GORKHA Food in West SIKKIM I GFC (Gorkha FRIED CHICKEN ) + GFR (Gorkha FRIED RICE ) + Alcohol Rakshi

The churpi you have made here at home itself? What is the process of making churpi? Like you have the curd… So while preparing clarified butter from curd, The buttermilk that is obtained while making it that buttermilk is boiled, curdled and made into churpi We put it into a strainer Into a net like carry bag So that all its water gets strained out Churpi can be added to many kinds of chutney You can put it into soups or can mix it in chutneys And you can make Gorkhe Chutney with it as well We have learnt the terms Ramaro, Swadilo, Meetho We have picked this in Nepal. The people over there are very genial. They are always smiling. You must have had fun in Bhaktapur?
-Bhaktapur is a beautiful place.
-I like Nepal The taste is amazing when you grind chutney in it That taste doesn’t come in a mixer We shouldn’t use it much You mustn’t have eaten this rice even in Nepal You call it Gorkha rice.
-Yes We have invented on our own. The pickle too is made in a different manner And we don’t share the share the recipes much Its like your secret recipe Gorkha rice, Radish pickle It is known as Muli Ka Achar that is made by mixing radish and churpi What is this ?
-It is the powder made of Silam(perilla seeds) What is this silam? Silam is a wild berry We collect it then dry roast it and then grind it over a grinding stone Then we add some ginger and oil to it and the powder mix is ready The taste is similar to flax seeds Yes the taste is similar to the sesame seeds The food is very tasty Its low on spices and there is this wonderful taste of the mustard oil Along with that there is this wonderful taste from the clarified butter, the cumin tempering and the rice too also the radish and churpi pickle too tastes amazing The rice that you have made using the potato mixture… I am eating this for the first time We usually make it using vegetables and other ingredients This has been made in a simple manner I can call it the mashed potato rice. Isn’t it? First you prepared the mashed potatoes and then you added the rice to it and sauted it for a long time. Hence the rice has attained a crispiness I love it We were so hungry and the food that we have got is so tasty It was prepared in nearly half an hour.
-Yes shortcut stuff. I am learning these recipes so that I can go back and try them at home Lassi.
-Its too sour. You call it lassi and we call it Moi What all food do people take when they go to the farms? We mostly carry rice, the Gorkha rice which is like fried rice Otherwise people carry corn We fry the corns and carry them We usually carry black tea with salt We usually carry these two things In villages, we still have this culture The people who have moved to cities too eat the same stuff For daytime lunch too they have this fried rice Thank you fro feeding us such tasty food. we loved it. We loved everything that we ate Gorkhe rice, Silam ka achar, Muli ka achar everything was super tasty Thank you so much What are we going to try here? So there is a marketplace nearby So while returning from the market, people come here This also serves as a lunch point During cold days, they drink some alcohol They enjoy the local alcohol that is a specialty of this place We are here to try the Rakshi Yes Rakshi It is not that strong Have an egg sir It is not strong.
-No It is hot. Will eat in a while. Chyang is a bit sweet This one is strong Do you eat this much spicy stuff This chutney made with Dalle chilies is very tasty This is also consumed with momo It is quite spicy Since how many years you have been making this? I have been making this since 2005 Almost 14 years You prepare it here only When does customers start coming? They start coming at 7 am They come at 7 pm. We have come a bit earlier They come to drink this They start drinking in the morning During the winters they start drinking in the morning itself Turmeric and sabzi masala I am putting it here. This is the leaves of the Chayote plants You can get a wonderful taste of the five spice mix To this I have added some garlic powder turmeric powder and salt. And you are frying it in mustard oil What will you do next? Will it be made it into a gravy?
-No It will be a dry preparation. Then we will add onions and tomatoes to it The GFC is ready Gorkha fried chicken We will call it Gorkha fried chicken On holding the laddle, you feel energetic And a rush of energy The chicken was quite muscular At our place we have chicken weighing up to 1, 1.5 kg This one here must have been 4 to 5 kgs Its one portion is of nearly 750 gms Sir how is the salt? Please taste and tell for I am completely vegetarian. You don’t eat meat at all?
-No I am a Brahman but I cook everything Is everything alright? Perfect Everything is perfect? Salt, turmeric, onion, tomatoes everything is fine. It is strange that you don’t eat chicken but you can cook chicken that too very tasty one Even without tasting it I can put the right amount of salt Very nice Today in dinner Ganesh ji has prepared The freshly plucked squash leaves then Tite Bee and Gorkhe chicken which is called GFC Gorkhe Fried Chicken It is very tasty, I have tried earlier Come let’s taste some more This is ultimate What is he asking for? Meat Does he like the chicken? This one is very tasty It has a sweet bitterness Its name is Bee right? It has a bitterness but it is sweet bitterness Tomorrow morning we are leaving after having a traditional breakfast Yes we will have beaten rice Along with freshly made curd and bananas from our farm We will mix everything with sugar and have this festive delicacy for morning breakfast So we will serve you that that is a typical Nepali breakfast That will be our last meal in Sikkim It is also a famous breakfast dish in Bihar There you have curd, beaten rice and sugar curd, beaten rice and jaggery And during this festival called Makar Sankranti we have curd, beaten rice and Tilkut You won’t feel hungry throughout the day. Eating curd in the morning is considered nutritious It keeps your stomach cool We have a festival where we eat this It is a very healthy and nutritious dish Thank you all. It would have been great if we could have some more time here. You took so much care of us and fed us such great food. Thank you

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  2. Silam is the Nepali name for Perilla plant. It is found in the hills of Himalayan areas and Northeast India.
    Bee or Titay Bee (titay means bitter in Nepali) is Solanum incanum.

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