How To Make Breakfast – The Victorian Way

Oh, hello! You’re here rather early. Just
in time to help with Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s breakfast, so we must get on.
Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day, but that’s no excuse for making
it plain and boring. Today I’m making kedgeree, one of Lady Braybrooke’s favourite dishes
to have for breakfast. So for this you will need:
Six ounces of cooked rice. Six ounces of cooked fish. One teaspoon of cayenne pepper. One
to two tablespoons of butter. Half a teaspoon of salt. Two eggs. A gill of cream. And for
garnishing parsley, quail’s eggs and prawns. It’s important to make breakfast a good
and substantial meal. For the family when shooting might not after breakfast until four
o’clock in the afternoon for shooting tea, just as the light is fading.
For this dish I am using this really nice piece of cod which I’ve already cooked and
poached in milk. You could use a smoked fish, but that would be far too strong for breakfast.
You must make sure you have all your ingredients ready because kedgeree is a dish that needs
a firm hand. I’m just breaking up my fish into large flakes, I’ve already whisked
my eggs and Sylvia has made sure there are no lumps in my rice. Here I have everything
ready for the garnishing. And now to the pan. To begin with have your pan nice and hot to
melt the butter. Then add the rice. And then gradually stir it in until it’s completely
soaked in the butter. And now, with slightly less heat from your stove, add your fish.
Fold the fish in with the rice and the butter until it’s all nice a brown. I’m now going
to add a pinch of salt, some cayenne pepper and now it’s time to add the eggs and a
little cream. Fold these in together, try not to break up
the fish flakes too much, but also do not overcook the eggs. There we are, and now I
better get this to the table. To garnish the dish I’ve chopped up the
parsley and then I’ve halved the hard boiled quail’s eggs, shelled the prawns and decorated
it like this. As breakfast is served as a buffet I’m going
to keep this warm by putting hot water inside this hot plate. Many dishes are served for
breakfast but I always try and serve this because I know it’s lady Braybrooke’s
favourite. And I have to say I agree with her. It’s truly delicious.

100 thoughts on “How To Make Breakfast – The Victorian Way

  1. "Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day…" That is the first time I've heard someone else say that.

  2. Are the prawns RAW ??
    I didn't see them either boiled or fried.
    Putting that apart,It should be one swell breakfast course…!!
    Yu Hoo !!👍👍

  3. I think this looks delicious, and certainly very filling with all of that butter and cream! I might just have to try this some time.

  4. As someone who doesn’t eat breakfast and doesn’t get hungry at all until being awake a few hours … the idea of eating fish & prawns and rice first thing in the morning is just 🤢🤢🤢. Interesting video though!

  5. I dig the information in these videos, but I'm not sure about the framing. They have this gentle, storybook vibe, which feels like it ignores the exploitative nature of the servant/master relationship. Life wasn't a storybook for actual Victorian servants. They worked hard, for paltry wages, living in difficult conditions, with little recourse if their master was unfair or cruel. It was a highly stratified and unjust economic system. (Not that things are much better today, of course…) I dunno. I guess I'm just trying to say: you can present the past without romanticizing it. A real-life Victorian maid didn't derive a great sense of personal satisfaction from serving her master, like Mrs. Crocombe pretends to. Instead, she was secretly fantasizing about murdering him.

  6. I love to watch cooking shows like these they should show them on T.V. i really enjoy them . it remind me of my grandma cooking 😄

  7. É um virado de arroz com peixe e camarão, pra gente q é do Brasil e está acostumado com pão com margarina e café com leite…

  8. perhaps it is unhealthy to mix butter, eggs, fish, prawn all together in a single meal and to eat the same, and cream too in the ingredients

  9. Eggs and cream will make the rice wet and mushy. Cook them together in a different pan, and then add them to your rice.

  10. That looks like the breakfast I make when I come back home from the club using all the left overs I can find in the fridge.

  11. Shameful snobbery. Presumably trying to exploit the popularity of Downton Abbey. If only "English Heritage" showed the breakfast of a "Lady Braybrooke" and then of one of my Grandmother, who was born in 1898, had 11 children and her husband worked as a farm labourer. I don't think Kedgeree was on the menu. English Heritage should mean more than English Snobbish Nostalgia.

  12. This isn't far from when I was younger my grandma would make me fried rice with canned tuna in it, it's one of my favorite comfort foods. This sounds great to me, I may try to make it this way someday.

  13. An english victorian breakfast: Rise, eggs, fish, butter, prawns, …- I'm sure there was a lot of loughing during making this video. It's really a fun to see these victorian recepies!

  14. Mrs. Crocombe: “you’re just in time to help make Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s breakfast!”
    Me: …oh yeah! I forgot I got to pick up my son from school and my car is broke down and I got a doctors appointment! Ttyl

  15. Prowns? Achei que camarão fosse "shrimp". A primeira vez que ouvi diferente. É tão legal assistir isso. Eles comiam pratos bem elaborados no café da manhã. Acho que essa era uma família muito rica… Ter camarão no café da manhã não é pra qualquer um!

  16. Eu adoro a compostura dela. Ela parece ter um corpete debaixo do vestido, a forma do corpo fica diferente e elegante! Eu gostaria de viver na era Vitoriana… Mas provavelmente eu seria pobre então talvez é melhor viver nos dias atuais mesmo 😂😂

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