37 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation | official trailer #2 (2018)

  1. I like it and I see it as a child because Mavis is beautiful and that's why I see it XD I'll give it 2 I like with my accounts

  2. I recommend you to explode the entire ship instead to trying to use Garlic, sigh I thought the helsing family were smarter than this.

  3. Drac: oh no! blobbies gonna
    gonna puke, blobby pukes and
    then another blobby comes lol
    hahahaha 😂😂😂

  4. Dracula
    * Cheated on Lady Lubov
    * Has a Siri which is completely uselesss and we all can relate
    * Too blind to see the girl he fell in love with wants to kill him

  5. cant wait for hotel Transylvania 3!!!!!! I've already see hotel Transylvania 1 and hotel Transylvania 2

  6. Oh wow, you're lucky because I was literally going to burst into thoughts of maybe he doesn't care anymore, what if it's a way of saying that he doesn't like me anymore) and then start going into all sorts of Unpredictable mood swings of anger and sadness

  7. Hopefully Drac will find someone else who had the same loss issue like he does. Other but better than Ericka😊😌😏

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