Homemade Chai Masala & Chaat Masala Recipe | Masala Essentials

We are back with two sensational masalas to spice up your life For most people, daybreak and chai break are one and the same so we are sharing your favourite chai masala recipe start with peppercorns green cardamom whole dried ginger or even powdered if you want cinnamon some cloves and little nutmeg since the masala imparts a better flavour when infused in water, just grind it out and you have got delicious masala chai for months to come Use only a tiny amount for your chai, this stuff is strong. No Indian home is complete without the occasional lip-smacking tang of chaat masala. you will need some cumin black pepper pomegranate seeds roast these for a few minutes we will also be using black salt for this now to this, we will add amchur powder and some sea salt and grind all of these together this Chaat Masala is ready for fruits, snacks, nimbu paani or pretty much anything that needs a little kick. Here are some trusty tips for fresher, tastier masalas Always store them in an air-tight container. Roasting your spices whole , will always enhance their flavour. They just need to harden slightly and release their aroma, which you will be able to smell all over your kitchen. Do this on medium heat on a wide pan, so everything heats evenly. Never store your spices in direct sunlight. The essential oils in the spices are volatile and tend to lose their taste faster if exposed to direct light. A cool cabinet or even a shaded shelf is the ideal spot for storage. Clean and dry spoons are a must when scooping out your spices. Any dirt or moisture on the spoon will cause your spices to spoil faster. Any homemade spice-mix will stay fresh for many months but if, the aroma has faded substantially then it might be time to toss them out Six months is a good rule of thumb. We hope you liked these kitchen staples. We will be back with some more amazing masala recipes soon. Thanks for watching! And until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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