Oh hi!
Didn’t see you walk in there… It is me FrankJavCee, and in today’s episode
of COOKING with FRANKJAVCEE trademark copyright I’m going to be visually masturbating this.
:Mario Noise: Nintendo 64 infront of you eyes :DJ EPHIXIA’s LOST WOODS DUBSTEP REMIX PLAYS
BLARRINGLY IN THE FOREGROUND: I’m just fucking joking with you, I’m actually
going to Chicago… The birth place of three of my favorite things.
Kanye West Bears
and Deep House House House House House
and Deep House :I used to make YouTube Poop: In this episode I am going to be using this
DEEP DISH PAN To make a deep dish deep house pizza.
and I’m gonna teach you how to do it! First you’re gonna need some traditional Italian
style PIZZA DOUGH Mixed with my special ingredient
Its… its’ my…. Next for flavor I’m gonna be using this dank
green bell pepper Next if you’re a fan of cheese… I know I
am. You can use Mozzarella cheese.
You’re also gonna need some PIZZA SAUCE If you’re really poor you can just use ketchup.
Next if you hate yourself just add bacon to it… Did you know PIGS are as SMART as THREE YEAR
OLDS!? well now you know… Next you’re gonna want some salami pepperonis.
You can get them at the store, for money. Next, you’re gonna want some HOT ITALIAN pork
SAUSAGES Letsa MAKE-A PIZZA!!!~!~!!~! :In the style of Oliver Heldens – Gecko:
Set your OVEN 450 that’s 450 degrees Fahrenheit
then you oil up a pan with stuff and then you keep on oiling
now you stretch the dough with your hands and maybe you can flatten it out
and then it looks like a ball sack then you throw it in the pan
then you circumcise this SAUSAGE! now it’s cooking in a pan because You can never have enough SAUSAGE! Left over sausage?
Don’t be silly kids! Always remember to wrap your SAUSAGE!!! :A GHOST PRODUCED SAUSAGE TRACK PLAYS DELICATELY
ON THE RADIO: Now since it’s popular on YouTube to showcase
your alcoholism to everyone in the world via the internet.
I’m gonna be drinking some cheap COSTCO wine :Temporarily forgets why I am the way I am:
MMMmm That was a lot of wine. Once the scorned piggy flesh reaches a golden
brown much like my skin complexion
place on a paper towel and plate next drain the oil so you can place more pig
flesh on to the heated pan
what’s that!? A BACON MUSTACHE!?! Just kidding
Extreme MakeOver BACON EDITION! As a man, my EGO is highly fragile
So… I take my bacon cooking capabilities extraordinarily serious.
Grr… Bacon Dead pigs I cook them
My arteries I clog them :Grammy AWARD winning RHYMES: In deep house BACON would be the…
The androgynous black female vocals. Which should come in… right NOW! :IN THE TUNE of TCHAMI’s JANET JACKSON REMIX:
You put some bacon on a plate… Then you chop up a green bell pepper.
and then you cut out it’s ovaries, because it’s a female vegetable.
then you chop up the bacon to smaller pieces i know that these two songs are completely
different but they sound the same… same same same same
i am cooking bacon so I can eat away all my pain… pain pain pain pain So now that we have the sausage.
the peppers and the bacon all chopped up and ready
we are ready to put it inside the pizza TO create a deep house deep dish pizza
Start out with the water-y thonky bass. You can create this bass by layering
Sausage… Then layering PEPPERONI is the form of a pentagram
to keep out demons. Then sprinkle bacon on top of it,
because why not. The green peppers are optional,
I just like adding them cuz I think they taste good and it’s always good to put something
green in your dishes. Next slather everything with CHEESE because
After everything is coated with cheese using a spoon delicately slather smashed tomato
sauce with herbs in spices in it on top of the cheese… I would have put the sauce with the sausage
but a man with FAT HANDS on the internet told me otherwise,
you know what they say about CHEFs with FAT HANDS,
they probably get high off their own supply…. When you have created your master-PIZZA
place some aluminum foil over it. Now put it in the oven for 20 minutes Once the pizza is done remove the foil and
admire your mess… Now add even more cheese on top of the pizza
and place it back in the oven for 10 more minutes. Now we take it out and admire our monster
magma ball And that is how you make a DEEP DISH CHICAGO
STYLE PIZZA It’s actually really hot.
I hope you enjoyed watching this video tutorial as much as I liked making it. :ACTUALLY DROPS SLICE ON THE FLOOR:

100 thoughts on “HOW to make a DEEP HOUSE DEEP DISH PIZZA

  1. hi! realy like your videos, i realy am learning some stuff!
    could anyone tell me what's the name of the 0:11 melody, the original, i remenber it from some game but dont know the name
    i know the notes but google still wont tell me!!!

  2. mom: what r u doin
    me: watching an A S T H E T I C cooking video with Frank jav cee
    frank: visually masturbating to n64
    mom: whut fuk son
    me: whut fuk vid

  3. Dear Frank JavCee,
    Long time listener, first time caller. I followed your recipe almost exactly but I forgot to put my pepperonis in the shape of a pentagram so now my pizza has demons. How do you perform a deep dish pizza exorcism?

  4. That voice in the background at 1:08 made me jump in my seat because I thought someone was behind me

  5. Holy shit this video is hilarious. You need to add more editing into your cooking videos like this one, because this one is just gold.

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