Home Cooking Away From Home

Once you taste it, you know that nothing-
nothing is superior. Hello, I am Brian Tarpley, I am 22 years old, I’m from Spartanburg, South
Carolina, and I’m a senior at Elon University. My great-grandmother’s catfish is the best
thing ever. Well, to me it’s the best. Like, no matter what anyone says, no matter if you
get Gordon Ramsey, no matter if you get some famous chef. No other grandma, no one can
beat my great-grandma- my great-grandma’s catfish. Even though she’s, like, 92. She’s,
like, when she gets in the kitchen, it’s, like, no can can touch it. She gets it ready,
gets it prepared. Um, I’m usually. When she’s in the kitchen, I’m usually just sittin’ back
cuz I could never be on par with her level. My mom might be in the kitchen, or my grandma,
uh, might be in the kitchen, but my great grandmother is always, like, taking charge
and, like, taking over the kitchen when she pops in, making her dish. I barely just learned
it, like last two years of being in college. I don’t really differ from her recipe cuz
it’s just that good. I might make it a little bit more spicy for myself because I can handle
it, rather than my great-grandma. I cannot say what the special ingredient is. Just know
that when you taste it, you know what you’re tastin’. I- I can’t make it as good as my
great-grandma, but when I’m here at Elon, I make it all the time. I get some catfish
from Lowes and then I just try to use her little recipe. Since I’m a college, uh college
student, it’s different because y’know a lot of college students, they don’t make food,
but like me whipping out a whole fryer and, like, frying up some catfish. I can get some
friends together. I can get me- me and my roommates, me and my friends, me and whoever.
We get together and have some great food and just, again, just like with my family. It’s
a nice fun time to be together, to be, y’know, conversing with each other. So it’s just a
great get-together thing to do. Also, reminds me of home, which is always- always a great
feeling. People think “Oh, my God, you’re gonna burn the school down.” No, no, burning
catfish will never happen with me. I will never, I will consistently always get this
one right, for my family, for my great-grandma not to be ashamed of me. [laughs] I have not
burned down the school. Have I burnt something that- Have I caught something on fire? Yes.

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