How To Dry-Brine a Turkey | Ricardo Recipes

To get a juicy turkey, one of the tricks is to brine it and you a do it with a wet-brine or a dry-brine. A dry-brine is actually salt that you rub on your turkey and to add extra flavour, always put some herbs and garlic to it. So its simple, just rub it. Normally count about half a teaspoon per pound. When you brine the turkey, always buy a natural, unprocessed turkey, very important. and don’t forget to rub the inside of the bird. Its going to take a couple of days to dissolve in the fridge. The beaty of this recipe is that you can do this with a frozen turkey. Just rub the frozen turkey with the salt, and in both cases, fresh or frozen, just cover it well and keep it in the fridge for two to three days. Its the time the turkey will need to thaw out. Next, roast it and see how juicy its going to be. Actually, you will get two to three extra teaspoons of extra juice per portion.

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