybe a little but leave enough in the pot/bowl depending on if you're using the stove or microwave to keep your pasta soupy then add 2 slices of square cheese and the macaroni mix and the water will then thicken up and turn creamy. (:

  3. So I was making a video and I was saying what you need to make Mac and Cheese and as I walk to the fridge I notice that there isn't any milk 🤦‍♀️

  4. He literally just makes it without milk or butter 😂😂. But I am glad he was excited about this because it makes me feel better about being too broke for milk and butter right now.

  5. Use 2 tbls of any kind of oil to help emulsify the product to give it a better texture than just a splash of water.after all that's all the butter or margarine is really used for,its used as a binder and a way for the powdered cheese to get back the oils it lost in the process of making the powdered cheese

  6. bro thank you from the bottem of my heart, without this video i would be starving with very little to eat. i owe my life to you man. thank you so much.

  7. when you have plenty of boxes of mac and cheese but no one thought to buy any milk or butter so you're like….can i make this without it

  8. Jesus im Canadian but you talk CANADIAN as fuck. You even said aboot…like legit. I've never heard anyone in Canada say that legit until now haha

  9. K, I thought maybe something else would be used. Not legit just making mac n cheese just without those ingredients but okay. This is more of a common sense video. If you don't have the stuff, can't use it.

  10. Bought a box of Kraft got home read the box and it said use milk. Thanks now I know I don't need the milk

  11. Woo hoo! When the kids want macaroni and cheese that is the end of the month and you go to the fridge and realize all you have is some butter…. Here comes this video to save the day

  12. Slight hack for this one: instead of draining all the pasta water out, save about 1/2 a cup and use that to make the sauce. You'll get a better flavor from the starch and the salt in the water. For any pasta you should always salt the water liberally and save the water for your sauce.

  13. a better way is to cook it in less water and stir it until the water dissolves mostly. don't drain it tho and then add the powder. it's a lot creamier. hopefully people can buy milk again soon. also you can use sour cream, greek yogurt or anything really (well don't use fruit yogurt). And I looked up this recipe because I was out a milk and found out to cook it in less water because my pots were dirty.

  14. These comments are ridiculously hilarious but so relatable i dont know how to feel at this moment

  15. I think pretty much everyone who finds this video is hoping for some magical substitute for milk and/or butter but we all know you fixin ta make that shit work with water… Y’all just forgot to buy groceries like me

  16. I'll be honest I looked this up to make sure it wouldnt taste weird without the milk or butter. 30 seconds before u said maybe add peas i was like " maybe i could add these peas to help it not taste weird". All I'm saying is great minds bro they think alike

  17. I love how none of us have any food except Kraft, no milk and butter, but we all got internet. It's weird type of poor

  18. My uncle just uses hellmans mayo as a substitute for both milk n butter. Im too chickenshit to try it even when i dont have the milk n butter, though 😂😂😂
    Has anyone tried it that way?

  19. This was actually really good. I added some salt and pepper and it made It about 1000x better. Thank you for this video! Really helped out when I realized I had no butter nor milk

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