GUESS THAT FOOD: 90’s Nickelodeon Food! (In Real Life)

– (laughs) The ’90s were hilarious! – That tasted like I think
boogers would taste like. – Yeah, can we–
(both gasp) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be eating
SNICK food. – (gasps) Yes!
– What’s SNICK? – What!? – Nickelodeon?
– Yeah, right? Like, old Nickelodeon.
– But like… – (FBE) So if you’re not familiar,
SNICK is Teen Nickelodeon from the years 1992 til 2005. – Oh, that’s super cool. I didn’t know it had a name for it.
Is that like a common term, is SNICK? – SNICK, yeah. – All That.
– Are You Afraid Of The Dark? – Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Was Clarissa one of them? – (FBE) At the end of each taste test,
you’ll have the opportunity to guess the name of the show
or movie it’s from. – Oh, okay.
– Okay, cool. – That’d be fun!
– I know. I don’t know if I’m gonna remember,
but I’m gonna try my best for sure. – (FBE) And whoever loses…
– Is there a punishment? – (FBE) …will have to take
a shot of slime. – Ugh!
– Oh. – I’ve always wanted to be slimed,
but not in that way. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (gasps) Oh yeah!
– It’s so orange! – You know what this is.
– I know what this is. – You know what this is,
I can’t even, yeah. – Of course.
– It matches, look at you! – Perfect!
– Oh, that’s awesome. – This is, is this orange soda?
– Orange soda, yeah. – Should we cheers? – Okay well I know it’s orange soda,
but where is that from? – I feel like I should know.
– You should. This show was amazing. – They made it look so good!
– Yeah, yeah. – And it was conveniently
the colors of Nick. – That’s why they did it!
– Yes! – (FBE) One, two, three. – Kenan and Kel.
– Oh! – (FBE) You guys are both correct.
– (both) Yeah! – Right on! – Kenan and Kel.
– (FBE) Yes! – Hell yeah, okay, cool. – Who loves orange soda? – I just watched Good Burger, too! – (FBE) Are you guys ready
to watch the clip? – Yes!
– Yes, oh, you guys have clips! – (Kel) Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda!
– Oh my god. – (Kel) Is it true, is it true?
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, it’s true-oo! – Oh, dude!
– That’s great! – (Kel) I do, I do, I do, I do-oo!
– Oo-oo! – Growing up, I was not allowed
to drink soda, so I remember watching that,
“I’d be like mom, please!” – I just remember just dying,
because the dynamic, of like Kenan and Kel together,
they were just so hilarious, dude. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – Oh, okay. Looks like it has a character on it? – Whatever producer you made
burn the face into the toast, incredible job!
– I think I have it. – That’s impressive, whoever did that,
you did, look at you! – Good toast. I don’t know! – Does that help you more? – You know, I’m starting to get
some brain activity happening. (both laugh) – Any memories coming back? – Right, I have no idea. – Aahh! – (FBE) So unfortunately,
no one got the points for this. (buzzer rings)
– Oh, okay. Okay, we’re equal. – I got Rocko.
– Oh! – (FBE) Elise you get the point!
– I got the point! Oh my God! (laughs) – (both) Oh!
– What is it? Ren and Stimpy! – Is this, like the super hero, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Ren and Stimpy? – Yeah that’s what I put.
– (FBE) Yes! – (both) Yeah!
(bell rings) – Dude, I was like thinking
this aesthetic reminds me so much of Ren and Stimpy’s
like, animation. So you drew it very well. – (narrator) Now let’s join Ren Hoek
at breakfast time! – (Ren) What? I’m all out of powdered toast! – Ah man, this was such a weird show. – (Stimpy) Calling Powdered Toast Man,
come in, please respond. (both laughing) – They’re so cute! – (PT Man) Powered Toast Man!
– Oh wow! You guys got the face exactly! – (gasps) That’s right!
– Look how dumb he looks. – Yes!
– He looks so dumb. – Ah, I know!
Toast Man! – Oh man. – That show was so odd,
it was such a weird sense of humor. – Yeah. – However it got made, I don’t care,
but I love it. (laughs) ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So this next one
is a very exquisitve appetizer. – What, snails?
