How to Cook Achi Soup with Oha (Ora), the MUST HAVE Achi Thickener | Flo Chinyere

Hello my Youtube family! Remember that Nigerian soup thickener I showed
you while shopping in Oyingbo Market? In this video I’ll share how very convenient and easy it is to use it to prepare Nigerian
soups. It is perfect for busy people and if you live
outside Nigeria, this achi thickener is a MUST have in your
abroad life! It’s a great alternative to cocoyam as a thickener. As with all Nigerian soups, I start by cooking
the meats and hard fish. Here I have cow ribs, shaki which is cow tripe. I’m adding seasoning cubes. I’ll be using stock fish too, this is the ear of stock fish, nti okporoko. I usually wash my okporoko very well, scrubbing it with a brush before adding to
what I’m cooking. Pour water to cover them and start cooking. This is the ground achi thickener. I ground them using the heavy duty grinders
in Nigerian markets. Unless you have a super powerful grinder at
home, an ordinary coffee grinder or spice grinder
has got nothing on the very hard dry achi. So save yourself the stress when you buy dry
achi and grind them in the market ok, then put
in a glass container like this and keep in your cupboard. You only need a small quantity, I cannot stress this enough because I tell
you, this thickener is so potent. A small quantity goes a long way. If you add too much, the soup will be gbudu
gbudu. It will feel like you are drinking akamu while
eating with the soup, for real. Please use a small quantity. So I’ll mix about 2 tablespoons of achi with
some water. Till you get this medium consistency. You’ll see the quantity of liquid in my pot
of soup shortly. This oha has seen better days. It travelled 7 jungles and 7 seas, even crossed
the Sahara desert to get to Spain. So I’m removing the bad ones. I cut the oha with my fingers. That’s the best practice for cutting oha. Oha does not have any alternative but if you
have achi in your pantry, you can prepare this soup with baby spinach. Treat the baby spinach exactly the same way
I am treating this oha and you will end up with a delicious soup. The only thing missing will be the classic
taste of oha. But at least you’ll have a different Nigerian
soup you can add to your family menu today today. This leaf is known as oha or ora depending
on which part of Igboland you are from. How do you say it in your Igbo dialect? For me I’m from Anambra state and we call
it oha. I grew up in the coal city of Enugu, yayyy! Any Coal City brought up here? We called it ora in Enugu so you will often
catch me calling it both names. Now the meat is done and I transferred them
from the pressure cooker to a normal pot. I have about 1.5 litres (1.5 quarts, 6.5 cups,
one third of a gallon) of meat stock in there. Add ground crayfish, Ogiri Igbo my neighbours
will hear it today, the achi, palm oil and yellow habanero pepper, Ose Nsukka. Hei, this pepper when added to bitter leaf
soup or oha soup makes the soup hit the right taste buds exactly the way your finger should be hitting
the like button right now! Have you liked this video yet? Have you? No? You want me to bring this Oha Soup to your
house before you like, okwia? Abeg like in advance, you can see I’m still
cooking the soup, I will bring later biko. Hehehe Stir it often ooo so it does not burn. As soon as the palm oil is well integrated
into the soup, you know that has happened when the soup is
yellow … is this yellow or mustard? Anyway, when it’s this colour all over you
don’t see any pool of red oil, like we saw earlier, that should take about 7 minutes, add the oha. I rinsed it very well ooo. Stir very well … Add salt to your taste … Stir again and click the box on the left to
watch more Nigerian soups recipes where I share more tips that will help you
prepare Nigerian soups like a pro. Don’t forget to transfer the oha soup to a
cool container immediately so that the oha leaves will not darken. Bah byeee see you soon!

100 thoughts on “How to Cook Achi Soup with Oha (Ora), the MUST HAVE Achi Thickener | Flo Chinyere

  1. Chai, speed I used to click the like button ehn, so that ull bring the pot of soup to my house! The soup looks DELICIOUS. We call it "ora" in Obosi.

  2. Method of eating this Fantastic mouth watering Oha Soup;
    1. Sit on a bare floor
    2.remove your upper shirt and hang on your Shoulder
    3. Separate your two legs
    4. Position this Soup and Akpu inbetween your legs
    5. Roll out your Akpu , dip it inside this Soup and close your eyes while swallowing,
    6. Lick your Five fingers and continue eating, After eating, don't get up immediately,
    7. Find a wall close by and lean against it , stay like that and fan your self with your Shirt.
    These are the ways you can enjoy this particular Soup.
    Flo nwanne m, I refuse to be Tempted 🙄😂❤❤

  3. Yummy and one of my favourite soups of all time as I am from Imo State, it is called Oha soup and Ora soup depends what part of the village one comes from as both works the same too. I use the powdered from of ofor but sometimes buy the small cocoyam ones too. Thanks so much much for sharing the seeds itself as it is similar too. God bless our country for having the real authentic ingredients which is not easy here in the UK or Europe , my dear gorgeous sis, Flo and more blessings too.

  4. Achi juru na my cupboard oh…I don't miss it,and offor too. We call it oha in imo state.You are so so right,over dose of achi will land you in a yam porridge state,and it will seize the taste of all the ingredients used.
    I add Uziza to mine always.
    nti okporoko ohhh…..
    This soup will taste very fresh until you finish the last bit.

