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  1. Never seen chicken cacciatore made with boneless butterflied chicken breast before. I think it’s supposed to be a little more robust.

  2. I've never ever seen or heard of romanesco until this video. And trust me I'm a veteran foodie by now. Guess it's not within 100 miles of New York, where I live.

  3. I’m not a Michelin star chef. But oil does NOT prevent the butter from burning. The part of the butter that burns is the milk solids. Whether or not you add oil, the milk solids are still there and can burn. If you want to raise the smoke point of butter you have to clarify it . A lot of chefs say what Gordon said but it’s one of those often repeated culinary wive’s tales. Like searing seals in the juices. That’s not true either.

  4. Not a fan of Chef Ramsay's take on this. Using chicken breast is a bad move– it tends to dry out and lack flavor. Thighs/drumsticks are richer and will stay moist especially if you bake it with the sauce for a bit. The butter is totally unnecessary. Use a high quality EVOO and no need for butter (just be careful about the lower smoke point). Making the cacciatore slowly in a dutch oven with the olives in along with fresh thyme/rosemary will add a wild depth of flavor. I do like the way he lightens up the dish with salad. But if he skipped the butter, the dish shouldn't feel overly heavy.

  5. C'mon man ! Just adding salt and pepper isn't seasoning at all..come here to India the southern especially u ll get to know about seasonings and tastes.
    A simple home maker cooks far better than youu.

  6. Olive oil in. Salt and pepper the chicken beautifully.Literally, cook the chicken. ChickenCaccitoreIFuckedUrMum. DONE.

  7. this dish ends up being a 40 dollar dish when the restaurant can make it for half the price. lol love Ramsey but he makes it seem like we all have these ingredients at hand lmao. like out of no where he pops up with arrugala😭😭

  8. "Lightly season."

    Proceeds to dump an entire salt mine on the onions.

    The secret here is that there is no secret.

  9. This looks really good. Just from the kinds of ingredients used one can tell there's a real depth of flavour. Gordon seems to have a great appreciation for different ingredients and how they can come together.

  10. I make my own poor person version of this and I love it. Was never really confident with chicken but this video opened a new door for me. Thanks for spreading your genius Chef Ramsay.

  11. And I quote “ the excess flour thickens the sauce”
    Then you seem him knocking off the excess flour whilst saying.
    “Shake of the excess flour”

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