– Oh okay. – Aw, you go to France all the time.
– Yep, yep. I love escargot.
– (laughs) The accent and everything. – Thank you so much. – Escargot, I love that.
– Aw! – That’s so good.
– Wow! – But where is it from? (laughs) – This is definitely a first for me.
I’ve never seen this before. – Whoa!
– It smells like ceviche. – That’s gnarly, oh my God. – Okay, I want you to try it
and tell me how it tastes, and then I won’t mind it.
– Okay, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. You’d never guess it was snail. – I…
– That’s good dude. – The consistency, I can’t. – Right? – No, these are actually
pretty solid though. – It’s like dipped
in butter garlic, ugh! But it’s like warm and melty. Ah, that’s good! – Wow, that’s really good. – This is my first time trying it too,
so I’m impressed. – I can’t remember
the name of it though. – You guys honestly
stumped me with this one though. – This one was like
actually kinda hard. – Okay. – (FBE) You guys ready?
– Let’s try it. – All That!
– (FBE) Yes! – Yeah!
– Now I’m remembering. – ♪ This is All That ♪ – No way, you got All That?
Yeah, why did you get it? Wait, why am I high fiving you?
No! – Go, what’d you put?
(gasps) We both did it! – Oh my God!
– (FBE) Yeah! – Did we get it?
– (FBE) Yeah! – Yeah!
– Nice! – Is this Gary?
– (FBE) No. (laughs) – It wasn’t SpongeBob?
– Oh we both put the same thing! – That was good though, yeah.
– I was gonna put Rugrats at first, because I remember
in Rugrats in Paris, they eat escargot. – (narrator) And now All That Presents
a semi-educational moment. – That’s what it was!
– Pierre! Look at how young he is! – Oh my God, the bath tub! – (narrator) Moment, holiday French
with Pierre Escargot! – Yeah, Pierre Escargot, that’s it.
– Yep. (Pierre speaks in incorrect French) – (Pierre) Merry Christmas,
may I get you a cup of hot fat? (audience laughs) (Tom laughs) – But also that’s not at all
what he said. – Really? (laughs) They said it was only
semi-educational. – It’s amazing that he’s on SNL now.
– Iconic. – He was on it like kid version,
and then adult version. He’s like I’m good for life. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, so this next food
is not a snack, it’s more like a meal. – (both) Ooh, okay. – Oh my God! – I’m [bleep] I don’t care
if I get it wrong! – Hell yeah! – Yes! (grunts)
This is my favorite! – Oh wait, I got it. – Yes, you do.
Yes, you do! – No I have it.
– No you don’t, ’cause I need a point back! – I wanna eat the chicken though.
(laughs) It’ll, this’ll help me think of it,
if I eat it. – Chokey Chicken is the,
like choking the chicken? (laughs) – It smells so good. (both laugh) – The ’90s were hilarious! When I was like five or like seven,
that went right over my head, but now that I’m an adult,
that’s [bleep] hilarious. – Rocko’s? – (FBE) Ooh!
– Hell yeah, okay cool. – (FBE) A point for both of you. – (both) Yeah!
– Rocko! – (FBE) Yes!
– That animation style, I was like that’s Rocko’s Modern Life. – Woohoo!
– (FBE) It is Rocko’s Modern Life! – Damn!
– Ah, ah, I watch way too much TV! – (narrator) Hey, hey!
Yehaw! You in the mood for chicken? Looks good, tastes good,
and even smells good? – Ugh! – (narrator) Come on down
to the Chokey Chicken. We started small in O-Town,
but we done gone global. – Wow. – (narrator) Chicken as far
as the eye can see! – This is such a strange show. – (narrator) Man this chicken
is so good, you’re gonna choke. – Whoa.
– Oh no! – (narrator) Choke, choke, choke. – Give them the Heimlich maneuver,
my God! – What is happening?
– What the hell? Another weirdly dark show. – Is that gonna happen to us?
– I know! – How long?
– We’re gonna hallucinate after eating the chicken?
– How long til it kicks in? – Dude, cartoons were ballsy
back then. (laughs) – Yeah they were!
– Now they’re just safe. – They, exactly! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Our final meal of the night. – Oh, okay. – Oh!
– Holy guacamole! – Thank you.
– Did you get one for Kennedy? (both laugh) – Oh my God!