  5. Aunty Flo this is really correct achi soup.
    Your visit to Niger is not a waste. .is been ages I tasted oha.

    I have liked the video before even watching.

    Where are my lgobtic people in the building, okay now our soup is ready oooh.

  6. Sister Flo this soup is calling me ooo, I liked even before watching because I trust my big auntie, i call it both names sometimes oha or ora. Chai I wish I can lay my hands on this soup I love ora soup with achi sis you are professional cook. on my way to enjoy this yummymilicious soup with you 😊

  7. I love the unique approach to your contents. Various dishes uniquely signed infact your artistic nature is second to non.

  8. The “ohs” leaf still looks very fresh after the long trip. The “achi” soup looks really good and it will go so well with “akpu”.

  9. Can we use corn flour as thickener pls?

    Also how can we use dry uziza/Oha/Ukazi leaf before using it in cooking as we only get dry ones here.

  10. Hi Flo, nice recipe using achi as a thicker. Don't you use uziza leaf with your oha to give it that special background flavour. I feel oha lacks if you leave the uziza out. You only need a little btw.

  11. Infact Ezinne has said it all Laoooo!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thanks Anty Flo for the recipe. I use Achi too.

  12. Please for how long do u cook the Shaki in the Pressure cooker so that it is done but still with a bite ? My fiance likes tough meat ,not the european "fall off from the bone" meat .

  13. Chaiii, leekwa oha… Ofe nkea chi fire💥💥💥. weldone sis👍 BUT sis, something is missing in this our delicious soup… It's called Uziza leaves😉

  14. We call it Oza in ikwerre land rivers state. I love making it with banga. Thank you so much for your authentic recipes. I always have issues with achi and use ofor instead but this has helped me understand how to use achi.

  15. I have liked the video. Can I add the achi to the soup while preparing it or is it compulsory to mix it in water first?

  16. My only thickener here “in the abroad”! Must have o! Meanwhile this oha/Ora soup will not tempt me tonight!!! Mba! Wa! Chaaaa😩

  17. I grew up knowing this achi o!
    My mum always adds achi to egusi. I have always thought that it is meant for just egusi.
    I'll try this method.
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. My problem with achi is that after the first day, it’s not thick anymore or after microwaving the soup it turns runny

  19. I have not cooked much with Achi and I am looking forward to buying it some day. Now back to the main course Ofe Oha. I have not had this soup in almost two decades. It was one of my favorite soups when I was in the university @ ESUT. It is best paired with Utala Akpu and that's how we eat it in Nnewi if you ask me. Flo biko can you UPS/Fedex me a plate? Your brother will be happy! Oh by the way, Flo you make cooking fun and exciting as always. Thank you so much for sharing and welcome back. Yes I have liked your video!

  20. Am coal city brought up. One of my favorite soup. Am from anambra we call it ora. Fresh ora is the best. Let me look for my achi now.

  21. We call it abubo😊,its my best soup but unfortunately i have not had it for 3 years😞,how i wish spain is at the back of America😭😭

  22. Try to add uziza leaf next time,it will take it to another level ,chaiii ose nsuka oooo,biko nne echetazinalu m ifem na acho ichefu😂😂😂

  23. Aunty Flo atimes I wonder if u want to turn me into a muturu. Stop killing me softly abeg u oooo. Y prepare dz soup while u know home z far away? Stop now. All d same I can hear d aroma.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😘🥰🌹Uuuuuuuuu!!!!

  24. Anty Flo disturbing the neighbors with ogiri 😂😂 they will definitely hear it. I tried using achi a while ago and it gave my soup a weird taste. ( There was no ede in the market and my otolo father was visiting me in obodo oyibo) my dad did not give me 10/10 that day. He asked me what I put in the soup, said he had never heard of it b4 and I should never cook with it again. Nne where did I go wrong?

  25. I finally made ofe owerri,but because I stay in Europe,so I used oatmeal instead of coco yam….I must confess it tastes the same…..thanks madam flo🙏

  26. Just wondering who was the first igbo ancestor to discover that achi seeds when ground would make a good thickener…. Aunty Flo, over to you?

  27. But please, what the essence of OGiri??
    I have never used it,
    My home town don't even know that.
    How do I know the importance and how to use it?

  28. Guys pls hit d LIKE 👍 ICON. Much viewers n few likes, wow !!!! Don't get stingy with hitting the LIKE 👍 icon guys . She's got it all when it's all about Nigerian food .

  29. Chi Chi I liked the video when you put the Ose Nsuka. I used the same recipe to make Ogbono soup. My Aunty imported the Achi from Lagos. Very good thickener indeed.

  30. I have watched this video before but missed the part where the achi was mixed with water before adding to this pot. Just tried this now it gave me the perfect achi and ora soup without the lumps. Thanks Aunty Flo.

  31. Aunt Flo. Achi is by far the best thickner I've ever come across. But however I heard in the market that achi isn't good for male fertility. I became worried. Pls is there anyway you can confirm this for Me? Thank you

  32. Waow so delicious,Oha soup is my favorite but it’s unfortunate I can’t find a fresh one here in USA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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