How to Make a SIMPLE Seafood Paella with Quinoa

hey guys I hope that you are all doing
wonderful today we have a great episode we’re making a very simple seafood
paella with quinoa guys we’re talking a ton of flavor very healthy and done in a
little over 30 minutes as you guys can see we are using quinoa in this recipe
such an incredible ingredient loaded with protein loaded with fiber and adds a
beautiful flavor and texture to any dish that you use it on now to make this paella you don’t need a paella pan
I’m gonna be using just a standard nonstick frying pan
makes it so much easier for everybody and last but not least this is still a
Spanish paella so make sure you some high quality saffron don’t use the
imitation stuff this is what’s gonna flavor the entire dish as always I am
using saffron threads from golden saffron I always tell you guys one of
the best ones in the market truly grade one high quality premium saffron get
yourself a tin of this it’s gonna take this paella over the top and every other paella
you will ever make again guys link in the description box below where you can
get this alright folks let’s get started we’re gonna begin by grabbing 1 cup of
quinoa and rinsing it under some cold running water next we’re gonna finely mince three cloves of garlic finely dicing half of a small onion
we´ll grab one clean tube of squid I bought this frozen and thawed it out
and I’m gonna cut it into small squares and for the last ingredient to prepare
I’ve got about 12 raw jumbo shrimp here these have already been peeled and deveined
I bought these frozen and thawed them out just to make things cheaper I’m gonna
pat them down with some paper towels and then season them with sea salt and
freshly cracked black pepper okay guys let’s start cooking I’m gonna add 2 cups
of a high-quality fish broth into a saucepan pinch in half a teaspoon of
saffron threads and heat it with a medium high heat for the next step grab
a large nonstick frying pan add in a generous 2 tablespoons of extra virgin
olive oil and heat it with a medium-high heat after heating the olive oil for
about 1 minute let’s season it with some sea salt and add our squid into the pan
and start mixing it around with the extra virgin olive oil about one minute after adding the squid
into the pan let’s go ahead and remove it and transfer it into a bowl now using the same pan with the same heat
let´s add in our diced onions and our minced garlic
and again continue to mix this with the extra virgin olive oil about 90 seconds
after adding the garlic and the onions into the pan let’s go ahead and add in
1/2 a teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish paprika mix it all together once it’s
well mixed let´s add in half a cup of canned tomato sauce season it with a
little sea salt and some freshly cracked black pepper add the squid back into the
pan and mix it all together about one minute after adding the canned
tomato sauce into the pan let´s add our quinoa in there and mix this all
together until it’s well combined once everything is well combined let’s
grab our saucepan that had that fish broth with the saffron and
add it in there we’ll season it with a little sea salt
and give it a gentle mix that way everything’s evenly divided
and we’re gonna simmer this on a medium-high heat between 12 to 15 minutes and unlike
a typical paella you can get in there once in a while give it a quick mix that
way everything’s evenly divided ok it’s been about 12 minutes since we
added the fish broth into the pan as you can see a lot of it has been absorbed
from the quinoa at this point let’s add our shrimp in there
place a lid on the pan and we’re gonna lower this to a low-medium heat it’s been exactly seven minutes since we
added the lid into the pan and there is almost no broth left in there let’s go
ahead and remove this from the heat remove the lid from the pan for the next
step which is a very important step when you’re working with quinoa make sure you
get in there with a fork and start fluffing it up the reason why this is an important step
when you’re working with quinoa is because if you don’t fluff it up
it´s kinda like couscous it just kind of makes it fluffier that way it’s not so flat once
you have your quinoa fluffed up let’s add a couple slices of lemon for garnish
and some freshly chopped parsley ok guys our simple seafood paella
with quinoa is done it looks insanely delicious let’s give it a try and see
how it turned out this seriously looks to die for here we go it´s a power punch of flavors folks
it´s just Spanish flavors in your mouth so good I’m so used to the regular paella
you know right now we’re with the quinoa it´s a completely different texture but
the flavors are there such a healthy paella so good easy to make done in a
little over 35 minutes you know this is perfect guys for a busy weeknight or for
relaxed weekend lunch good food healthy does not get better than that before I go I’d
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