– Wow! – We’re expected to eat that? – (FBE) It’s cut in half. – Oh, that’s true. – This is the worst thing
I’ve ever seen, but also the best thing. – Wow.
– This is a whole ass cow. Like this is one cow. – That’s like crazy. (laughs)
– It’s massive! Is that real meat in there? (gasps) – It smells so good. – Oh my God!
– (laughs) It’s heavy! – Are you kidding me? How do you even… – I’m like watching her
just to get pointers on how to eat this. – I kinda would be down
to like have this instead of a birthday cake.
– Yeah! – At like a birthday party,
or instead of a wedding cake. – Oh! That thing’s [bleep] monstrous,
how do you even make that? – (FBE) Carlos, you are correct. – Yeah! – Good, oh!
– Yeah, baby! – Good Burger! Welcome to the Good Burger,
can I take your order? – I have to excuse myself,
this is embarassing. – Welcome to Good Burger,
home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?
– You lied. – (FBE) Elise, you are the champion. – So this is a Mondo Burger.
– (FBE) Yes! – Yeah! – (FBE) So here’s the clip
for Good Burger. – Welcome to the Good Burger,
home of the Good Burger, may I take your order?
See, I know this. (tense music) – Is this when they’re spying
on the competitor, when they’re like
in the air vents and stuff. Oh!
– Whoa. – It’s a big boy. – Yep, there it is,
the Mondo Burger. – That’s ridiculous.
– It’s so big. – You’ll never get
Good Burger’s secret sauce! – Ugh. (laughs) – Wow, we ate that,
and it was gross! (laughs) (Tom laughs) – Next time we have an earthquake
we know why. – Right? (laughs) Mondo Burger explosion. – (FBE) So Carlos, you are the champion. – Yeah, baby!
– Ah no! – (FBE) And Kennedy, since you lost,
it’s time for your shot of slime. – Oh, I’m sorry, ugh!
– (Kennedy) Oh, ew! – It’s like a booger
on the side of it. – (FBE) Since we have a tie,
you both get shots. – Shots for the, oh yay.
– Ew, ew! It’s warm!
– It’s warm. – It’s warm slime. – Oh my God.
– It’s disgusting. (laughs) It tastes like I just
ate a crayon. – Oh, ooh!
Like a champ! Like a champ! – Ugh, ugh!
Ugh, ugh! (coughs) That tasted like I just swallowed
somebody’s hot saliva. Like somebody else’s spit. – Bone apple teeth! (laughs) (Brandon spits) That tasted like I think
boogers would taste like. – Yeah can we, oh [bleep]!
– Oh! – That was disgusting.
– That’s so gross. – Yes, give me orange soda! – Kel had it right
when it came to orange soda. I don’t drink that nearly enough. Like any time you have it, you’re like this is the best soda
of all time! – That escargot was good! – That escargot was yeah.
I’ve never had it, and since, fried chicken
was a strong second. – Everything was so good and warm and tasted what
Nickelodeon looked like. – But also like really nostalgic,
you know? It reminds you of the shows
that you haven’t seen in a while and maybe the shows you’ve never seen,
and you should give a chance. – Thanks for watching this episode
of People Vs. Food… – On the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows…
– …Every day! – What food should we eat next? – Let us know in the comments. – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Miya here. Can’t get enough of FBE? Well head on over to where you can get
the behind the scenes on everything going on
in the office every single day. Bye!

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  2. I literally watch good Burger all the time on Netflix so right when I saw that Mondo and knew that was good Burger

  3. coincidence that mike myers had a great recurring bathtub sketch on snl in the 90's and keenan had one on a kids show in the 90's and ended up on snl?

  4. 1:19– "CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!!!" lol

    Dude, have you NOT had anything to drink all day or something??? lol hahaha

  5. They should DEFINITELY bring "Rocko's Modern Life back"… which is basically exactly what the Netflix special was about but in an extremely meta form lol… it was a friggin' awesome new episode of "Rocko"s Modern Life"… or a short movie lol nobody has really decide what it's supposed to be yet lol

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