Hotel Built for Gamers – WHAT???

in the competitive hospitality industry it's important for a hotel to have some kind of stick on-site casino a cheap buffet affordable by the hour rates you know it all depends what you're into as for Taiwanese brand 168th in well they've got normal hotels like the stay in taipei that we were at during Computex this year but then once the show was over they invited us to come see something pretty different that they're doing in nearby talian so behind me is the AI hotel a gaming hotel the first of its kind in Taiwan as for what makes a hotel gaming well apparently it's 55 something 4k something dxracer presumably chairs and GT X 1080 T eyes what okay we're gonna have to go check this out or check in as it were get it it's a hotel joke or at least we'll do so after this message from our sponsor thermal takes view 37 mid-tower case can support up to an e ATX motherboard with a fully modular design check it out at the link below to learn more the check-in process is pretty normal other than the king-size helping of RGB so yeah check-in and then you check in they've got their g-force ihcafe certification proudly on display they're actually the only hotel in Taiwan to mean nvidia standard and then the lobby opens up to well these guys know their audience the included breakfast is served along that side and then on this side well some hotels have a rockin gym but 168 in figured that a big 12 player land center was a better bed and if their guests really wanted to get their heart rate up they would go and plug into the HTC vive VR machine that's over there in the hallway so there's nobody here right now but anyone staying here can use these machines as much as they want the idea behind this common area is that the guests can get to know each other by coming out of their rooms to play games together and eSports teams can hold practices throughout the day or night it's open 24 hours so the Australian team blank eSports was actually here for two months during overwatch contenders and apparently basically never left the lobby and these are the best machines in the building with core i7 8700 s 16 gigs of who is that our GB RAM very nice very nice GT X 1080 TI graphics cards 165 Hertz decent gaming monitors about 10 terabytes of local storage for game files and premium gaming peripherals the team was apparently thrilled with the setup here compared to their normal routine which is to find a house to rent to ship all of their gear up and then ship it all back when they finish so the plan from my hotel is to upgrade the hardware here every year to make sure that they stay stay now let's head into one of the rooms in hotel laundry is actually something I wish more places did it seems like such an obvious way to make a longer stay more comfortable anyway here we are this is their standard room with either two twins or one full bed and you have got to be kidding me they are really proud of a lot of the gamer centric changes that they've made to the standard hotel setup so for example every one of the rooms has dual sound isolating doors that have been verified to keep inside noise to 40 decibels or less and comes equipped with not one but two separate full-fledged gaming rigs equipped with 32 inch monitors gtx 1060 videocards core i5 cpus 16 gigs of ram a full set of gaming grade peripherals including the chair and yes again with the 10 terabytes of local storage so you can jump on your favorite game launcher and download whatever you want to it the boot drive wipes itself upon reboot so you don't have to worry about someone accidentally getting into your account if you check out and forget to sign up some other aspects of the room that I appreciate as someone who travels fair amount is that there are tons of outlets both normal wall plugs and USB one so that you can charge all of your crap and then this one in particular on the bed here is freakin brilliant why doesn't every hold this an international plug in the room so you don't have to arrive you're all jet-lagged realize that you can't plug in your whatever thing and spend the first couple of hours of your vacation buying some stupid adapter that you accidentally left sitting on the bed at home the TV setup is pretty slick too so I don't recognize this brand and it like I don't know it looks okay but it's a 4k TV that more importantly is connected in a really cool way so this system over here closest to the bed has an HDMI connection over that TV so that means that you can run anything you want on it you just set this up on here fullscreen and pippity poppity Wow you are watching Linus tech tips from the comfort of your bed and it's not just limited to their systems so here on the side of the bed again is another HDMI input for the TV a headphone jack so that you can listen using headphones if you'd prefer and a USB port so that if you were running say for example your phone as an output to the TV you wouldn't run out of battery while it sits here on the nightstand now if you don't pack the necessary cables they provide them for free along with a handful of other useful extras I mean most of our focus so far