Guest Chef Series with Trinity Seafood

My name is Johnny Fish. I’m here from Trinity Seafood located in Lakewood, New Jersey. We are owned by Sysco and we’re out here today representing Sysco Long Island. Today, we have Chef Alex preparing a Lake Victoria Perch which is kind of a flavor profile between a grouper and a snapper. Served with an haricots verts and mashed potatoes with a lemon butter sauce We’re out here today at Stony Brook Medicine. We’re real excited to be invited out and we were excited to bring a new species out here keep the program nice and interesting fresh. Fish we have here today is light and flaky. Not fatty. Real good for diet conscious people, customers, and staff in the hospital. We’ve had a wonderful response today! I’m kind of out front talking to the people as they come through. Telling about the fish. Letting them try a piece if they’d like. And we’ve had phenomenal results. About 200 orders today and we have we have plenty left but they’re moving quick.

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