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hey dudes I’m Hilah and today I’m Hilah
cooking we’re making gum excuse me for making gummy worms we’re
going to sweeten them with juice so they’re kind of healthy and they’ll be
perfect to freak people out just really little kids I mean on
Halloween first thing I want to do is set some
water in the kettle to boil and then we’re gonna get our worm molds, our moldy
worms so I’m using regular drinking straws
these i got them at ikea but you can get these big fat straws they’re called milkshake straws you can
get straws like this at any regular grocery store or you can steal a bunch
of them from mcdonalds because they’re like the big straws and McDonald’s has
got about 50 here just sort of bind them together with a rubber band and then put
them in a bowl or in a jar that fits them nicely so I found that for this
many, a 12-ounce wide mouth canning jar works really well and then
I’ve got that sitting in what’s going to be an ice water
bath so that we can chill our gelatin really quickly mean whoa I’ve got a cup of juice here this is a
hundred percent juice i’m using a what was it i think a cranberry grape juice
but anything I think something kind of in the red color works best to make
these gummy worms look extra realistic earthworm so I’m going to add some poison I mean
sugar and you can leave the sugar out if you want to make them just all fruit
juice sweetened obviously will be less sweet and then we’re going to add four
little envelopes of gelatin you can buy this plain gelatin right
next to where you find the jello and stuff like that so one ounce total and
then sometimes you can find like grass-fed gelatin but that I don’t know that would require
a little bit of hunting i think but i know it exists so we’re going to add four of these and
whatever you are doing anything with gelatin same thing like when you’re
making jello and everything you want to not drop the paper in there but you want
to make sure that you dissolve the gelatin and cold liquid first you don’t
try to jump the gelatin and hot liquid it just gets all clumpy and terrible just mix this up no start looking at the
real growth and then to give our worm some opacity some opaque color i’m
adding some half and half you can leave this out if you don’t want
to add dairy products to your gummy worms I totally get it that sounds a little
gross but it’ll make them look a little more realistic ok so once your water comes to a boil
and add boiling water and this is one time I would really really recommend
using one of these two cup pyrex measuring cups it’ll make it
easier to pour and you won’t have to worry about the glass breaking with
mixing the boiling water with the cold once that’s all mixed up and it doesn’t
look chunky any more like with the gelatin globs in there I’m gonna add some water to this little
ice situation here and then you just want to carefully pour a little bit less
than half of this liquid into the straws if you can get straws that are like
white or light-colored that makes it a lot easier to tell how fold your filling
them try to get them kind of even and I’ve tried this with the bendy straws
and they are just such a pain in the nuts to get out I did not find it was worth it so we’re
going to do instead is do a little two-tone coloring to make these look a
little bit more realistic so that’s about half I’m going to let it
sit here in this ice baths for maybe 10 minutes maybe up to 20 minutes until
this first layer of gelatin sets and then to the remaining i’m going to add
just a couple drops of red food coloring if you wanted to do this in two separate
batches if you don’t need food coloring you
could use like two different types of juice or something to to get a natural
color variation so i’ll see you back when this is set haha ok 10 minutes later these have set so when I move it around it’s fairly
stable so we’re gonna go ahead and pour the rest this liquid in here just try to get them
as even as you can and try not to fill them all the way up you want to leave
yourself at least an inch at the top that’s going to make it a lot easier to
get them out ok so once they’re pretty much filled we
can take this out of the water bath you just want to find a nice spot in
your fridge where you can leave it alone for overnight until the gelatin fully
sets see you tomorrow if you survive so we all made it congratulations no one
died this is our set gelatin is going to put
it back in my ice water and then pour some warm water around it get that loosened up so I can pull it
out of the jar it’s gonna make an awesome sound hmm I’m like a wet fart you can run them
under hot water or just kind of dip them or kind of just rolling around on your
hands I kind of hate it when you’re supposed
to run things under hot water because it just seems like such a waste of water so
i was trying to find another way to do it that may not be quite as efficient
but at least I’m not pouring water down the drain okay enough environmental Priscilla
Tizen ok so then this is why you want to leave yourself a couple inches at the
top so you can kind of pinch it he just squeezed it out see you got an
awesome two-tone earthworm do a couple more exes
are fun if they’re sticking to be able to yeah first you’ll probably look a little
raggedy but you’ll get the hang of it they’re yeah they’re trying to make some
mostly all natural gummy worms without points for
everything like that and look I think they look really realistic gross okay we’ll check out i didnae
eyeball punch for Halloween last year and i’ll also post a link to my
Halloween playlist you can see all of those and that’s a circus who actually
just tastes like juice not bad I have a happy halloween
everyone and i’ll see you next time thanks for watching don’t forget to
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  1. When I saw that it said, cooking gummy worms, or something like that, I thought it was the actual gummy worms that u got at the store. Then when i saw the pic at the beginning of the video, I realized that it was a terrible choice to eat while watching… -.-

  2. I laughed when she said or you can just go to mcDonulds and just steal there straws if you want btw I don't now how to spell it

  3. I wanted to make a worm cake but I couldn't find one but I stumbled upon this and I screamed HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD THIS CHANNEL MADE THIS I am definitely going to subscribe 😂😃😋😠 ☝🏾

  4. In the same way that the USA deluged us (British) with Santa Claus they are doing the same with Halloween. It is purely commercial. Prior to the twentieth century we (in Great Britain0 celebrated Yuletide. Sort of pagan thing to do with the oak tree. Goose – if you had money and anything else if not. Haloween did not feature I think.
    Oh!! the worms look gruesome by the way. Success!.

  5. I took a walk today and found so many dead worms. I picked up the survivors and tossed them into a muddied area near a pond over the fence.

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