32 thoughts on “Hells Kitchen USA Season Eight – Raj – The Worst Chef In Hell's Kitchen History?

  1. I would love to bash Ramsay with a sock full of fish heads with Raj and his imbecile compatriots holding up score cards gauging my measure of precision and agression.
    None of these idiots are worthy of placement in a high end kitchen. Ramsay truly deserves an ass kicking for parading them and ridiculing them for their more than obvious ineptitude. Why not just stroll through a class room of developmentally challenged children smacking each on the head while screaming IDIOT at the top of his lungs. Pathetic.
    This is my recipe for Ramsay :
    1. Age sock in pub urinal
    2. Fill with rancid fish heads
    3. Slam into Ramsays face
    4. Job done

  2. I honestly believe that Raj has a mental disability. The way how slow he is at responses, trouble learning, not understanding orders, and not handling stressful situations.

  3. 8:50 it’s because he’s the “I’m older, respect me” type and can’t do shit to back it up that everyone targets him
    Then by chance he does something right for once and it goes in over his head and starts acting like the shit. “Look at this I’m a star, then look at this I’m an idiot” Raj you did 1 out of a million things right you’re not winning this shit

  4. Am I the only one who feels so bad for this poor human.. He's obviously not the smartest so it really breaks my heart that he gets bullied a lot 🙁

  5. I feel like raj got hired by fox executives to add some comic relief to the show, and that he's actually not a cook but an actor. Idk, just a theory

  6. World: wait a second… Raj you’re not supposed to be on Hell’s Kitchen you were supposed to be on a failing restaurant featured on Kitchens nightmares

  7. When Gordon smashed that salmon, I think that raj finally realised what kind of person he was dealing with.
    NOT HATE I love Gordon and he is so honest and amazing and has anger issues like me.

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