has been on the gaming features but this is still a hotel so if the bed or the bathroom sucks you're going to have a bad time fortunately they went full fancy with Slumberland mattresses they put a fridge in every room which I personally really appreciate because it is impossible to find cold water over here and check these them japanese-style toilets we have heated seats and water cleaners if you prefer those squeaky clean this next room style is actually one that they don't advertise on their site so it's designed to look and feel kind of like a college dorm for them nostalgia feels with that said other than replacing the regular bed with a but it is pretty similar to the standard room although there is one thing that I missed before when I was showing the standard room this is really cool ah it's over here got a call under the desk every room gets its own dedicated Wi-Fi access point so you don't have to worry about you know getting that room at the end of the hall with the crappy reception now it's time for the best for last portion of our tour they only have one of these but this is the capsule room it's at their standard room but in space so first they've got the wall oh gaming machines six in total so you could have your whole team in here at once and then second is the sleeping pods so each of these things is equipped with a memory foam mattress it's isolated for noise and light it's got individual climate control it's got its own power connectivity so regular AC and USB it contains its own safe and check this out it's got its own TV so in the capsule room you can travel with your friends or colleagues and never actually see them if you get stuck there is an SOS button by the way so okay about that so then who exactly is staying in a place like this though I mean you can't fill up an entire hotel year round just based on traveling eSports players well as it turns out after they built the AI hotel they found business coming from unexpected places local families have come to stay as a treat for their kids for doing well in school or whatever because they don't have a nice gaming PC at home some folks just come and stay here for the fast internet international stock traders and would be concert goers who want to have their best chance by a hot ticket that's likely to sell out in 10 seconds have frequented this place and all other things being equal I would definitely choose a hotel like this for Linus Media Group's travels I mean even if we didn't end up using the machines for video editing the peripherals the extra monitors things like that are fantastic and I mean I no longer take for granted stuff that seems fairly simple like a decent sized desk and a wired network connection in fact most of the big hotels that I've stayed at in the last couple of years have been disabling their Ethernet ports for some inexplicable reason so let me know what you guys think are you a gamer are you some other kind of consumer who would be interested in this or do you think the whole concept is just crazy I want to see your comments below and you know what else you'll find on your way down there probably a link to our sponsor Roseville's neon k anyone gaming keyboard feature 16.8 million full RGB color 22 pre-programmed backlight modes six beads and five brightness levels you can get it with blue or brown kale mechanical keyboard switches and you can customize the rim backlight separately everything from color to effect to speed to direction and brightness independent of the other keyboard backlight modes you can customize it with Rosewill software suite and create a script at key presses assigned to one single button also known as a macro its got anti-slip rubber feet a braided cable and it includes a leatherette wrist rest so check it out today at the link below so thanks for watching guys if you just liked this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out the eye hotel we'll have that linked in the video description also linked down there's our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join

50 thoughts on “Hotel Built for Gamers – WHAT???

  1. lol when your parents buy a 1050 ti not knowing of the rx 570 and now you get major bottle necks because they got bad graphics card and insane good cpu

  2. Check 4:06 his wife is supposed to look like she's playing right? No, no , no, that Choco taco I see😂😂😂

  3. Ok I’m pretty sure this is going to be the industry standard for hotels by the time that today’s 15 year olds become working class citizens…

  4. It's absolutely EFFING AWESOME! I've been building and gaming and since Pong and Zork were king. This is better than Leather Goddesses of Phobos! Hell, I'm gonna buy a ticket to Taiwan just to check it out baby! In fact, I did my first subscribe in my life. (Laughing)…I've always enjoyed your videos.

  5. dude most people go to places to stay in town and look at the city's landmarks. Im pretty sure if i came here, I wouldn't be leaving.

  6. Honestly, if it's a vacation trip I wouldn't want anything more than WiFi. Otherwise you get stuck in your room the whole time

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