Great 8: Cambridge Restaurants – Part 2 (Phantom Gourmet)

area for East Side grille catalyst and East by northeast all served some of the finest cuisine in Cambridge so where else does phantom like to chow down across the Charles find out as the great eight continues hobo when East Cambridge is a serious gastropub serving stick-to-your-ribs comfort food the burger is big and juicy and served as some of the crispiest hand-cut fries with a truffle Mayo dipping sauce the shepherd's pie is as authentic as it gets presented in a cast-iron skillet and the mac and cheese is a creamy steamy delight then you'll certainly want to wash it down with one of the forty craft brews on tap another great winner is chez honoree on mass F between Harvard and Porter Square this warm Bistro boasts a mix of Cuban and French dishes the traditional booyah base is loaded with gorgeous seafood like mussels clams shrimp and Cod in a savory broth with saffron aioli but phantom comes for the house favorite the pressed Cuban sandwiches have a cult-like following and go great when paired with a minty mojito you better be hungry when you go to hungry mother in Kendall Square here they serve big warm filling plates of authentic yet upscale southern comfort food and a casually elegant space the boiled Virginia peanuts with sprinkled sea salts are perfect for snacking and Fantom is a big fan of their ultra fresh fried oysters rounding out the grade eight is pasta pasta on Western Ave where real Italian food is cooked from scratch and cooked with love brothers Reno and Alton handcraft every authentic Italian dish on the menu from dressings and sauces to meatballs in desserts but the name of this place is basta pasta and if you need some noodles look no further than the fusilli Bolognese people like bowling is so much we can't keep up with it everyday like 10 pounds of fresh ground beef like every day you know it's very basic you know just very simple very basic but people like it greatest places in Cambridge only the best make it to the grade-a

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